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18 reviews
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  • Save time – kopigin creates product descriptions for apparel and home furnishings so you don't have to.
  • Save money – no need to hire expensive copywriters. $1.25 - $3.00/description.
  • Sell more – professionally-written, persuasive content makes your products stand out.


The kopigin content engine draws from a deep database of product descriptions, phrases and keywords written and refined by professional writers, which means you can be assured that the content is ready for your online store. Generate product descriptions that draw in your customers and help them buy.

kopigin generates unique content for a wide range of products in the Apparel and House & Home categories. Product descriptions are tailored by classification, type, or characteristic and based on your inputs.

Using kopigin, you can quickly and easily maintain a website with hundreds or even thousands of products. And the great thing is that you don't need to wait to receive your content from us – you're in control of the whole process.

Here's how kopigin works:

Select an item: use kopigin's extensive database to find your product. Categories are preloaded into the library to make finding a product type quick and easy.

Set the attributes: let kopigin know your product's distinguishing features: size, colour, fabric, weight etc.

Generate a description: when you're happy with the product type and attributes, simply click "Generate" to get a vivid description based on your input. Have two very similar products but want different descriptions? Click "Generate" again and get different content based on the same attributes. You can prompt kopigin to regenerate any product description until you're satisfied.

Save and export: Save the product description to your online catalog. Export your catalog to your own system in a number of formats, including CSV, HTML, XML, MS and Excel. Once on your system, you can apply manual tweaks to the kopigin copy so it precisely reflects your needs.

Free Trial:

Try our Free Trial today and see just how easy it is to create great product descriptions for your online store.

See kopigin in action: French Touch Boutique

kopigin reviews

18 reviews
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  5. 1 star (3 reviews)

Limited items to choose from under home Decor, no wall art, tabletop decor, etc.


Definitely good for those of use just starting out. It is limited on options but they let you try it for free first so you can see all you can do. Don't really understand why people complain when you can test it out first to see if you like it.


Very useful if you just need to generate descriptions from time to time, but when using the app the consistently you will find their descriptions to be very limited, they become very repetitive, and it can become rather expensive.

I use this app to help create jewelry related descriptions, and in my opinion, the categories are very limited as well.

When trying to create descriptions for an "event or occasion" the generated description has very little to do with the type of event chosen such as engagement or anniversary.


it's Ok if you only have a few items, but not enough options to choose from and the price per description is outrageous.


That category choices are shockingly limited. While I have Home products and Home Decor category, nothing is even close to meeting the sub-category choices. And no seasonal choices? Completely worthless to my business.


OMG, this is THE BEST APP for me. there are a couple of grammar flaws, but it is worth it. So nice to have a cool description.

I wish they had more options for each parameter. It could get a bit repetitive.



Simple setup, took a couple of minutes... and it works!


I wish this was good. I literally wasted my time generating what I thought was samples but NOPE. That's the whole app.


This is superb for someone who just started. Easy to use + saved lotsa time. Was able to find suitable descriptions for my products: https://BetterHomes.shop

Recommended. Thanks


Trial version does not have an appropriate department for my products. My niche is Outdoor/Tactical. Unable to make a recommendation based on this at this time.


$1.25 - $3.00/Description
Monthly Subscription available

Free Trial: 14 Descriptions

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