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Linkcious Related Products

Linkcious Related Products

Developed by Linkcious

Price: Free – $69.00 / month More info
  • Increase your sales by 50%. Set it up and watch it go
  • Automatically selects and show related products to your customers using artificial intelligence.
  • Does A/B testing in the background without you having to do anything. Also improves SEO!

1. Using Linkcious within your e-commerce site

(a) Easily increase your sales by recommending related products.

Linkcious is a product recommendation engine that allows e-commerce stores to automatically recommend related products on their product pages much like Amazon’s product recommendation engine.

Unlike other systems, Linkcious uses artificial intelligence to select related products to show. The Linkcious AI reads contextual information, clickthrough data and social interactions to increate conversion rates. Users report conversion rates improvement of up to 50%.

(b) Options to show 'Facebook Like', 'Twitter' and 'Google +1'buttons.

Increase social interaction easily.

(c) Option to Pick Recommendations Manually

Linkcious has awesome algorithms but sometimes you might want to pick something yourself. We allow the option to manually select products on every page if you desire!

2. Using Linkcious on external blogs or domains

(a) Place Your Products on Your Blogs or Elsewhere too!

Just place your Linkcious code on an external site and Linkcious will automatically pick related products from your ecommerce store to show on that external site too.

For example, you can use Linkcious to select products from your ecommerce store to place on your Word Press blog. Products will be selected based on the contextual information of the Word Press blog.

(b) If you advertise your e-commerce store on other sites using banner ads, you really should stop.

Place your Linkcious code to the site you want to advertise on instead and watch Linkcious pick out the highest performing products for each page. Linkcious even works well with Google DFP.

3. Improves the SEO on your shop automatically

By selecting related product links and dynamically showing them using clean anchor tags, Linkcious improves the SEO on pages the widget is on.

If you are using Linkcious on your blog, you will even magnify the Pagerank of your shop pages.

* This SEO functionality is available for selected paid versions only.

Linkcious Related Products reviews (54)


Linkcious has been a wonderful addition to our website jolieeskin.com. Our click through rate is above 8% and sales have improved. Thank you!


Great app. Works well. Looks great. Easy to setup. https://www.kinkytoy.store


Extremely EASY app to set up and works fantastic! I love the option that search and select automatically products from the various categories to display.
Highly recommended.


Easy app to help create up sells within the store itself when customers are searching through various categories or product styles.


A very great app and great supports! It works well and it is easy to setup. Highly recommend!


Great app, great Support from Jason T. only problem is i didn't realize it was impression based... I blew through the "free" version in 2 days...


Really bad at indexing the website. Old products are always showing up. Causes pages on your site to take a long time to load.


Great app and the support is unbelievable! They will help anyway the possibly can!


Good app. Makes a lot of money but sometimes I need to email support because I can not seem to refresh the deleted products.


This app has saved me weeks of work manually selecting related products as you have to do on other apps. Although some of the related items on my site www.templesandmarkets.com.au come up a bit random it is ok as we put a title "other things we love" instead of "related items."
The support from Jason is phenomenal and I haven't paid anything - just fantastic. Thanks Linkcious / Jason

Free – $69.00 / month

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