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Litefy PWA

Litefy PWA

Developed by Litefy

Price: $9.90 – $29.90 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Increase engagement with add to home screen
  • Feel like a natural app on the device
  • Works offline with a custom fallback page

Sell better on mobile with a Shopify PWA

Litefy is the world's first Shopify app which upgrade your store into a Progressive Web App with a few clicks.

What are Progressive Web Apps

A Progressive Web App uses modern web capabilities to deliver an app-like user experience.

On the whole, Progressive Web Apps describe a collection of technologies, design concepts, and Web APIs that work in tandem to provide an app-like experience on the mobile web.

How it Works

Litefy does all the hard work for you. You don't need to code anything in javascript to enable Progressive Web App features, our app hosting and enable a Service Worker, resize and host all the icons for you PWA and boost your store with features like offline support and add to home screen.

Service Workers

A service worker, written in JavaScript, make all the magic by pre-caching key resources and ensure an reliable experience for your consumers. Learn more

Google Analytics Integration

If you use Google Analytics in your store, you can easily tracking:

  • How many users have installed your PWA;

  • Orders made by users that's have installed your PWA.

Facebook Pixel

If you have the FB Pixel enabled in your store, you can build advertising audiences with the users who have installed your PWA.

PWA on iPhone / iPad

PWA features like Service Workers doesn't works on iPhone and iPad devices. The Apple team is finally working to rollout PWA for iPhone and iPad users soon. Learn more.

Learn more

Google has a page with a lot of information about Progressive Web Apps, including cases. Learn more.

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$9.90 – $29.90 / month

All plans follow your Shopify current plan and include the same Shopify PWA features + phone and email support.

$9.90 - Basic & Shopify Plan
$29.90 - Advanced Shopify Plan

7 days

Support & Sales

+1 (612) 440-8992
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