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Logistician 55

Logistician 55

Developed by Procyon 55

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  • Access a dynamic pick list with the ability to sort and filter items
  • Keep track of items that have been prepared for fulfillment
  • Streamline your product picking and manufacturing processes

Product picking and production tracking made simple.

Say goodbye to sifting through multiple packing lists and tallying items when preparing your orders for fulfillment. Logistician 55 provides you with a complete list of line items from your open orders and displays the overall quantity needed, along with a breakdown of individual quantities per order. It also allows you to keep track of prepared item quantities separate from your inventory.

If you sell product kits/combinations, or manufacture your own products to sell, then Logistician 55 is ideal for you. The list that it provides can be used as an always up-to-date production order that can be referenced to prepare all of the needed items prior to starting fulfillment, while also keeping track of how many completed units are on-hand at any given time.

For most other stores, the dynamic summary that Logistician 55 provides can be used as a pick list, allowing you to retrieve the items from inventory all at once or in batches, and then split them apart for each individual order. When the items are picked from inventory and quality-checked, they can be marked as "available" for fulfillment. The same feature can also be utilized for items that might require assembly or extra care prior to fulfillment, such as hardware products, gift wrap, or bubble wrap.


  • Filter the product list by either product or SKU, and sort it in a variety of ways, including product name, SKU, order volume, or quantity needed.

  • The product list and associated item quantities will automatically update in real-time whenever there is a new/updated order or fulfillment, with no need for a page refresh.

  • A tailored view for smartphones and tablets allows you to view the list and adjust available quantities during manufacturing and picking, or while on the go.

  • Supports printing.

  • Track prepared item quantities separately from your inventory. Ideal for made-to-order goods or product kits where standard product inventory tracking may not be the most suitable approach (such as products built from a shared set of materials), or if you need to keep track of picked and/or quality-checked items during standard order picking.

Try it for free

Logistician 55 can be used in many different ways, depending on your specific business, and the way you fill your orders. We offer a 7-day free trial so that you can evaluate how it will work for you.


Feel free to drop us a line, and we will be happy to discuss your individual needs.

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