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Increase sales, analytics, ecommerce

Increase sales, analytics, ecommerce

Developed by LoyaltyLion

39 reviews
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  • Identify your most loyal customers
  • See who is at risk of leaving
  • Win back lost customers

About Ecommerce Insights

Ecommerce Insights is a free analytics app for ecommerce stores who want to increase their revenue by retaining more customers.

Key benefits

  • Find out which of your customers are most loyal and how much they increase your revenue

  • Identify which customers you should engage to increase retention and build a loyal following

  • Discover the percentage of customers who haven't returned and learn how to bring them back

  • See how your store compares with industry benchmarks

Why we built Ecommerce Insights:

We work with hundreds of ecommerce store owners and all of them need more time to focus on the important tasks.

This app is designed to free up your time. It automatically processes hundreds of calculations so you can quickly focus on the areas that will increase revenue. We hope you like it.

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We also make an app to increase customer loyalty and revenue. It's called LoyaltyLion and is the only loyalty app on Shopify to be featured for Shopify Plus.

Go to app store and try LoyaltyLion FREE.

Increase sales, analytics, ecommerce reviews

39 reviews
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  5. 1 star (2 reviews)

I havnt used the app yet so I cant make a judgement yet, and I need to write this review before i can use the app so it doesnt make sense.


Not sure if this is any good or not...do i need to leave a review in order to see the information i need ?


This app was very easy to install


Really great free data app to help us serve our Australian woodworking lovers get great deals on Gifts and more.


one of the best free apps so far, data is usually very valuable but very expensive. this app is the best.


Insights gave me better grasp on who my loyal customers are and by knowing at risk customers I can come up with better marketing strategy to win them back!

Very nice analytics that every business needs!

Davit Grigoryan


What a fantastic app. Highly recommended.


This app helps us with sales/analytics/ecommerce very good.


I wasn't able to use the app :(


Good and insightful to see what;s going on with your store.


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