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June 1, 2020

easy interface, easy to create. set up in minutes. and it was all automated form there. i literally increased my average order value from $50 to $75 just like that. And i must add, best app on the market for upsells. Highly recommend.

Bottled Up Inside
19 days using the app
September 9, 2020

On the fence about all these 5 star reviews? Let me break it to you. They're all fake. They all have spammy ecom store names and most of them are redundant reviews. App seems descent for the price but the fact they need to buy fake reviews really isn't fair to others.

12 days using the app
November 23, 2020

I liked the 30-day trial and $10/month plan. It pays for its self, it's a no-brainer adding some extra sales to your store. Every store should have this bonus upsell, It will bring your AOV up and help you be more profitable if your running paid ads. Great price and works perfect.

Best Gifts
2 days using the app
Edited September 2, 2020

App has potential, looks great.
But the details are buggy as best, not usable like this!

-Customer will get shown same Item as he bought, but with discount, this shouldnt happen!

-It will always show at least 1 variant called "default Title", even if theres no variants.. looks stupid and confuses customer. (could be removed by them, they just dont care)

-Also it shows wrong prices, if one has set a lower second price than first price. Thats just plain wrong and should never happen! (this will scare away customers!)

-Theres a non-removable background text, (your next purchase) that flashes during loading of main popup and looks like old unused content that cant be edited.

I tried explaining to customer support, they told me to generate a new discount code (??) .... well NO THANKS

Your response perfectly summs up the problem, not one of your answers is correct and you clearly dont even understand the problems.... good choice to leave you!

-I did not put a - in front of the kidding?
You show the set "original" price of product, even if its lower than selling price.. its just a bug you didnt think of.
My price was not increased .... I never said that! READ!

-Showing "default" also if there only 1 Variant is beyond any kind of logic!
Why give a product that has only 1 variant a variant name? You just did not think of this as well and are to lazy to fix it.

-Who buys, if one cannot read the product info?

2 days using the app
Smart Ecom Tech replied August 17, 2020

Thank you for your review.
-For manual mode, you have an option to select if you want the upsell to include the same item which your customer bought.
-Variant's title will be set as 'default' If there's no variant title set from your products' back end. Set your variant with a title will get this solved.
-The price will be increased if you set your discount as a 'negative number' like '-20'.
-You can design your popup's title and everything, but please make sure you have saved the theme after changing.

We are sorry for any misunderstanding or misleading from our customer service. Thank you for all your suggestions and we will make the app better.