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Mailbot Email Marketing by Beeketing

Mailbot Email Marketing by Beeketing

Developed by Beeketing

56 reviews
Price: From $19.00 / month Free Trial: 15 days More info
  • 100% Automated Email Marketing: built-in campaigns and customer segments, drafted & scheduled weekly newsletters
  • Personalize email content to target customers based on their interests & behavior
  • Very simple to set up and user-friendly. NO coding skills required. NO feature limits in all pricing plans

Looking for a powerful automated email marketing app that can automatically boost sales by 74%, prevent the cart abandonment rate of 68%, and save 80% of marketing cost for you via personalized follow-up emails?

Mailbot was born your virtual email marketing assistant to do all the job while you have more time focusing on generating traffic, managing inventory, or simply sleeping or going on vacation.

Here are 4 killer reasons you should count on Mailbot to empower your email marketing:

#1 Automate Newsletter Drafting & Scheduling for you

You find preparing email marketing content every week and deciding which types of emails to deliver to whom such a time-consuming and nerve-racking task? Worries no more, you can put it aside and let Mailbot take care of all:

  • 08 pre-designed email campaigns with carefully written content, customized with your name, title, store domain, logo, social media

  • Newsletter Bot plans, drafts and schedules weekly newsletters that are personalized to each customer based on their interests and behavior on store

  • Tools for you to set up product recommendation rules, date & time to schedule, subject line and template libraries to help Mailbot build perfect campaigns
  • Want to double-check all Bot-generated newsletters before they go out? Just turn off Auto Approve, Mailbot will send you notifications so you have 3 days to review, edit and approve newsletter to send.

    #2 Advanced Customer Segmentation

    Have you ever wonder how personalization is possible in email marketing to mass audience? It is thanks to customer segmentation technique : divide your customers into targeted groups so you can send tailored content that is relevant to them.

    How this technique is advanced in Mailbot:

  • 20+ most popular eCommerce customer segments are predefined for you

  • Create your own segments with multi-leveled conditions to target any single customers on store. Examples: cart-abandoning customers, loyal customers, customers who viewed some products/ collections but didn't buy, customers who buy 3 times in a month,...

  • Sync your list from Shopify admin, Mailchimp, Better Coupon Box’s collected subscribers…
  • #3 Boost Sales By 74% with Personalized Follow-up Emails

    08 Pre-built campaigns by Mailbot focus on generating sale for you.

    Recover abandoned carts & bring back lost revenue

  • Sales Nurturing: a rule-based series of 4 targeted emails sent when customers abandon their carts and leave the site. The series will continue to send until customers come back to store and complete orders.
  • Build long-term customer relationship

  • Happy Email: sends a welcome email from store’s founder to new visitors 30 minutes after they subscribe email or sign up an account. A welcome email from store’s founder makes customers feel personal, special and taken care of.

  • Reward Coupon: rewards regular shoppers with an exclusive coupon to motivate them to return to the store and continue shopping with you.
  • Retain customers by sending personalized product recommendations

  • New Arrivals: automatically detects new items to promote to customers.

  • Cross-sell Collection: promotes products from a collection that should be cross-sold with items your customers bought in the past, based on your recommendation rules.

  • Site-wide Recommendation: sends personalized recommended products to customers who bought or viewed some products.

  • Sales Return: automatically reminds and engages customers who haven't come back for 20 days, to increase retention rate.

  • Promote products that can be bought again: promote products that can be bought again, depending on the cycle that customers can re-buy.
  • #4 Our Promise to Deliver Top-notch Technical & Marketing Support

  • We promise to deliver super fast support: fix your technical issues within 24 hours.

  • We don’t charge for support & customization - it is a life-time free service committed to you.

  • We are very responsive via all support channel: live chat, email, Facebook messenger, direct call.

  • Our Email Marketing experts (who grow our customer base from 0 to 250,000 in 12 months & manage to personalize emails with all customers) are always ready to help you review and optimize your Mailbot campaigns to the best.
  • With Mailbot, automated email marketing has never been so easy, reliable, productive, and converting for your business.


    ☞☞☞ Try Mailbot Now for 15 days free



    ✓ SellMob

    ☞ 50.3% of e-Commerce traffic is now from mobile. Create a mobile shopping app for your online store to get higher conversion rate, better customer engagement, more revenue.

    ☞ Launch native iOS and Android mobile apps to convert mobile customers better.

    ✓ Boost Sales

    ☞ Up-sell and Cross-sell in 1 app!

    ☞ One of our customers gained $6,000 in extra revenue with up-sell & cross-sell

    ✓ Checkout Boost

    ☞ Boost your store's checkout rate and gain new customers from every purchase by social network sharing.

    ☞ Special: Countdown timer offers, Sales Gamification, Exit-intent offers, Post-purchase Upselling

    ✓ Personalized Recommendation

    ☞ Recommend the right products to the right customers at the right places on your store, just like Amazon.

    ☞ It's totally FREE if it makes you no sales! No set-up cost, no fixed subscription fee.

    ✓ Better Coupon Box

    ☞ Popup a coupon box to turn visitors into social followers and increase sales.
    ☞ Exit intent popups to prevent 68% cart abandonment rate and convert bouncing customers back into sales.

    Mailbot Email Marketing by Beeketing reviews (56)


    Great app very easy to integrate with your Shopify store. Thank You


    This app installed very easily and was pretty and required very little configuration from me. My first newsletter sent within minutes of installing the app. I have already noticed a customer response to the newsletters. This is a great time saver and I recommend it for all.

    I hope to more customized newsletter possibilities in the future.



    Awesome app and fantastic support provided. LOVE their features and spirit of always improving to suit customers' needs.

    Thank u!!^^


    Still need some polishing but pricing and support trumps premium services like Mailchimp and Klaviyo which both extort you for more money once you reach a certain number of site visitors. With Beeketing, I booked a ridiculously cheap rate (at least 1/3 of the cost of Mailchimp) with generous limits on numbers of new subscribers.

    For those not HTML code savvy, you will be left wanting a more rubust in-app email editor that allows for styling and coloring of text - but I am sure this is something they are working on ;)


    So far superior customer service and my first mass e-mail last night I cannot believe the open rate being so high! I have been doing Constant Contact e-mails myself and have been looking for a system to save me time as I run my business myself and REALLY need to automate the business as much as possible. So far I am very impressed with the response of my customers and the "smartness of the app" knowing what to e-mail past customers. It just makes sense to send customers what they are truly interested in instead of a mass e-mail that may burn them out or not interest them at all. I am impressed with the creativity of the e-mails and the simpleness and professional look of the templates. I am most impressed with the awesome customer service of Beeketing! 5 STARS all the way!!!


    This app brings human touch to automated processes. Brilliant!!!!


    I'm using this App one month already and I love it, because it automate everything for me. It send out all email to all my customers depends on what my customers like. This save me so much time and I can focus more on other thing in my store.
    If you have many thigns to do in your store, this App is for you because it will safe you so much time...You don't need to worry about your email, when to send out, and what to send out. Give it a try ! :) I like it...


    I paid for the expensive one and expect to do custom my email . Guess what? It is horrible... why?
    1) when you select the collection : the product in the collection is different from what you have in your store
    2) it is hard to control space between text link , when you received it combines in one word
    3) testing process when you sent the 1st testing , you can not receive the 2, 3 or 4
    4) when you draft your email but not yet finished , the system will not save for you the next day you have to start over from square one
    5) the only way the system will do is to schedule to send and guess what the system sent all the draft email to the customer . this is horrible . your shoppers will move your email to spam.

    All in all there are lots of bugs in the process : DONT BUY the premium one" you can use the basic level but be careful , the system will send an unexpected product on the email to the shoppers.




    They vanish when you try and figure out the issue...

    (Thanks goes for the garbage support Joanna Marie!)


    Nice Helpful app! Really Like it!

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