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Mailbot Email Marketing by Beeketing

Mailbot Email Marketing by Beeketing

Developed by Beeketing

Price: $19.00 – $49.00 / month Free Trial: 15 days More info
  • Boost conversion rate: follows-up customers by sending personalized & automated emails based on their behavior ensuring to close the sale
  • Increase loyalty: automatically sends recommended products, hottest items of the week, new collection from store weekly to your customers
  • Increase retention rate: makes slipping-away customers come back and purchase again

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MailBot is your personal email marketing assistant to help you with weekly/monthly newsletters and personalized follow-up emails to your customers.

No more spending hours of work just to compose an email, choose products to show, set up audience, test and measure. Let Newsletter Bot take care of your email marketing strategy and excution so you’ll have more time with family and friends.

Newsletter Bot

Newsletter Bot automatically creates 4 types of newsletter campaigns for you based on your stock, sales history and/or nature of product. It actively engages and empowers you to make better decisions on how the newsletters should look like, when they should be sent or how to optimize all emails to drive better results.

Newsletter Bot will create 3 campaigns at the maximum each week, targets different types of customers and makes sure that each customer won’t receive duplicate emails. You are also encouraged to review your newsletters before sending because after all you’re the one who understands your customers the most.

  • If you choose to auto-approve all newsletters, emails will be sent at the scheduled time without anything to worry about.

  • If you choose to manually check all emails, Newsletter Bot will send you a notification email 3 days before the scheduled time so you’ll have enough time to go through all the campaigns and decide if there’s anything you want to edit.

  • ✔ New Arrivals

    “New Arrivals” campaign will send newsletters to customers when Mailbot detects there are newly added products in the store. No more spending hours each week to pick products, design a newsletter and set up schedule to send them. Everything is well-prepared and no need to worry a thing!

    ✔ Collection cross-sell

    Ever wish that you can cross-sell a collection to one another by emails? Now it’s possible with Mailbot!

    You will be able to set up recommendation rules for emails yourself. For example, you can choose which collection you want to sell with Jeans/ T-shirt, so our recommendation engine can boost it up.

    Up-sell and cross-sell in store are too mainstream, now you can increase the average lifetime value of 1 customer by targeted emails as well!

    ✔ Promote products that can be bought again

    Have some products that can be bought by cycles? For example: skin care, baby products, etc. This campaign is perfect for you!

    You can set up the cycle of a collection or a product, Newsletter e-Bot is smart enough to compose emails to target customers who already bought that item, just in time they need to buy that product again.

    Would it be thankful if your favourite facial cleanser arrived just when you run out of it?

    ✔ Side-wide recommendations

    By using smart algorithm and big data technology, Mailbot understands your visitors, and what they do on your store, making it easy to pick up products they are most likely to buy. From the collected information, it automatically recommends the right products they want in targeted emails, in order to bring them back and actually make a purchase again.

    Each week, Mailbot will only choose a group of customers who have common characteristics or perform some common activities on your store to send personalized emails, instead of sending weekly emails to all subscribers.

    Rule-based campaigns

    Rule-based campaigns by MailBot helps you send targeted follow-up emails based on customer behaviors, using big data and machine learning system.

    ✔ Happy Email

    Happy Email helps to send a thank-you email from YOU to your customers automatically, 30 minutes after they make the first order, or signup for an account on your site. It helps to create a personal touch and gain trust from your customers.

    ✔ Sales Nurturing

    Turn every new visitor into a paying customer.

    People want to connect with real people, that's why MailBot focuses on bringing the best personal experience to your customers. By analyzing browsing and sales history, it actively engages your visitors with personalized & automated emails to:

    1. nurture visitors who are interested in some products but not buying

    2. recover abandoned cart

    3. bring back the lost revenue

    Increasing your store's conversion rate and revenue per customer is our mission.

    ✔ Sales Return

    Brings back slipping-away customers with products they truly want. Sales Return automatically reminds and engages customers who haven't come back for 30 days, to increase retention rate.

    From targeting and understanding, to reviewing and personalizing, there's no better way to get your shoppers back on track and turn them into lifetime customers.

    ✔ Reward Coupon

    Motivates customers who have multiple purchases on your store with a reward coupon.
    Not only will customers thank for your thoughtfulness but you will also get more sales, as the coupon code will encourage customers to come back and buy more.

    ☞☞☞ Install MailBot now and all email marketing campaigns will automatically run to increase your conversion rate after just a few clicks.


    Help you send spooky emails with great promotions deals to customers' inbox with Halloween Email Layouts Collection - pre-designed by Beeketing for your email marketing.

    Install Mailbot now and message us here stating you want it so we will send this gift right to your account.

    ♡♡♡ Give every sellers the POWER to sell effectively like Amazon ♡♡♡

    1. Work out of the box: within a few clicks, all powerful email marketing campaigns are ready to run on your site.

    2. Email Automation: by sending personalized follow-up emails to each customers based on their actions, Mailbot focuses on bringing the best personal experience to each of your customers, but in an automatic way so you don't have to worry a thing.

    3. Analytics & Optimization: this app gives you the insights you need to make decisions.


    No sales team, no marketers, no engineers. Just results & Mailbot.

    ☞☞☞ Get Started Now To Increase Your Sales and Revenue by doing email marketing the right way with Mailbot!


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    ✓ Boost Sales

    ☞ Up-sell and Cross-sell in 1 app!

    ☞ One of our customers gained $6,000 in extra revenue with up-sell & cross-sell

    ✓ Checkout Boost

    ☞ Boost your store's checkout rate and gain new customers from every purchase by social network sharing.

    ☞ Our customers often see 7-25% conversion rate from this app

    ✓ Personalized Recommendation

    ☞ Recommend the right products to the right customers at the right places on your store, just like Amazon.

    ☞ It's totally FREE if it makes you no sales! No set-up cost, no fixed subscription fee.

    ✓ Better Coupon Box

    ☞ Popup a coupon box to turn visitors into social followers and increase sales.
    ☞ Exit intent popups to prevent 68% cart abandonment rate and convert bouncing customers back into sales.

    Mailbot Email Marketing by Beeketing reviews (49)


    It is one of the best email marketing App, you got to come across with and see, i bet you will never regret


    I subscribed to this app and all I have is praise for it. The customer support is simply top notch. Above all, this app has already helped me to make around £2,000 in the first month alone. I am very pleased with the theme. It may help to make the user interface a bit more simplified though because I have to go around in circles to figure things out.


    Super easy to setup and use!


    Good job guys ! I just started to use this App and so far I'm satisfied. You can use so many options to send email to your list !


    After 3 years using infusionsoft or should I say 'CONFUSIONsoft' I was absolutely amazed at how simple Mailbot was to install. Sure it isn't nearly as feature rich but let's be honest I didn't need even 1% of Infusionsoft's capabilities. I'm not even kidding when I say that it was literally only a few clicks and all of my email marketing was automated. Our customers are already responding and it's still the first day. Blown away by the support I'm receiving and the low low price of this App.


    Mailbot Email Marketing by Beeketing is a must have for all Shopify store owners. You'll start engaging with your customers with increased sales and a lot more profit as the result. Don't wait, install the app now! I really recommend it!


    We are very satisfied with the service.


    Good app!


    I was using Shopify abandoned cart emails for 3 months and none had been recovered so far. Right in the first month I switched to this app, 18% of my abandoned carts were recovered! AMAZING!!!

    At first it looks like any other email marketing service, however, when you get to know its flows, triggers, segments, you’ll see it’s everything you need to convert visitors by email. What's better is that you can use it with their free app Better Coupon Box to collect emails and convert them.

    Customer service has been really helpful. When I had questions they usually replied within 12 hours!! Highly recommend.


    Has some great features.. but needs some tweaking still. There are some bugs to be worked out it seems.

    $19.00 – $49.00 / month
    15 days


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