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  • Provide a fast, easy way for customers to browse and buy your products using Facebook Messenger
  • Reach customers instantly with detailed messages about their orders
  • Give customers one place to track purchase confirmation and shipping details

Messenger for Shopify is now available to merchants everywhere. You'll be able to customize your chats in your language of choice.

Why Messenger?

The Messenger sales channel brings back the real-time conversations between merchants and customers that exist in physical retail. Make online shopping authentic again by communicating with your customers instantly and making it possible for them to purchase your products right in the chat window.

Buying is as easy as selecting “Shop Now” from the Messenger menu. Customers can browse a carousel of your products and collections, select variants, and make their purchase with the “Buy Now” button all within Messenger. Checkout, inventory, and reporting are all managed by Shopify. Start the conversation by adding the Message Us button to any Shopify store.

You’ll be able to quickly answer questions about stock availability, product details, purchase confirmation, shipping notifications, and more. Check out our official documentation for more information on how to get started.

Start having real conversations today, and help your customers make their online purchase decisions faster. Sometimes having a quick question answered is all a customer needs to feel confident and click “Buy”.

Get Messenger


  • Easy: Setup directly on Shopify by connecting your Facebook Page

  • Sell instantly: Customers can shop and make purchases directly in Messenger

  • Save time: Casual conversations answer questions faster than email and bring authenticity to the buying experience

  • Stay Organized: Shipping and purchase details for each customer stays in single chat thread

  • Customizations: make Messenger your own by customizing any messages or buttons that your customers receive

Case study: Erstwilder

  • Learn how Erstwilder made order receipts a huge area of user engagement

  • With Messenger, Erstwilder delivers first-class and industry-leading customer service

  • More than 80% of customers responds to order receipts resulting in post-sale conversations

Everyone's talking about Messenger:

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  • Business Insider - Shopify has added a direct purchase feature to Facebook Messenger

  • BuzzFeed - With Facebook Messenger integration, Shopify lets businesses sell via bots

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Messenger reviews

43 reviews
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  3. 3 stars (0 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (4 reviews)
  5. 1 star (4 reviews)

WOW how cool is this. I've installed it in 1 minute, maybe 2. This is so cool. People complain about the color, get over it. I feel sorry for those who need it in another language, but hey, I'm a very happy man now. cheers :)


il top ! Impossibile non averlo . non dovete sostituirlo alle email , semplicemnte integrarlo con un click. davvero il massimo . sono felicissimo di questa app :D


You can't change the message us button to Spanish.


Only english in some important buttons :(


Works fine but the lack of customization (in both colors and language) really makes this app useless for us.


This is a good ideas to chat with customer and guide them to sale.


Good idea but cant change the label on "message us" or the language


I can change the language but great idea


Brilliant! Messenger revolutionizes our whole approach to customer service and let's us be truly 'human' in our interactions with customers and fans. And they love it too, receiving updates and notifications where they hang out online (Facebook), rather than through boring company emails.


Great idea, but i can change the language or basically any settings...


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