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  • Provide a fast, easy way for customers to browse and buy your products using Facebook Messenger
  • Reach customers instantly with detailed messages about their orders
  • Give customers one place to track purchase confirmation and shipping details

Does it feel like something is missing in online shopping? The Messenger sales channel brings back the real-time conversations between merchants and customers that exist in physical retail. As a merchant you can make online shopping authentic again by chatting with your customers instantly and making it possible for them to purchase your products right in the chat window.

Buying is as easy as selecting “Shop Now” from the Messenger menu. Customers can browse a carousel of your products and collections, select variants, and make their purchase with the “Buy Now” button, all within Messenger. Checkout, inventory, and reporting are all managed by Shopify.

Start the conversation by adding the Message Us button to any Shopify store. You’ll be able to quickly answer questions about stock availability, product details, purchase confirmation, shipping notifications, and more. Check out our official documentation for more information on how to get started.

Start having real conversations today, and help your customers make their online purchase decisions faster. Sometimes having a quick question answered is all a customer needs to feel confident and click Buy.


  • Easy: Setup directly on Shopify by connecting your Facebook Page account

  • Sell instantly: Customers can shop and make purchases directly in Messenger

  • Save time: Casual conversations answer questions faster than email and bring authenticity to the buying experience

  • Stay Organized: Shipping and purchase details for each customer stays in single chat thread

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Messenger reviews (38)


Super quick & ads a unique touch.


Absolutely love this app! Customers really love it too. The notifications are actually seen instead of just sitting in your customers email. It takes customer service to a whole new level.


My customers don't get the notifications about their packages anymore. They really liked this feature.


notifications are only in english and message button is not showing :-(


Installed the app and love it. seems doing great work. recommended!


Great App


Love this feature and it works very well. Would give it 5 starts but it needs the following changes:
1. Need the ability to edit/change the preset messages that are sent
2. Need the ability to disable certain message. For example, customer get an order confirmation, then a message when their items are shipped then, then another when out for delivery, then another they they are delivered. It becomes a bit spammy. I;d like to disable the "out for delivery" message. I think the its shipped and its been delivered are enough
3. Need an ability (or clear way) for customer to unsubscribe for messages. I have had a few ask us how we got heir FB info and not want their information posted in messenger/not want to keep getting our messages.

That said, I love this feature and it is just an extra boost to customer service, which is great.


Great integration with our store, but as another reviewer mentioned, Shopify - please allow stores to update edit the pre setup messages being sent to avoid confusion!

We ship out all of our orders same day to our customers and the pre-set text is confusing to our customers as well.

Thank you!


Loving this new Facebook Messenger option in Shopify. We have received many instant messages from our customers on Facebook. They are enjoying the easy access to us, as well as updates on their order. Great addition Shopify!


Conversational commerce is becoming more and more important with online shopping. This app seamlessly integrates with Facebook to allow easy conversation and customer updates. I only wish that you could edit the pre-formatted text as my customers are sometimes confused by the default text, "We'll send shipping updates as soon as they're available." It can be misread as as soon as the products are available (purchased products are always in stock and ship within 24 hours). I contacted Shopify and it's not an update they are ready to launch at this point. Shopify - please allow stores to update edit the initial message to avoid confusion! Thank you!



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