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Messenger Sales, Marketing & Customer Service Automation

Messenger Sales, Marketing & Customer Service Automation

Developed by GoBeyond.ai

7 reviews
Price: Free – $99.00 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Get 90% Open Rates & 45% Click Rates
  • Automatically Recover Abandoned Carts & Upsells Customers.
  • Automatically respond to Customer Service Question saving you hours.

Most Powerful Messenger Chatbot for Shopify

This is the only messenger chatbot that does Sales, Markets and Provides Customer Service to your shoppers via Messenger & Email. Most Bots only provide one of these 3 features, and tie up your entire channel leaving customer unhappy and money on the table. Here is what our chatbot can do:

Most Popular Features:

  1. Smart Upsell

  2. Smart Downselling

  3. Recover Abandoned Cart

  4. Smart Automatic Lead Generation & Sales

  5. Smart Auto Responds to Facebook Comments

  6. AI answers Shipping Questions Automatically

  7. Send Unlimited Messages to Users

  8. Sales Funnels & Audience Segmentation

  9. Bot in 5 minutes

Facebook Messenger Marketing

Facebook Messenger Marketing

Get 88% Open Rates, 48% Click Through Rates and Increase you Sales! Imagine if you could make email smart and fully automated... welcome to Messenger Marketing.

Messenger marketing is similar to email marketing, except that instead of sending emails you are sending customers private messages on Facebook. Additionally, it is very personal which allows you to create a deeper connection with you customers and increase brand loyalty.

And... you can do things on Messenger Marketing you can't do on email like:
- Automatically answering user's questions
- Auto Responding to FB Comments on your FB Posts
- Providing 24/7 customer service
- Personalization

and a lot more...

Provides Customer Service

You bot will be able to answer questions regarding order status, shipping, saving you countless hours and hundreds of dollars spent on VAs.

Turn your Store into a Bot in 1 Click

Get Bot up and running in 7 minutes! Our Shopify App automatically exports your entire store and keeps it updated in Chatfuel. We also tie in advanced features like AI powered Customer Service.

We Leverage AI and make your Bot Smart:

  1. Audience Segmentation

  2. Sales Funnels

  3. Auto Respond to FB Comments

  4. Target Specific Customers

Advanced Customer Service powered by AI

Answers basic customer service questions regarding order status and delivery. We also have a Live Person Take Over.

Increase Sales:

  1. Smart Upsell

  2. Smart Downsell

  3. Recover Abandoned Cart

  4. Target Specific Customers

Over time, the Bot can track user's behavior. Auto upsell and downsell using Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence

Using our AI Systems we can predict the best time for you to sell to your customers. The bot learns user's preferences over time and gets better and better at selling automatically.

Save Time

Bot is on 24/7 which means you can save money on customer service agents.

Why GoBeyond is the best app you can have on Shopify?

  1. It's the MOST Complete Messenger marketing app on the market

  2. It substitutes 6 different apps.

  3. Only App that has Sales, Marketing and Customer Service for Messenger.

Learn more at: GoBeyond.aiGoBeyond.ai

Messenger Sales, Marketing & Customer Service Automation reviews

7 reviews
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  5. 1 star (3 reviews)

If I could give this app a 0 I would. I installed it today and everything is a fraud. right down to the number's they provide for setup assistance. The numbers dont work It states for faster sevice with setup then they provide a number.It does not work nor does the number at the butoom of the page. I have sent many e-mail's No Assistance. This app will be costing you to much to not have better support concerning this app. It's Terrible


I think this app could be brilliant but I literally CANNOT get support, no matter where and how hard I try.

Nevertheless I am excited and if finally somebody gets back to me and helps me fix 2 tiny problems, I will definitely give it 5 stars.

Look forward to hearing from the team, thank you.


Love the app and the customer service is stellar!! I was having some weird issues getting it to work with my store and Facebook. They literally hand walked me through and got it working.


Love the Upsell & Abandoned Cart Feature and how the Bot handles Shipping questions. Has saved my team countless hours. Thank you GoBeyond!


Overall, one of my Favorite Apps on Shopify. This app has replaced 3 other apps (Upselling/Downselling App, Abandoned Cart App, and Shipping App) I was using previously by offering similar features over email and messenger which has been very effective for our store.

Set Up: Took about 10 minutes to launch the bot. It automatically pulled all of the product from out store and works flawlessly with Chatfuel. Chatfuel is probably the most advanced bot builder which really allows us to segment our audiences and send messages to them at just the right time.

Messenger Plugin: One of the keys to taking this bot to the next level is by using the Messenger Plugin. It took about 3min to install by copy/pasting code from Chatfuel to theme.liquid file in body.

Is it make us money?I can already see the upsell/downsell and abandoned cart working. These features are already proved out and the bot takes them to the next level because it has much higher open rates.


YIKES! Installed this against my better judgment. Clearly in the BETA stage. I mean really, more like BETA BETA BETA stage. So many glitches and totally unusable in its current form. I'm not sure why Shopify doesn't make these apps test before they launch into the Shopify shop. I tried to fill out form to make it go live, and sadly, the upsell and downsell lists only autogenerate my first 200 products, so you can't upsell/downsell anything not in the list which for a $500k store like mine, we have about 3k products. Secondly, tried to close out of the form, and it basically was just frozen. Wouldn't let me click out of it, or do anything else. Good luck trying to get this AI to do what you want.


Great !! I have been waiting for this app for a long time

Free – $99.00 / month

Subscribe and get an AI powered fully function chatbot that handles Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. Packages start at $0 to $99.99 per month depending on which features you activate. Start Today with a Free Trial.

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