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MetaFields Pro

MetaFields Pro

Developed by Webify Technology

12 reviews
Price: $15.00 – $30.00 / month Free Trial: 5 days More info
  • Manage large number of metafields easily using your favorite spreadsheet program. Import and export them at ease.
  • Keeps a history of exported files for easy retrieval
  • Build on top of the free and popular Metafields Editor application (trusted by 10,000 + stores)

Metafields Pro is a Shopify application that is based on popular application Metafields Editor which has 10,000+ Shopify users (https://apps.shopify.com/metafields-editor)

If you need to edit your metafields in bulk, the app allows to import and export metafields from/to comma separated values (csv) files. You can edit your data in a spreadsheet program and then import.

Please note that Metafields is a Shopify feature and it has nothing to do with SEO. Do not confuse it with meta tags for html. For more information about Metafields, please read this blog post from Shopify. https://www.shopify.ca/partners/blog/110057030-using-metafields-in-your-shopify-theme

Please make sure you have checked your import file format before starting an import. Read about the different file format we support here. http://support.webifytechnology.com/customer/en/portal/articles/1501770-import-and-export-metafields-from-to-csv

Depending on the size of your file, the import can take a long time. You will be notified by email when an import/export finishes so be sure to enter a valid email during import and whitelist emails from @webifytechnology.com to ensure emails get delivered.

New version deployed June 2016! We have addressed the reliability of exporting large files and now exports are processed in the background for better error handling.

New version deployed Oct 2015! We have addressed the reliability of importing large files and now imports are processed in the background for better error handling.

Please let us know if you have a problem processing an import file.

There are some recent reviews by users regarding import/export stalling.

Please note that to do large amount of import/export, we are subject to something known as api limit by Shopify https://docs.shopify.com/api/introduction/api-call-limit . We have to basically pause the import if we are close to hitting the limit.

Depending on your store plan, your limit would be different. This pausing and restarting sometimes will cause our application to stall. We can also run into issue with Shopify’s API itself that it will time out. If you experience stalling, you can try again or contact us for support.

MetaFields Pro reviews

12 reviews
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  5. 1 star (3 reviews)

It saves time when it works, but the developer takes forever to get back to you. And even then, has not fixed our problem of the import CSV not finding the product handle. An upload that worked before, we just tried to reimport to see if maybe we uploaded it incorrectly, and now it's saying there's an error with the product handle when it worked just a month ago!

Support is awful, and I'm pretty upset my third-party developer went this route to update our product descriptions.


Love this app works great for adding a little extra to our SEO


We simply want to export our products but the app can't handle the volume and so the export never works. We also request support but no response. Very frustrating.


Great app easy to use and would recommend it to everyone


Good app that worked for our needs transferring and inputting lots of data into the new site www.bullbrand.co.uk


The search functionality didn't work. I tried Custom Fields app "the orange" background app on the apps store. It's the app you'll need if you want user friendly. I recommend MetaFields Pro to come out with a better search functionality. The whole point of using this product for us was to import and export products in bulk and edit them in CSV format. How the heck else do you manage 10,000 plus products.


A real time-saver. Worth every penny.

My starting product line-up is fairly large, with over 1,500 variants. My outsourced supplier has a plug-in for Shopify, and through Shopify's regular CSV product upload I found I could only upload individual products and variants, but not the options for my supplier's plug-in. Each variant has three or four line items that need to be individually set, so this meant for me editing over 4,500 lines YEAH RIGHT .... MetaFields Pro was recommended to me by my supplier and it did the work flawlessly, allowing me to create a large CSV spreadsheet with all the options and then easily upload.


This app is fantastic! Webify has great support, far beyond my expectations. They really stepped up to make the app work for me in my environment.

Thank you Richard and team!



Works great and handles a badly-needed missing function from Shopify.

I did run into the 'stalling' problem noted above. But the Webify team responded promptly and got me "un-stuck".


Upload seems to have worked, I had about 200 products to update - but it still says it is running 4 days later, and because of that I can't run any more!

I've contact support but had no reply? I would appreciate a reply if possible otherwise I might as well cancel it during the trial.

Shame because this could be a really good app.

$15.00 – $30.00 / month

$15/month for all plans (except Shopify Plus).
$30/month for Shopify Plus stores

5 days

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