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Milestones by Tabarnapp

Milestones by Tabarnapp

Developed by Tabarnapp

11 reviews
Price: From $0.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • STACKING DISCOUNTS - Enable multiple discounts per order
  • LIMITLESS PROMOTIONS - Create complex campaigns in seconds
  • TANGIBLE BENEFITS - Replace loyalty points with discounts & freebies

[Video] How Milestones work

How it works

1. Set rule(s)

The rule is what constraints customers to get the benefit.

2. Give benefit(s)

The benefit is the reward, discount or gift that the customers get.

No duplicate variants that mess your inventory up!

Start from pre-built milestones

Basic milestones

Intermediate milestones

Advanced milestones

One milestone is redeemable per order. This milestone can contain multiple discounts and freebies.

Unleash the full potential by enabling customer accounts

Some milestones require customer accounts to be enabled on your store, like the ones that have rules related to customer history (eg. past orders or customer tags) or benefits that can only be redeemed once.

The only Shopify app that allows stacking multiple discounts at checkout

The only loyalty app on Shopify that reward customers with real stuff they want, instead of points.

Demo store | Admin demo

User: derekmorin@tabarnapp.com / Pass: tabarnapp

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New releases

11/13/2017 - More options for the deal widget

Milestones by Tabarnapp reviews

11 reviews
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GREAT IDEA as Shopify normally does not allow you to perform multiple discounts in its code despite this being an issue for over 4 years (I've read past forum posts about it). Believe me, I've been looking EVERYWHERE for an app that has similar functionality and this is the best around for that.

- Multiple discount functionality but it takes time to figure out and you have to test it yourself to make sure all the factors are working. They provide a tutorial video on its features but you still need to figure out things for yourself. I really like how it works because it works great for my niche. This app is really unique compared to most other discount apps.

That's about it, really. This app needs more development. Let me tell you about my MAJOR and minor gripes.

Cons (MAJOR):
- The way it's presented is hideous. It's a standard uneditable popup box that barely lets you customize it in the settings. And when it does -- it has bugs that revert back to its previous look. From what I've experienced so far, I have to go searching in the code for specific parts to change. And that requires some CSS knowledge.

- The line of code in the files. It's all displayed horizontal and just goes on on just a few lines instead of spaced out neatly like most CSS apps on this platform. It's horrible to look at the line of code and I really wish they would space it all down into separate lines if possible. My knowledge of CSS is limited though.

- $14 a month. Sure, they offer a trial but honestly this app needs to be much less considering the bugs and no real customization features involved. It still feels barebones and I have to actually try and develop onto it myself with limited CSS knowledge or ask the devs how to do that. I suggest they make it $5 or so a month at the most until they fixed all the bugs and added more functionality to it. I get that this app is pretty exclusive and different to all the other discount apps and that's great. The discount feature works great and all but it really should have had a way to present it to customers differently (or at least a tutorial on how to edit its code).

- Can't copy over groups. This really irks me. You can copy rules but not groups and you can't drag a copied rule over to another group on the homepage where all the groups are. Please implement this.

Minor Cons:
- (This can be ignored as I contacted them over the wekeend) Respond time. Over 24 hours already... I really want to know the answers to my questions so I can continue working on this app. It's really great for discounts but like i've repeated over and over, the customization is difficult to work with. I want to add my own images and thumbnails. I want to stylize the box to my liking!

- Typos. They didn't double check them and I see them quite frequently here and there. I know a lot of people probably don't care about that but I'm one of those guys that likes to look at a clean text interface.

-Allow us to copy over groups PLEASE I HATE HAVING TO REMAKE EACH RULE.

-Add a function that allows us to choose collections of products instead of each individually when adding to specific rules.

-Add a function that allows multiple discounts on the same kind of product but not on EVERY product (e.g 2 pillows bogo 20% off one but they get 4 pillows and 20% only applies to just one. Instead it would have to be 20% off 2 since the customer would be getting 4 pillows). As it stands now, there is going to be a cluster of offers to the customer if they have multiple products with deals on their screen and they will have to sort through all of them to find the right one. I don't know about you, but as a customer I wouldn't mind that but it would be a bit tedious. I guess if you notify the customers what they should be looking beforehand it's alright but if you can do this, then that would be great!

-Add functionality to let the app combine deals added into the group by bypassing the tier somehow (e.g a mouse is bogo and a pillow is bogo but default functionality is the mouse or pillow will just be bogo. Instead, make it so that if the customer has both bogo products in their cart, it will take the discount off both).

- Add functionality so that this can work with loyalty point apps or give a tutorial on how to do this. Alternatively, you can implement your own "Loyalty Points" feature into this app to give it more depth and sync with the current sale offers this app can provide (e.g you give a rule that gives x points when a customer completes a purchase through this app).

-Add an option to change font so it can match the website.

-Add an option to change the width and height of the popup box.

-Fix typos.

-Add customization for custom images functionality (and show us how to edit the CSS so we can customize it).

-Fix bugs.

-Charge less until this is developed much more.

Can't think of anything more at the moment but I may re-add and update my review later if the devs actually care to read this.

Tabarnapp, notify me if you do read this and please comment on the functions I suggested so that the longest review on this app store doesn't feel like it's been wasted... haha. I wouldn't mind giving you input on my use of the app as I am trying to implement a neat system that this app allows me to do and discount my merchandise. If you could help code the way it works on my site that would be really nice to give me that kind of support as a customer.

Thank you,
-Will, Memefox Owner

EDIT: Derek, The Tabarnapp CEO, has been great to talk to and I've been feeding him a lot of ideas on how to improve this app as it has so much potential. I haven't seen much development on it at the moment, but hopefully there will be more soon. Bumped my review up to 4 stars. :)


Love it so much, easy to sign up and easy to use!! thanks i'll refer my friends


have all function i need, make great promo


A swing and a miss.

Two stars for having a better approach than other other "leading" apps, but it failed user testing.

Shopify discount functionality is lacking big time and every discount app I've tried has turned out to be a kludge and a huge disappointment.


Wish I had found this earlier! Get this app. It's really worth it and much needed.
Would definitely recommend!


Awesome app and excellent customer support.

Would recommend to everyone


unnecessary too expensive. get $ 4 a month instead of $ 14 a month.


Love this app! Helped me make promotions that aren't possible through Shopify.

I strongly recommend this to any business or agency looking to easily add promotions or discounts to their store.


Wow my friend told me about this app and it's just what I was looking for. I was looking for a solid discount app and this is it. It's so easy to use and my customers love it.

Thanks for creating this app. I just installed it on all my stores!


I have downloaded this app and I didn't like it and I have uninstalled it afterwards.
Recently my customers started to complain about our website not being loaded. They were getting an error and can't login to their account.

Shopify ooked into it for 3 weeks. For 3 weeks I lost money and reputation. Finally I have removed one line of code: {% include "tabarnapp_cm" %} which is a left over from Tabarnapp so called shopify experts! And everything started working normally.

I can't understand how this company makes business! They have really made a negative impact on my business reputation. You expect an app to be uninstalled properly once you uninstall the app from shopify! But they leave their code behind which crashes your system!

I really want to give negative 5 stars don't ever install an app from this company!

From $0.00 / month

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Install the app and enjoy a 14-day free trial. Then pricing starts at $14/mo. More details.

Free support for bug fixes and help
Paid support for custom work

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