MXED ‑ Sell Pop Culture Merch

MXED ‑ Sell Pop Culture Merch

by Hingeto

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4.2 of 5 stars(92 reviews)

Sell licensed products

Sell officially licensed product with no upfront costs. Our products are unique and curated for your store.

Orders shipped for you- 3 days

Orders shipped directly to your customer (3 business days).

Inventory and prices synced

Inventory and prices synced automatically with no Extra Bonuses - Access to exclusive products and offerings based on your favorite licenses

About MXED ‑ Sell Pop Culture Merch

Currently due to licensing restrictions the Shopify store and customer must be based in the USA

What is MXED?

MXED allows you to quickly and easily sell officially licensed pop culture products within your Shopify store. The Shopify store selects and markets the product and Mxed takes care of the rest from production, logistics, and shipping. Top products from licenses such as Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Marvel are all available through the MXED app. Your very own pop culture store is just a click away.


We created MXED because we know that as fans, finding cool pop culture products can sometimes be difficult. MXED makes it so that anyone can set up their very own shop and sell the products that they love. To us, it was about creating an opportunity to give the fans we know and love a chance to carry our huge variety of products, without having to worry about logistics.

How does MXED Work?

We find the latest and greatest in pop culture products. From bags, to tees to dresses, we make sure our selection gives you comprehensive options to give your customers exactly what they want. You simply download the app, set up your products and you are ready to start selling. We handle all the logistics and licensing, and you are billed through MXED. It is the easiest way to represent your favorite pop culture brands and carry all your favorites in your store.

1.Click the "Get" button 2. Signin to your existing Shopify account 3. Setup your billing 4. Select the products you would like to sell 5. Drive revenue

How much does MXED cost?

MXED is completely free, so sign up and try it out! Official Licensed Product:

DC Comics Rolling STones Harry Potter AC/DC Pokemon StarWars Crunchy Roll Warner Brothers Marvel Disney Nickelodeon Nintendo Call of Duty Halo Fallout Rick & Morty

MXED Features

  1. Officially licensed products
  2. US based fulfillment
  3. Fulfill Orders Automatically
  4. Price and Inventory Updates
  5. Margin Automations
  6. Filter product by License and category

How much profit will i make?

You set your own prices for each product. We set a base/wholesale price then you add your markug.


Is MXED available for retailers and customers outside the USA? No currently due to licensing restrictions the retailer and customer must be based in the USA

How long does shipping take? 3 business days

How does MXED handle returns? *MXED will only accept returns for credit that do not meet the requirements of the purchase order. *MXED will accept returns for products that are different from that specified in original order. *MXED will accept returns for products that has a print or material flaw; picture documentation is required from the customer.

Support Feel free to contact us at for help on getting started



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Overall rating
4.2 of 5 stars
Based on 92 reviews

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Most recent reviews

Domestic Platypus

This app fills a much needed niche... offering great pop culture products which are easy add-ons & sales for any shop selling related product.

As most selling these types of products will know, offering them at anything resembling a reasonable price or making half decent margins typically means purchasing & physically stocking significant quantities, ensuring that there's always something new to be seen, etc.

MXED goes a long way in improving this, allowing you to continually expand and refresh your general offerings while freeing up capital to stock other more specific products.

The products are all officially licensed, good quality, and ship quickly. Pricing is reasonable allowing for more competitive retailing and decent margins... another point at which other dropshipping services often fail.

This is a relatively new app. As such they are still ironing out many of the finer details. There have been some more serious issues but these seem to have largely been resolved.

There are still improvements to be made - better product descriptions, vendors & licenses to be added, better browse and stock management...

That said, while unable to rate MXED a full 5 stars just yet, I can highly recommend them to others selling these types of products.

I experienced a large number of issues just prior to and during the holidays, most of which have been solved for the future by recent updates. However, having been through this, I can say that their leadership actually listens and is not dismissive of issues but responsive & pro-active. They are quite obviously committed to continued growth, improvement and not only gaining additional users (as so many are) but retaining existing users by establishing and maintaining trust.

If you've utilized more than a few drop shipping apps or services, you undoubtedly know how rare and refreshing this is. A drop shipping service that understands that they're actually a *partner* to your business is like finding a tiger-striped, winged unicorn that shoots rainbow lasers, likes cats and makes french toast. So take a look and, if the products are something which might appeal to your customers, give them a shot.

Fed Up Frannie's

Easy app to use. Install and you're up in running with products in no time at all. Any hiccups that occur are rare & are followed up on after submitting a ticket right at the admin site. Products are fresh and not easily found at other sites. I give it an A to B with an A+ in customer service. Try it out.

Pop World Ent

I've been using this app for a while now, and to be honest everything wasn't always perfect especially during the holiday season. But what I like about the company is that they are willing to own up to their mistakes and make up for it as well. I plan on sticking with mxed because when its working it's the best drop shipping company out there. And let's be honest, we all have made mistakes for time to time. Thanks to the mxed support staff for finally getting things back to normal and I look forward to this coming holiday season.