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The way eCommerce should be advertised on Facebook

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Holistic advertising approach

ChaZING Smart Ads creates and manages 3 advanced Facebook Campaigns: 1. Collection ads 2. Dynamic products slider 3. Dynamic re-marketing

Smart Ads with Facebook AI

ChaZING utilize the power of machine learning and constantly review your campaign's results and improve your audience to find New Buyers

You're in Control

Get a full overview of all your ad's important KPIs and Manage your ongoing Smart campaigns from ChaZING dashboard or your ads Account.

About ChaZING Smart Ads

ChaZING Smart ADS on Facebook creates advanced eCommerce ads for your shop And helps you manage them like a pro!

ChaZING automatically Creates advanced catalog campaigns on Facebook and set the strategy to get you the lowest Cost per Add to Cart or Purchase by:

  1. Automatically learning who is your most likely to purchase audience
  2. Showing the right products to the right people and always improving
  3. Re-target to people who showed interest but haven't purchased
  4. Understanding that people would go out of Facebook to your shop only for a very good reason.

ChaZING Smart Ads serves expert Facebook Advertising tools for everyone,

and also to shop managers who knows little to nothing about Facebook advertising, and are looking to get the best results for their ads investment.

ChaZING Smart Ads creates and manage 3 self-learning Facebook Campaigns:

  1. Products Collection Ads
  2. Dynamic Slider Products
  3. Dynamic Slider Re-marketing

Awesome Features of ChaZING Smart Ads:

  • Adding or updating Products will update daily in your Facebook catalog and ads.
  • Dynamic ads - Ads will serve the most likely to purchase products - each customer will see different products from your store based on their interest.
  • Set to learn you customers interaction with your ads and store to find people who are most similar to people who purchased/ added to cart/ liked/ clicked your products.
  • Our system utilizes the power of Machine Learning by constantly reviewing your campaign results and automatically improving them, by targeting the most likely to buy clients.
  • You're in control - our smart campaigns are managed under your account, you pay Facebook directly, you can change your budget or pause you campaigns at any time.
  • We're here to help

Integrates with

  • Facebook,
  • Facebook Ads

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Pricing 14-day free trial

eCommerce FB Ads


10% of managed Facebook Ads budget (only) if above 1000$/m

  • Advanced Targeting

  • Products Collection Ads

  • Dynamic Slider Products Ads

  • Dynamic Slider Re-marketing Ads

  • Products Updated daily on ads.

* All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

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