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Nearby Store Notification

Nearby Store Notification

Developed by dbader software co.

Price: $4.99 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Sell more with targeted banners that won't annoy your customers
  • Leverage your Shopify store for Local Store Marketing
  • Promote your retail store to the customers who care

Run location-targeted promotions for your retail and pop-up stores on your Shopify site!

What the app does, in a nutshell...

This app detects the location of your Shopify store visitors. If they're near one of your retail store locations it shows them a customizable notification.


You run a Shopify store with one or more retail locations or a pop-up store.

It would be great to promote your retail locations on your Shopify site, but you don't want to annoy your online-only customers.

Sure, you could run a promotional banner or pop-up for all visitors, but that's not a great solution either. Customers from another city or state won't be interested and they'll just get distracted. They might even bounce and cost you a potential sale.

But what if you could get the best of both worlds? What if you could advertise your retail locations to just the customers who are likely interested?

Get ready for a new kind of Shopify app built to solve this problem. Nearby Store Notification lets you run location-targeted promotions for your retail stores directly on your Shopify site.

It detects the location of your Shopify store visitors. If a customer is within range of one of your retail locations it shows them a customizable promo banner. If not, it leaves them alone.

Promote your retail locations to exactly the customers you want without distracting anyone else.


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Leverage your Shopify store for Local Store Marketing

Nearby Store Notification helps you promote your retail store to web shop visitors. Invite local customers to your retail store or pop-up store. Optimize your omnichannel marketing with location-targeted promotions.

Build strong relationships with your local customers

Get to know your local customers to help market research. Meet your local customers face to face and grow your regional brand.

Promote your retail store to local customers

Running a pop-up store? Kickstart your sales with personalized and location-targeted promotions. Selling at a craft fair or a local market? Quickly set up a targeted promotion to advertise to customers in the area.

Keep it low-key

Only shop visitors close to one of your store locations see the notification, keeping distraction low for all other visitors. You can fully control the notification distance to target exactly the audience you want.

Integrates smoothly with your Shopify POS setup

The app imports your store locations from your Shopify admin settings. Install the app now and be up and running in 3 minutes! No coding required.

Fully customizable

You have full control over the look and feel of the notifications displayed by the app. It automatically uses your shop theme's font and you can customize the colors used in the notification.

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Works great for pop up targeted location! Great way to blast promo's.

$4.99 / month

Introductory launch price for a limited time only!

14 days

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