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Neat A/B Testing

Neat A/B Testing

Developed by NeatShift

9 reviews
Price: $29.00 – $59.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Increase sales with the traffic you already have through simple a/b testing
  • Find the copy, images and pricing that will increase conversions for your shop
  • Simple interface makes conversion rate optimization easy

Are you maximizing your shop's profits? If you're not getting the sales you think you should from your shop's
traffic, NeatAB can help you find out what's wrong. With NeatAB, you can test your pricing, copy and images to find
out what sells the best! Start your free 14-day trial today to test your way to higher conversions and more sales.

Are you leaving money on the table?

You work hard for your traffic. But when a visitor gets to your shop, are you maximizing the chances that they purchase?
When you optimize your products with NeatAB you can be sure that your pricing, copy and images are all optimized to
maximize your shop's sales. And it's easy. Just choose a product, add the attributes you would like to test, and hit
Start Test. We'll take care of the rest.

How it works

NeatAB creates two versions of your product, the control and test version, and automatically switches between them
every day. When someone visits your website, NeatAB records

  • Which version of the product they saw

  • When a user sees the product on a listing page

  • When a user views the product page

  • When a user adds the product to their cart

  • When a user buys the product

NeatAB collects the results and presents them, along with a statistical analysis, on the NeatAB home screen. From there,
just choose the version of your product that converts your traffic the best and make the changes permanent with a click.

First class support

You can always email support@neatshift.com with questions, comments and
feedback. We are happy to help with any questions you have about optimizing your site with NeatAB!

Neat A/B Testing reviews

9 reviews
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Works out of the box. Jack is super helpful. I definitely recommend it!


The most under-rated app on the Shopify App store. This thing has great potential especially for store owners running paid traffic.

Jack has been very communicative and fast in implementing new features/suggestions.



super easy to install and get a test going right away on Pricing, Images or Prod Description. highly recommend setting it up immediately! we found out one of our products converted better at HIGHER price point! customer support is also fast and very helpful! thank you!


Great app. Has helped me test which product images customers draw customer interest the most. The support team was incredible and fast as well!


Both the draft and the test kept crashing the system. I could never even set one up. They clearly are not ready.

UPDATE This team reached out to me right after I left a one star review offering to help. That's why I gave them as second chance. I respect that kind of commitment.

I have used them extensively since then. It works well.

Things I would like them to add:

1) Factor in cost of goods and create an ROI calculator
2) Make it work on all mobile devices. It's too inconsistent on mobile so I have to use it solely from desktop.


Absolutely a must have app for your online store if you need (and we need) to increase your desired result (conversions). Also, the product support for Net AB is top notch. They quickly assisted me with a technical problem and I was back and running in no tome.


This app is great for testing how your current theme is doing and how it can be improved by testing with the different copy. It is also very informative since it gives you minute by minute up to date information on how your original is doing vs. test. It is a must app if you have a Shopify store.


Amazing support - very responsive and detailed.

This has been great for my product images. My first test of product images boosted conversions by 50%.



When I first began using this app, it was newly released (I was the first person to review it). I encountered some significant issues that impacted use and told the developers, and they were EXTREMELY responsive and began making modifications to resolve issues that same day. Some of the things that were immediately improved:

-Ability to create a draft test (you can draft an alternative product page, for instance, and save it to continue working on it later)
-Ability to draft test in both html & rich text
-Better instructions on how to stop test / select a winner
-Improvements to workflow and UX

It still feels a little rudimentary and could benefit from some better user directives (guiding a beginner through the steps with some more direction rather than relying on the help section to be used as an instruction book) but I think it's going to work ok. If you run into any issues, rest assured that the developers are VERY responsive. There is also a pretty well written Help section that will provide answers and coach on setting up tests, achieving statistical significance, and the theory behind A/B testing.

All in all, Neat AB currently fills a gap for performing split testing within the Shopify system. I'm sure the developers will continue working on it. In the meantime, I'm running some tests and will probably set up a few more, and hope to update this review after more time spent with the app.

$29.00 – $59.00 / month

$29 to test up to 3 products each month
$39 to test up to 10 products each month
$49 to test up to 25 products each month
$59 to test up to 100 products each month

14 days

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