Negotio ‑ Make Your Offer Now

Negotio ‑ Make Your Offer Now

by Negotio

Engage & Sell More with Negotio-The Ultimate Sales Closing App

5.0 of 5 stars(6 reviews)

Higher Engagement & Conversion

Keep shoppers engaged, increase conversions, and let shoppers transact now instead of leaving in search of lower prices on other stores.

Automated Instant Response

Negotio provides instant response to offers so you do not have to manually approve. Just set and forget. Also reduces cart abandonment.

Easy Price Configuration

We provide automated collection-based Pricing suggestions based on your costs, so adding the app to thousands of products can take seconds.

About Negotio ‑ Make Your Offer Now

Price is the most important factor in a shopper’s decision to buy, yet most shoppers leave because your fixed price might be just a few dollars too high. Our app lets you capture more sales because shoppers STAY on YOUR site to negotiate. Your final product price is automatically “negotiated” based on what the customer is willing to pay and the price range at which you are willing to sell.

Here is why Negotio will earn you higher revenue and profit margins:

  1. Higher Engagement - our app creates a NEW engagement point for shoppers to interact with your products instead of leaving
  2. Capture shoppers while they have a high INTENT to purchase, this app helps keep them on your site to finalize a price deal
  3. Higher conversions - shoppers love to feel like they are getting a great DEAL – this app allows them to pay less than the listed price and therefore convert to a sale
  4. All offers are responded to in seconds based on automated rules that YOU set
  5. Super easy to install - no coding necessary
  6. Super easy to configure - apply the app in seconds
  7. Offers do NOT require shoppers to enter their email address to make an offer so you get many more offers made, more offers accepted, and more sales
  8. Once shoppers buy one thing using this method, they want to buy more items the same way

How It Works for Shoppers

In addition to your Add to Cart button, our app enables a “Make Your Offer Now” button. After clicking this button, shoppers can enter an Offer Price. If their Offer Price at or above your Accept price, then the app adds the item to the cart at their higher than Accept Price!

If the Offer Price is within your counter-offer range, the app will automatically make a counter-offer up to your “Accept” price, and the shopper may buy it at your Accept price.

How It Works for Merchants

Once you enable the app, you may apply the Make Your Offer Now button to any or all products in your store. We automatically calculate and suggest an Accept price and Decline price based on your existing Sale price and Cost entered for each item. We allow you to make pricing rules for Collections/Categories at a time. This means you can have the Make Your Offer button installed on hundreds or thousands of products in seconds.

We also provide you with a dashboard to analyze offers and sales and further customize the Accept and Decline price ranges.

Why Offers Will Increase Sales

With our app, price negotiation can happen on any product! The main benefits are increased engagement and conversion because you can allow shoppers to STAY on your site to negotiate by making a Price Offer. This enables them to buy WHAT they want, WHEN they want to buy, at the price they are WILLING to PAY. Sell more, sell faster, and sell at higher margins with Negotio.

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Free to install

We only charge 1% of the offer amounts that convert to a fully paid order. (Offers with no sale are FREE & unlimited).

Overall rating
5.0 of 5 stars
Based on 6 reviews

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Most recent reviews

True African Art

It's the simplest and oldest idea - made modern with a computer app. Combine that with a team of customer service that makes sure to customize the app 100% correctly the first time, makes this a powerful app to overcome.

There is a hitch: It seems as though someone could keep refusing offers until they find the lowest amount you put in settings. It's not a way to cheat the system, but it does allow someone the ability to always get the lowest price, which is part of the purpose of the app.

I was confused at first with the percentage formula in Collections. I think merchants think in 30% off. If you could make it percentage off instead of how much of a percentage you want to sell it for (?) it would be easier to compute.

Finally, I would say if you could get the offer time down to 10 seconds I think that would be pretty impressive. If you are doing a visual cue for 20 seconds I guess the anticipation does arise, so maybe 15 seconds.

Overall though I am impressed with the marketing of the app, the support, and its simple purpose. Great job Negotio - keep adding features!

SCB Marketplace

This app is amazing. If you don't have this app installed then clearly you're not inerested in making money :) This app offers you great flexibilty with pricing your items individually or with rules on collections for a bulk fix. The team is also great at responding to all my questions/suggetions and are constantly making great improvements to this app. Best app I've used on Shopify in my 3 years of using it.

Mac City Australia

This app really helped my store with more sales by giving my customers an option to make an offer. Brian and his team were absolutely excellent with helping me along the way and cant wait to work more with them. Keep it up guys!