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Nosto - Personalization for Shopify

Nosto - Personalization for Shopify

Developed by Nosto Solutions Ltd

25 reviews
Price: Custom Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • A full personalization solution; Onsite Recommendations, Personalized Emails, Behavioral Pop-ups and Facebook Ads
  • Patented predictive self-learning technology that makes powerful personalization easy!
  • Integration takes just a couple of days and your business pays only for the sales we help you make.

Nosto has created one of the most comprehensive, easy-to-use solutions for product recommendations on Shopify. We’re incredibly excited to get their product into the hands of our merchants.

Blair Beckwith, App Store Lead at Shopify

Every customer is unique. Are you treating them that way?

At Nosto, we believe that every customer is unique. That’s why we analyze hundreds of thousands of data points across your store in real-time, to help you go beyond the numbers and see the individual.

Our patented technology combines proprietary algorithms and big data analytics to automatically predict the best products and offers for each customer based on a moment-by-moment analysis of their unique user behavior, ensuring you are delivering the right products, at the right time, in the right place.

We are proud to be trusted by over thousands of retailers from 100+ countries worldwide.

Go live with 14 days free – no credit card required!

Important note: Powerful personalization needs a lot of data fuel! For that reason, to really see the benefit of Nosto you need to have over 60,000 minimum visits per month.


  • Personalized Facebook Ads

      The fastest, easiest way to deliver personalized advertising to a marketplace of over 1.4 billion people.

  • Personalized Product Recommendations
      Recommend shoppers the most relevant products in real-time based on their unique user behavior.

  • Personalized Behavioral Pop-ups
      Reduce site abandonment and increase conversion with time-limited special offers and one-time discounts.

  • Personalized Triggered Emails
      Reconnect with your customers through automated, personalized emails.
  • Why Nosto?

    One Platform. Infinite Possibilities.
    Nosto’s all-in-one solution allows you to manage all your personalization campaigns from one place. With rich customization options and advanced merchandizing rules we give you full control over which recommendations to display, when, where and to whom. With our advanced API we enable you to extend the power of Nosto’s personalization to even more channels.

    Built for marketers. Loved by IT.
    Nosto has been developed with busy ecommerce professionals in mind. Our easy-to-use interface allows you create, launch and optimize multi-channel personalization campaigns in real- time, without the need for IT.

    Continuous learning. Continuous optimization.
    With a rapidly growing community of over 20,000 retailers using Nosto across the globe, we are able to leverage vasts amounts of data to uncover deep insights into what drives successful shopping experiences. Running tests across millions of daily visitors we know which personalization strategies work best for which kind of retailers and are continuously improving our algorithms to improve the performance on your store.

    An entire team dedicated to your success.
    Our in-house ecommerce experts have worked with thousands of retailers worldwide. Using these learnings we ensure you have the best personalization setup for your store and are continually optimizing for peak performance thereafter.

    Fast, easy implementation.
    Nosto has completely transformed the way personalization technology integrates with ecommerce stores. Our solution can be added to any site with just a few snippets of code, or a 1-click download of our module, allowing retailers to get up and running with personalization in days rather than months. This is where our patents lie and the reason we’re the fastest-growing personalization solution in the world today.

    Nosto - Personalization for Shopify reviews

    25 reviews
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    5. 1 star (5 reviews)

    No brainer. The built in Shopify product recommendations on products pages are counter-intuitive and terribly limited. Something we knew for a long time but didn't have time to address. Particularly if you drive traffic through AdWords, you likely noticed the recommended products on the product landing page pull from a top level "newest products" category that will deliver irrelevant results for many customers.

    Nosto's integration was seamless and instantly started delivering meaningful results to customers on day 1. Their pricing model makes it very low risk and their analytics provide unique insights we didn't have before. Seeing 5-10% CTR's on their recommendations show that customers were needing some help with related suggestions.

    Support and service has been excellent and we are now testing additional components of their platform.


    We've used Nosto on both Magento and Shopify and the team has been above and beyond helpful in the setup. We love the recommendations on our PDP and PLP.


    Based on what I have read its great for FB marketing. But its not clear until after I installed it that its only using Retargeting Techniques and nothing else.
    Now deinstalled it.


    Great app - Recommendations on the site are very effective if you have no way of creating these yourself.

    The analytics and live customer view are also superb.

    I hesitate to say it is solely responsible for all the sales it claims as some customers could be clicking links via Nosto that they would be using anyway - but none the less the app claims to be responsible for 10% of our total sales in the first 5 days of use, with Shopify itself showing a 20% total increase on the previous 5 day period. Our store is still quite new so data could well be inaccurate - but it is an impressive start.

    I have yet to explore the Facebook and Email options.

    The pricing is fair - you pay for what you get. Be careful that you don't cover your site in Nosto links - they should enhance your store not take it over!

    For example, a default link group shows up at the top of the search results page making it highly likely to be clicked - I removed this as it simply caused users to use Nosto links instead of regular search results which were just as accurate.

    We are however getting really high conversion rates on links on our cart page.

    So far this app is a real game changer.


    Great for creating custom audiences for Facebook targeting. We were able to seamlessly create FB ads targeting our demographics. We also take advantage of the recommendation emails to keep our customers engaged.


    It has been a nice app to have. I have been using it for over 6 months now.

    Pop up coupons have worked well for my store giving good returns.

    Would like more ease, versatility & flexibility in creating facebook & instagram ads. Did try the facebook ads a couple of times but there were no sales from them.

    Emails have not brought any sales either. They should make the email templates more engaging and better.


    I thought it was a good app...until it charged me for an order where a NOSTO promo code was not used. Even after submitting documentation showing the promo code used, including tracking numbers and order status, I am still being told that the NOSTO code was used. What a frustrating experience


    OMG This app is unbelievable use super good is driving so much traffic through facebook ads every day and with this new lookalike audience ad preset traffic is overwhelming.
    Keep the good work up!


    We've been using Nosto for over a year now and have it installed on all of our 5 stores. It's a great and relatively easy way to serve product recommendations to customers. The commission-based pricing is fair and ensures you get what you pay for. We've been able to integrate it seamlessly into our theme and support has always been very helpful.

    Note that installing Nosto is not just as simple as installing an app to your store. Some coding is required. We have a developer so it wasn't an issue for us, but if you're a "mom and pop" store without in-house web development skills, plan on getting someone to integrate it for you. It won't take long, but it's not something that I would recommend the uninitiated doing on their own.


    I love the Nosto App because it truly makes integrating product recs into your site so easy and seamless. The admin settings within their app allows you to literally turn on and off product recs with the click of a button. I highly recommend this app to anyone who is looking to show additional products on product pages. I also love how well the Nosto App works on mobile devices and how quickly it loads on each page.


    No setup costs! In addition, enjoy our real-time analytics and transparent pricing that scales with your business.

    Learn more about our pricing at www.nosto.com/pricing

    14 days

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