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January 31, 2024


I only installed the app. Did not sign-up for a plan, did not make any set-ups, did not add any preferences. Nothing. Just installed on my shopify ecommerce. Worst thing I could have ever done.

After a week of having the app installed, I noticed that the app had been messing around with my stock.

For every order I was receiving on my store, the app was adding or subtracting inventory from the items purchased in a complete random way. Some orders were untouched, some orders was duplicating the items reducing twice the inventory of an item, in for other orders it was ADDING UP INVENTORY of the items purchased. Not all the items on an order were updated...some did, some not... completely random without any sense.

In summary. If I receive an order of items A and B, both with e.g. 5 units of inventory pre purchase, Shopify was reducing 1 unit of stock from each item (as it should do), then Onport removed one more unit of item A, but left item B inventory untouched. Leaving A with 3 of stock (whtn it should be 4) and B with 4(or even 5, since for some items it was adding up stock!!!) Why? Absolutely no idea... I just installed the app.

As a result: a total mess up of inventory in just a week.

I repeat, i did ONLY installed the app. Nothing else.

Solution? I had to manually check every single order and every single item purchased in my store during the last week and fix the mess that this app caused. Item by item.


Fernando de Cárcer
6 days using the app
July 19, 2021

We have spent thousands of dollars, months of frustration, and have not been able to get our store up and running. Wenare very close to losing one of our biggest vendors because of this. Customer service has been terrible, delayed or no replies seem to be the norm here. The team is disorganized, support docs are not helpful, and I'm not sure most are up to speed with product functionality. It takes weeks for a reply, which hasn't gotten us closer to a solution, just more questions. I understand they are growing quickly - but this app has proven to only be a waste of money, energy and time thus far.

United States
Almost 3 years using the app
March 24, 2022

We've been using Jetti for over a year by now, or better to say, trying to use it. It takes time to setup advanced dropshipping configuration and requires dedicated development, which is fine. The problem is customer support, and problem resolution. Customer Support is really lacking, takes days, if not weeks, to get an answer after opening a ticket. Despite providing all the information and details, the team "doesn't get it", providing partial or wrong solutions (and the communication back and forth makes you waste more days/weeks). The 48h ticket response is simply false, even the first reply takes usually more days. Once finally they manage to understand the problem, it takes even more time to solve it. And all of this while we're paying for the full product.

About 1 year using the app