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Editify - Edit Orders

Editify - Edit Orders

Developed by Booster Apps

22 reviews
Price: Free – $14.99 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Editify adds a KEY missing feature to your Shopify Store -> Editing existing orders!
  • Easily change quantities, sizes, products, billing addresses, discounts and MUCH more!
  • Save time and improve customer relationships!

Editify adds a KEY missing feature to your Shopify store... The ability to instantly edit an existing order.

Editify helps reduce the stress and time of dealing with customer order changes. Concentrate on what you love doing.. Running your business smoothly :)

Check out a demo of how the app looks

Install Editify and never have to worry about when:

  • A customer wants a different size or color product after an order was placed

  • You want to add a discount to an existing order and partially refund the customer

  • You want to change the price of a product after the customer has placed the order

  • You want to uncancel an order

  • Lots of different use cases

Editify gives you the power to:

  • Add, remove or change products and quantities for an order

  • Add custom products to an order

  • Change a shipping or billing address for an order

  • Add, remove or change taxes for an order

  • Add, remove or change shipping for an order

  • Add, remove or change discounts for an order


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Editify - Edit Orders reviews (22)


Shopify is basically unusable for us without this app. We get several occasions when a customer needs to change a size or color before the item ships. Editify does the best job possible (working around Shopify's limitations) to help us process changed orders.


Ever heard the saying, "better to have and not need, than to need and not have"? Well there'll come a time when every shop will "need" to edit an order for a customer, and this app made it very easy to do just that.

It did NOT calculate the new totals wrong, and allowed me to quickly make the adjustment for my customer and get their t-shirt order fixed within a few moments of them contacting me (complete with an email notification)...which I was told definitely impressed them in terms of great customer service.


Calculates new totals completely incorrectly. Don't buy!


Works so far when we've needed it to.


Unfortunately, just plain doesn't work.The totals do not recalculate correctly and we sent out many incorrect invoices to clients. It took over 2 weeks to get a response from Editify to let us know that the bug will not be fixed any time soon. I seldom write negative review but definitely not cool!


Doesn't work. Waste of time. You remove an item and the price goes into billions (literally) of pounds. They don't know how to fix the bug.


WOW. What a great App, And even the most novice users can easily use. When we don't have endless time to go back and forward to get that order spot on, this is an amazing app to allow you to concentrate on getting the most out of visits and orders.Booster Apps take up my the majority of my App List by a mile, and their customer support and genuine drive to meet our demands is amazing. THANK YOU!


We've been using this app Since Feb/16 and it's $$ well spent for us. We use it on a daily basis to edit orders. Much better than doing everything manually and trying to keep track of the edits to orders.

I'd give it 5 stars, but the only function I'm begging for is the integrated payments option. If I had to ability to charge the customer right then and there for the difference on their order, that would be awesome. Right now, we have to send paypal.me requests and then go in and manually pay the order.


This app is not worth the time. Needs a lot of work. Simply cancels the order and creates a new one - this new order did not sync to your fulfillment system which resulted in the edited order being delayed. Also, it is no possible to charge the card of additional items. It just leaves the order payment pending. Not worth the time or money - needs lots of work.


June 16, 2016 UPDATE

7 months + in and this app continues to impress. Solid, basic fixed rapidly when required... I am looking at all of the Booster apps now because of the developer reliability and general "smartness"... i.e. if Booster apps wrote it then it is probably slick...


I have been using several of the top rated apps to do small order editing and this one should quickly rise to the top.

It is simple, handles some issues (taxes) that others seemed to ignore and is reasonably priced. IMHO there is no add-on app that is worth 75-90% of what I already pay monthly for Shopify.

Last and MOST important the responsiveness by the dev team is unbelievable. The last app that I tried was... ummm ok BUT it took days to even get a response back from them and even then they expect to take months to fix cirtcal issues. Steve and I have been communicating almost in real time and not only did he fix a couple of bugs but he incorporated some features that I found very helpful from a much higher priced (long established) competetive app. I believe that at one point they did multiple changes in the same day and got back to me for feedback.

Very, very good app by a very good developer.

PS Our Shopify handle is not the same as our store now... check us out at www.reprapwarehouse.com... lol wish Shopify could fix that.

Free – $14.99 / month
14 days


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