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Order Heat Map

Order Heat Map

Developed by SCS Design

3 reviews
Price: $10.00 / month Free Trial: 5 days More info
  • See where your customers are most densely congregated, on an interactive map.
  • Select and export "hot" areas to reach out to a certain neighborhood, or narrow down your highest-paying customers.
  • Use existing customer data to accurately target direct mail campaigns, and increase ROI.

Order Heat Map answers the question: Where are my customers most densely located?

Seeing a weighted map of customers allows you to narrow down new prospects, and increase your return on investment for regional marketing efforts.

This embedded Shopify app pulls customer data from your own store, and displays up to 3000 points on an interactive Google Maps heatmap. You can filter customers by city and state, to narrow down your results. Target "hot" areas with an interactive drawing tool, and export a mailing list to reach out to a certain neighborhood of high-paying customers.

The app uses the familiar Polaris interface, found across the Shopify admin.

Dynamic map controls allow you to weight data points evenly, or by total money spent. You can also modify the radius and intensity of the points to clarify the image.

Getting Started

You can get started by clicking the "Get" link on the top of this listing, and following the installation instructions. The app will be configured with your store's customer list when you enter your shop's domain and follow the authentication prompts. Order Heat Map pulls the first batch of customers automatically and loads them onto the map when you first enter the main view. You can filter the customer list by city and state, and click the "Pull Customer" button to generate a new list. Typing new values in the map control field will update the map, dynamically.

About Us

The Samuel Chase Stevens Design studio builds web applications that use mapping and data visualization to make marketing easier. Order Heat Map was created out of a need to target customers for a direct mail campaign, and is now catered to any Shopify store owner who wants know where on the map their sales are going.


Contact us for support at the top of this listing. For existing users, more detailed support can be found through the "Need Help?" link, seen when you first enter the Order Heat Map application.

Order Heat Map reviews

3 reviews
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Installed and could not get it to run.


We’ve used a number of customer location and purchase history visualization apps to get a better sense of our growth. Order Heat Map is one of our favorite ways to get a clear picture when it comes to hyper-local sales reporting. Plus, it makes it super easy to pinpoint our most active customers. Would love to be able to see more customers on the map at one time.


Our grocery business was planning a direct mail campaign in New York and needed to submit a list of zip codes to our printer. We used Order Heat Map to pinpoint areas of high order density and sales volume.

The map data took away any guess-work with customer locations, and our return on investment increased on our next mailer promo. We end up checking back on the data every week or so, out of sheer curiosity.

The app was super easy to use, and we loved that the map updated dynamically as we narrowed down our search area. I would definitely recommend Order Heat Map to any medium-sized ecommerce business that wants to see where their customers are, at a glance.

$10.00 / month
5 days

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