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29. září 2020

App is okay, just there should be the ability to customize the appearance of pop up on "Sweet Alert" Style. Now it is not matching the website style and we don't want to use the Recommended button where you can customize the color.

Ecigone Wholesale
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Vývojář Intillium odpověděl 29. září 2020

Hi there.
We 100% agree that it would be nice to provide more ways to customize the popup appearances in our app. In fact adding that "Sweet Alert" option in addition to our default lightweight popup theme is one of those steps to provide that flexibility.
Unfortunately, as "Sweet Alert" is an external library served from within a standard CDN we do not have any way to adjust it's default look and feel from our app. But if you're familiar with HTML you can do that yourself using the regular CSS override tricks. Here's an example:

<style type="text/css">
button.swal-button, button.swal-button:not([disabled]):hover {background-color: purple; }

Please let us know what other things you want to change in this popup and I'll be happy to recommend more code snippets.

25. prosinec 2016

Really inconsistent. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't - causing me to cancel customer orders. User interface isn't so great. Customer service was responsive but couldn't give an exact cause. I really need the minimum quantity feature so I'm still looking for an app that will actually work.

Sweets By Jubilee Favors
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9. září 2020

The app works great, however, i'm giving a 3 star rating because of their terrible customer support. I tried to reach them multiple times and no one ever returned a message. They only responded to my question once I got Shopify customer service involved.

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Vývojář Intillium odpověděl 10. září 2020

Thank you for the praise of our app and the perceived support problem.
However, before your request through Shopify support, there were two attempts to contact us directly, on July 16th & 22th. In both cases an elaborate and detailed response was sent back to juana*******@gmail.com within an hour but no response to those was received from you. We hope you will verify and consider updating your review of our app.

2. duben 2015

I am having the same exact issue as Value Mart... I need to figure out how to make "check out" button still go through the verification process of MinMaxify. If anyone has any suggestions, please help.

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7. únor 2018

Does it job but 4.99$/month is way too expensive!

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Datum úprav: 3. březen 2017

App is awesome! But there's one problem, you can bypass the order limit...

Toi Lit
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Datum úprav: 9. červenec 2020

This worked on our initial trial tests. One day after using it, multiple customers were able to exceed the minimum set by the app. We would not recommend it. It caused extra work for the logistics and customer support teams. We are willing to give it another chance since we need this feature on our site. We will reach out to the support team to see if they can help.

The Beachwaver Co.
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Vývojář Intillium odpověděl 3. únor 2020

Thank you for your review Emily. As I understand the issue was discovered at the very beginning of your 14-day long trial period?
One of the main main reasons why we provide this period is to let you test if our app is compatible with your unique Shopify setup and if it meets your expectations. Naturally you are free to uninstall at any moment without any charge. You can also contact us via any feedback channel we provide and we will be happy to provide you any assistance required to adjust our scripts for your situation. And we're still willing to do our best to help. Please just re-install and let us debug how the app works in the live environment of your amazing store.

Please reach out anytime so that we can assist: support@minmaxify.com

4. leden 2015

Hi I faced the same issue as eJuices now. When I clicked on "check out" button immediately instead of "add to cart", the validation is not captured by MinMaxify and user can check out as per normal without min. order.

I tried to find the href from my theme.liquid but didn manage to locate any href codes. Can anyone guide me pls? Need to resolve this asap. Wrote to Brian no reply yet could be busy on a weekend..

Value Mart
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