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Datum úprav: 21. leden 2016

Original review below but now changed. Brian from Bitstim got back to me immediately about my problem (a clash with the Upsell app I was using). I've removed the Upsell app and all now seems to be working. Great service Brian!

Looks perfect at the start but allows customers to checkout even when the basket does not contain enough of the items that is meant to have a min order quantity. Creates a world of pain for customer services. Big shame. No alternative in the App store today. Really hope the developer sorts it out. Would be more than willing to pay for a working product.

Gluten Free 27
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10. srpen 2023

Excellent customer service after experiencing a technical malfunction. Quick to respond and resolved the issue immediately.

Industry Print Shop
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Datum úprav: 29. listopad 2016

This app when set up correctly works great! Thanks!

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Datum úprav: 31. říjen 2017

You can bypass the checkout restriction if you click the checkout button fast enough before it finishes verifying the quantity.

Edit: It appears they have fixed this problem.

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22. únor 2017

We were looking for a way to solve an unusual problem - trying to limit how much a customer could purchase from an individual collection. Although it was not easily apparent how to do it with MinMaxify, the support team made it easy, helping me along the way. My client is delighted that it now works the way they needed it to! More than worth the $4.99/month!! And thank you, Eugene!

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Datum úprav: 13. duben 2016

Updating my review. Developer got back to me and resolved issue. I have Pipeline theme and needed to update Ajaxify.js. So far seems to work as advertised. Will update to a 5 after using for a few weeks without any problems.

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4. srpen 2021

Hello, I have a minimum order value of 50 €. But I would also like to give away vouchers from 10 €.
But that does not allow "order limits" because I have a minimum order value of 50 €. How can I set it up so that my vouchers, including a 10 € voucher, can be sold?

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13. září 2018

I received good customer service. The app works well and I was able to apply limits to variants only.

Crafter's Vinyl Supply
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