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16 reviews
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  • Accurately monitor profit using Cost of Goods + Facebook Ad & Google Adword Spend + transaction fees + shipping costs - something no other app can do
  • Find orders with over-estimated shipping charges that may be hurting your conversion rates and under-estimated shipping charges that decrease your profitability
  • Save many hours spent organizing cost data, ensure data accuracy, and get new insights into your store's profitability

After accounting for all of your variable costs, do you know which products and orders make the least and most profit?

OrderMetrics.io helps you discover your highest and lowest profit orders and identify inefficiencies with discount, ad campaigns, and shipping methods by bringing 4 critical metrics together under one roof: order data, cost of goods (COGS), advertising spend, and finalized shipping costs.

Important! Other apps & software applications calculate profit by simply multiplying units sold * Cost of Goods. This is not a very accurate way to track your profitability since shipping costs and discounts for each order are not taken into account. Order Metrics calculates profit based off your actual shipping costs, transaction fees, refunds, discounts, and cost of goods for each order and pulls in this data from external data sources where necessary. This is a much more accurate method for monitoring your profit and discovering your most/least profitable orders which leads to finding shipping, advertising, pricing, and other improvements in your business.

Learn why ecommerce stores must look beyond traditional COGS calculations.

"A must have Shopify app for serious business owners, CEO’s, COO's, and marketing professionals who see value in making data driven decisions that improve bottom line profitability."

Accurate Advertising Data

OrderMetrics pulls in your Facebook Advertising and Google Adwords data in real time to see how your ad spend affects profitability. Additionally, OrderMetrics allows you to filter Facebook Ad spend by Campaign, Ad Set, and even specific ads. You can use this filter in combination with our product filtering system to see exactly how much profit you are making from product focused Facebook Ad campaigns.

Accurate Shipping Data

OrderMetrics is the only Shopify analytics app that reports back your real shipping costs (not estimates or shipping amount charged) and combines them with your cost of goods and order data to analyze profit. Currently we support the following shipping sources for pulling in shipping costs in real time: Shipstation, Shipping Easy, Shippo, and Shipwire.

Use a 3PL fulfillment warehouse or print labels directly from Fedex, UPS, DHL or other shipping providers? No problem, quickly copy and paste shipping costs for thousands of orders at a time using our easy to use tool that acts like a spreadsheet. This tool then automatically matches up each pasted shipping cost to their respective order.

Accurate Transaction Fees

Order Metrics pulls in all of your payment gateways and allows you to edit transaction fees for each one. These fees are then applied to each order to calculate profitability at the most detailed level. Read why transaction fees are important to consider in your cost analysis.

Key Features

  • Monitor each order’s profitability and find improvements in a beautiful, easy to use interface.

  • Upload product Cost Prices in bulk

  • Upload shipping costs in bulk or automatically import costs in real-time by integrating with your shipping software

  • Compare what a customer was charged for shipping vs. what it actual cost to ship that order

  • See how discounts and promotions affect an order's profitability.

  • View Revenue, COGS, and Profit Margin by Product and Product Type

  • View profitability by store (Shopify POS) location

  • Discover late shipments that may be eligible for a refund from Fedex, UPS, and DHL

  • Analyze average profit and delivery time by state and country, using an interactive map

  • Export cost/profit and tracking number data to spreadsheets

  • Full and partial refund support

  • Gift card support

  • Shopify Payments and external payment gateway fee support for transaction fees

  • Multiple currency support!

ROI Guarantee

If you put in the time to analyze and implement pricing, advertising, and shipping method improvements using Order Metrics, we guarantee you will see a significant return on your investment. If for some reason you are not able to find improvements, shoot us an email and we will try to help. Our team specializes in ecommerce operations and we are happy to share our knowledge.

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OrderMetrics.io reviews

16 reviews
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This app is the missing piece to Shopify data. Finally I am able to quickly all the numbers I need, imported from Shopify ... no separate tool needed.

Cant wait to see where they go from here.



This app saved me hours daily by taking a quick look at my store insights. Love the app. The support is absolutely amazing!


A must have if you really want to know how your business is doing.


These guys are amazing and so is this app! This is the only app that includes shipping into your daily profit. Ordermetrics has helped us out tremendously and gave us new insight into our business. Hank is especially really helpful and everything we ask of him and Order Metrics, he makes sure it is completed in a promptly manner. Ordermetrics is simply just one of the best apps on Shopify.


Good, but waiting for the new features.


Great app! Quite raw but even now its provide a lot of value. Very helpful support crew as well. Some minor issues need to be fixed but it's not crucial at all. The main thing - it provides all necessary data for a planning your store's development and scaling. Also, hope to see the fees from payment systems among the data.


Exactly what I was looking for. I was just about to make something very similar to OrderMetrics, and then I found this.

Love how easy it is to see all my stats at a glance, and then drill down if I wanted to. I also like the dark theme it has.

It even includes discounts so I know exactly how I am doing, and how my margins are doing so I can work on improving them.

I would recommend this app for sure.


good for your matrix www.westcoastvapesupply.com


I have no idea why Shopify doesn't include a COGS field in Admin, as it should.
But until it does, Order Metrics will come to your rescue!

I installed this over the Christmas/New Year period to work out my order and individual product profitability for the entire period My Wedding Decor has been live, as well as on a quarterly basis to track gross margins, gross profits, and average order values. What an eye-opener! You can also track profitability on your shipping costs too although I have not done this yet.

I found Hank to be incredibly helpful in assisting me with the custom orders which were giving the profit margins an incorrect total and I would recommend any new or existing Shopify business to install this from the start.


Amazing app,we can check our margin and focus on it. The support is very cool and answer very fast. We use this app for all our shops and its big win of time :)
We have all information in one dashboard !!! so good


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