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31 reviews
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  • Accurately monitor profit using Cost of Goods + Facebook Ad & Google Adword Spend + transaction fees + shipping costs + recurring custom spends
  • Improve the profitability of your orders by optimizing Advertising campaigns & shipping methods
  • Save many hours spent organizing cost data, ensure data accuracy, and get new insights into your store's profitability

**New** - Automatically pull in COGS + Shipping costs from AliExpress and add multiple Shopify stores to 1 dashboard.

Facebook Group -> facebook.com/groups/ordermetrics/

After accounting for all of your variable costs, do you know which products and orders make the least and most profit?

OrderMetrics.io helps you discover your highest and lowest profit orders and identify inefficiencies with discount, ad campaigns, and shipping methods by bringing 4 critical metrics together under one roof: order data, cost of goods (COGS), advertising spend, and finalized shipping costs.

Important! Other apps & software applications calculate profit by simply multiplying units sold * Cost of Goods. This is not a very accurate way to track your profitability since shipping costs and discounts for each order are not taken into account. Order Metrics calculates profit based off your actual shipping costs, transaction fees, refunds, discounts, and cost of goods for each order and pulls in this data from external data sources where necessary. This is a much more accurate method for monitoring your profit and discovering your most/least profitable orders which leads to finding shipping, advertising, pricing, and other improvements in your business.

Learn why ecommerce stores must look beyond traditional COGS calculations.

"A must have Shopify app for serious business owners, CEO’s, COO's, and marketing professionals who see value in making data driven decisions that improve bottom line profitability."

Accurate Advertising Data

OrderMetrics pulls in your Facebook Advertising, Google Adwords, and Bing Ads data in real time to see how your ad spend affects profitability. Using multiple Facebook ad accounts for individual or multiple storefronts? No problem, OrderMetrics handles that.

Additionally, OrderMetrics allows you to filter Ad spend by Campaign, Ad Set, and specific ads. You can use this filter in combination with our product filtering system to see exactly how much profit you are making from product focused Ad campaigns. Watch this video for more information

Accurate product cost (COGS) Data

OrderMetrics offers various tools to quickly enter COGS for each product or variant. You can enter this data right into our dashboard, estimate COGS as a % of each product's sale price, or upload cost data by SKU/product name via a spreadsheet. Watch how to enter product costs

Do you fulfill orders via AliExpress?
If so, we have great news! We offer an integration to automatically pull product and shipping costs from AliExpress, match these costs with your Shopify orders, and import them right into OrderMetrics for analysis. This integration also tracks pricing changes from your suppliers. Watch how our AliExpress integration works

Accurate Shipping Data

OrderMetrics is the only Shopify analytics app that reports back your real shipping costs (not estimates or shipping amount charged) and combines them with your cost of goods and order data to analyze profit. Currently we support the following shipping sources for pulling in shipping costs in real time: Shipstation, Shipping Easy, Shippo, Shipwire, and AliExpress.

Use a 3PL fulfillment warehouse or print labels directly from Fedex, UPS, DHL or other shipping providers? No problem, quickly copy and paste shipping costs for thousands of orders at a time using our easy to use tool that acts like a spreadsheet. This tool then automatically matches up each pasted shipping cost to their respective order.

Accurate Transaction Fees

Order Metrics pulls in all of your payment gateways and allows you to edit transaction fees for each one. These fees are then applied to each order to calculate profitability at the most detailed level. Read why transaction fees are important to consider in your cost analysis.

Accurate Custom Costs

Add Custom Costs such as influencer marketing spend, app/software fees, Payroll, and more! One time and recurring costs supported. See how these costs affect your bottom line.

Accurate Analytics Data

Connect your Google Analytics account to see conversion rates for each product, profit per unique visitor, and more!

Key Features

  • Monitor each order’s profitability and find improvements in a beautiful, easy to use interface.

  • Monitor total value of your current inventory and filter by product

  • Discover the profitability of your advertising campaigns, ad sets, and ads after all costs are considered

  • Upload product Cost Prices in bulk

  • Upload shipping costs in bulk or automatically import costs in real-time by integrating with your shipping software

  • Compare what a customer was charged for shipping vs. what it actual cost to ship that order

  • See how discounts and promotions affect an order's profitability.

  • View Revenue, COGS, and Profit Margin by Product and Product Type

  • View Revenue, COGS, and Profit Margin by Vendor

  • View profitability by store (Shopify POS) location

  • Discover late shipments that may be eligible for a refund from Fedex, UPS, and DHL

  • Analyze average profit and delivery time by state and country, using an interactive map

  • Export cost/profit and tracking number data to spreadsheets

  • Full and partial refund support

  • Gift card support

  • Shopify Payments and external payment gateway fee support for transaction fees

  • Multiple currency support!

Concerned about your sensitive data?

Read our open, straight-forward policy here:

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OrderMetrics.io reviews

31 reviews
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Great app. Saves a lot of time in accounting.


Its a great app which saves a lot of accounting headaches but I'd appreciate it if the free plan was not so ridiculously limited or there was some kind of a decent middle option between the free plan and the straight up $99 a month plan. :)


Great app + great customer service. Can't go wrong.


I had some issues getting the initial setup completed but their team was super helpful and available within minutes to assist.

We have a complex product with lots of variables so using this is a definite game-changer for daily insights into our profitability that we didn't have before. Incredibly accurate too.

Hope to use this for a long time to come!


Game Changing App!

Finally, an app that integrates with both AliExpress, FB & Google. it calculates transaction fees and ALL OTHER EXPENSES!!! Apps, employees, shipping, discounts etc...

They always come up with new exciting features that give you some wonderful insights that blow your mind!

Thank you so much, Hank for this amazing app and the support. With just a few tweaks I've saves over $5,000 last month because of the app.

Highly recommended!


Too often I see ecommerce entrapreneurs boasting about 6 and 7 figure stores... which is impressive but doesnt really mean a thing unless there is a good profit left at the end of the day. PROFIT IS KING and really is the key metric for business success. Platforms like Shopify really focus on telling you total revenue but fail to tell you if you actually made anything after all your ad costs and product costs.
Ordermetrics steps in and solves that problem without any fuss.
I have to say .... Im super impressed with this app. We have been running very large spreadsheets to track our profit levels and even they werent totally accurate because we couldnt make changes to costs or retail prices part way through a month without messing up the sheet. Now with Ordermetrics I finally feel in control of what our true daily profit is.
Having direct links with our Facebook and Adwords spends is brilliant. Plus being able to enter custom spends like... magazine ads. Wages.. insurance etc means our end profit figure is real!
If you have an ecommerce store you would be down right stupid not to get this app installed asap. Worth every cent.
Well done Hank and team... cant wait to see the next improvements you make.


Awesome app Great layout and integrations. Gives you a great picture of your business helping you to make informed decisions


Very good app that finally gives us a clear picture of profitability. Some parts of the user interface can be confusing, but if you take the time to learn the software and input accurate Cost Of Goods data you'll get excellent reporting.

In the case of our store, we were able to improve overall margin by 5-6 percentage points just by observing the reports and identifying products that were costing too much too ship or which were priced badly.


I really wish I had started using this app sooner!! It even syncs with AliExpress purchases and your Facebook Ad Manager. Would give 10 stars if I could.


Support is awesome. Software's exactly what I was looking for

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