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Order Printer

Order Printer

Developed by Shopify

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  • Print invoices, labels, receipts, packing slips, and more
  • Customize and create templates to suit any need
  • Print in bulk to speed up your shipping process

Shopify's Order Printer app is a free, easy to use app that allows you to print custom invoices, labels, receipts, packing slips, and more.

This app requires some knowledge of HTML to fully take advantage of its customization ability. The Shopify Design Gurus can assist with minor customizations, but larger customizations will need to be done by an experienced third party designer.

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  • Easy to use: Create beautiful templates using basic HTML and liquid.
  • Bulk printing: Print documents from many orders at once.

  • Customizable templates: Use our pre-made HTML templates, or create your own. Each document is fully customizable.

Order Printer reviews (131)


The app does nice job printing bulk packing slips and invoice. It was fairly easy to add. If it also bulk printed labels that would be helpful. To be honest if it does not integrate all the bulk actions needed to fulfil orders it really has little value to me. Nice to have but If I didn't have it I wouldn't notice. I agree should be integrated into shopify. There are other services than shopify and I'm looking them over.


Great app


This is a great app but Shopify should be offering this as standard!


This is free and we love it! We use this to print all our forms. We use this with the templates that we purchased from Order Printer Templates. Not sure why this is a separate app instead of built into Shopify.


Should be standard within each Shopify store, not an app. But that said it is easy as pie to install and use, so no biggie really.


I really love this app and while it would be great to see it integrated straight into Shopify as standard, it's not really all that much trouble to select the little "Print with Order Printer" in the top right hand corner of the order page.

I even changed the template with my basic html knowledge so the shipping labels are the right size for my label printer. Now when I press print and select my DYMO label printer out the printer options I get perfect little shipping label stickers that go straight onto my shipping boxes.

Simple is wonderful!


Great App!


yes should be part of shopify web straight out of the box. Shopify, please note all these reviews who say this. Cheers!


Recently we found that print button on top right is not appearing in any order. May be some files are updated.

Piyush S


I agree with the other reviewer. This app should have come with Shopify right out of the box. Probably one of the few must haves. Makes it really easy to customize invoices and packing slips.


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