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Orderhive Inventory Management

Orderhive Inventory Management

Developed by Orderhive

83 reviews
Price: From $50.00 / month Free Trial: 15 days More info
  • Integrate channels like Shopify, Amazon, FBA, eBay, Etsy, QuickBooks Online, etc.
  • Automate inventory update across all the Shopify stores & other selling channels.
  • Estimate shipping rates & print labels of FedEx, USPS, DHL, Australia Post, etc. within Orderhive.

Automate your inventory and shipping processes by integrating your Shopify stores with Orderhive.

Orderhive automatically imports products, orders and customers from your Shopify store within seconds. Selling not just on Shopify? Don’t worry, We've got your back! Orderhive’s centralized interface will allow you to manage orders and inventory across all your other integrated channels without having to juggle between different systems.

Benefits of Shopify integration

  • Integrate and manage multiple Shopify stores in a single Orderhive account.

  • Stock level gets automatically updated to your Shopify store in real-time when a new order arrives.

  • Orderhive pushes updated order status and shipping information (carrier name & tracking no.) to your Shopify store.

  • Get access to real-time analytics and reports of your Shopify store’s inventory, orders and customers.

  • Eliminate the hassle of manual entries, save time and resources.

  • Orderhive automatically syncs order returns from your Shopify store to help you track available inventory.

One centralized inventory management software for all back-end tasks

  • Integrate multiple channels in a single Orderhive account.

  • Get to know which products are selling the most and through which channel, by which you can make an informed decision to increase revenue through that channel.

  • Automate inventory update process across multiple warehouses/locations.Easily transfer stock between warehouses.

  • Create product bundles and manage their inventory with ease.

  • Add Dropshippers and assign orders for easy and quick fulfillment.

  • Create and manage wholesale orders through Orderhive’s B2B Commerce portal.

  • Reduce errors and avoid scenarios like double-selling, stock-outs, lost orders, etc.

  • Connect your shipping carriers (USPS, UPS, DHL, FedEx, Australia Post, etc.) in Orderhive to estimate shipping rates, verify addresses, and print labels easily.

  • Track parcels/order packages in real-time of 300+ shipping providers.
  • Get Started with Orderhive - With no installation required, you can easily create your Orderhive account in less than a minute and see how our multi-channel software works.

    Orderhive Plus (Customized Enterprise Solution)

    Orderhive Plus is an enterprise inventory management software that offers high-volume features and custom workflow. If you’re looking for a custom system that can take care of all your unique back-end needs, then Orderhive Plus could be the perfect solution for your high-volume business.

    See how Orderhive helps retail businesses here (success stories).

Orderhive Inventory Management reviews

83 reviews
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  2. 4 stars (8 reviews)
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  5. 1 star (1 review)

just started the 14 day evaluation.

1. the biggest problem is the Indian call centre, I gave up with the online meeting i had as it was painful to me ears
2. The online chat has lots of pauses so it seems they are dealing with many different customers at the same time, i kept having to ask , ARE YOU HERE ?
3. There are a number of very annoying parts to the software that i cant believe other people havnt complained about yet, such as Supplier name is the contact name not the Supplier name. Its just wrong!
4. To add the supplier to your products it has to be done manually or via spreadsheet upload which seems to me to defeat the object of having Orderhive if you still need spreadsheet, surely you could simply select all the items from one supplier and add in bulk like you can with a tag !!

will update over the next 14 days trial



I have been in business for only 5 years, but I spent a HUGE amount of that time trying to find the correct inventory control/syncing software.

For us, this is it!!!!

Super responsive, very supportive.

The majority of issues we have had were ours, but they still responded with courtesy and respect.

They work with us to keep their software updated and integrate customer's needs and wishes. We intend to continue using Orderhive for the foreseeable future.

Great software, great people!!!


Orderhive kept improving their service and listened to our feedback to make it one of the best cloud inventory management out there. We are very delighted to have your stores integrated, stock management never can be this easy. Thanks team


Amazing app, they have solved all our inventory management issues!!
Customer service is outstanding. They are always there to help and are super friendly :)


I started using Orderhive about 2 months ago, and had a few problems mostly with my setup and minor features that weren't working. (Turned out I had some settings wrong and such). I got aggravated and left a pretty nasty review, but after that was very quickly contacted by the staff whom created this app and he was extremely helpful. He explained how to work out every single problem I was having, and since then has been an amazing, smooth experience. The functionality is a little tricky at first, but then it becomes very user friendly. The customer support is impeccable, and it is very cost effective compared to many alternatives for syncing Etsy and Shopify. I would definetly get this app if you need an affordable cross platform inventory management system!


Excellent product and even better support from the tech team. They really aim to please their customers.


Great app. I met synced issue several times, but their support team is very responsive and managed to solve the issue. Although there are few glitches, I still highly recommended to SMB users


Nice product, very hard to understand right off the get go but customer support is good to help you get through it.


Excellent support team, very fast response.


Excellent app with an impressive support team. Whenever we have any trouble, the OH support team is super quick to respond with a solution.

From $50.00 / month

Orderhive is free for 15 days. Our pricing is cost efficient and predictable for companies of any size. No per order pricing, unlimited orders, products, users & warehouses in all plans.

15 days



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