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Orderimp: Bulk Order Importer

Orderimp: Bulk Order Importer

Developed by KLOE TECH

46 reviews
Price: Custom Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • The ONLY app to Allow Direct Order Imports via CSV or Excel Files. Simple Process, Powerful Validation and Error Reporting Eliminate Data Import Disasters
  • Import Your ENTIRE Order History While Migrating to Shopify, Upload Orders From Any Source that allows a CSV or Excel order export. Import POS, Manual & Phone Orders, Shopping Carts, Marketplaces, & More
  • Convenient Self Managed Solution with Free phone Support on Hand. Upload Your File, Map Your Fields, and Upload. It's that simple!

What is Orderimp?

Orderimp is a simple solution for importing your historical or multi-channel orders into Shopify. Bulk import over a million orders into Shopify and easily transition from any shopping cart. Orderimp was designed to be a reliable, quick, and affordable solution for importing your Shopify orders. We hope this can help avoid the same frustration and expense we experienced ourselves importing over 250,000 orders into our own Shopify store.

How Does it Work?

Simple Order Import Process:

  • 1. Upload a CSV or Excel File

  • 2. Map Your Column Fields

  • 3. Import Your Orders


Import your entire order history while migrating to Shopify

There is no limit to the amount of orders you import using Orderimp. Easily access order information right within Shopify, and avoid having to look back at your old cart platform.

Auto-Populate Your Customer Profiles

Automatically create customer profiles and update existing ones for more accurate customer data. Importing your order history will auto-populate customer information such as: Total $ spent, # of orders, & complete order history. Allow customers to see their complete order history and quickly re-order past purchases while reducing customer service requests.

Get the Most Out of Shopify Apps

Most Shopify marketing apps rely on your historical customer data within Shopify. Without having your full customer base, you are missing out on huge portion of sales from those channels. Hit the ground running with most apps already recognizing best sellers and customer spending trends based on your historical order history!

Automatically Sort Collections by Best-Selling Products

Sort your product collections right away based on best-selling items. This is a MUST for stores with large product catalogs!

NEW - Import Live Orders!

  • Import orders as unfulfilled, partial, and more!

  • Import Live Orders from Any Platform!

User selectable options:

  • Email customers order receipt - Determines whether an order confirmation will be sent to the customer

  • Send Tracking Email - Determines whether a fulfillment confirmation will be sent to the customer

  • Reduce Inventory QOH for Line Items Imported - Determines which inventory updating behavior is used. Will reduce your shopify inventory during imports (assuming merchant is using shopify inventory tracking)


Will Orderimp send emails to customers?

No. Orderimp will never trigger emails to your customers.

Will Ordimp import duplicate orders?

No. Orderimp will check for duplicate orders in your import file and in Shopify. Orders that already exist in Shopify will be skipped.

Will Orderimp affect my existing orders in Shopify?


Will Orderimp import orders without the required information?

No. Orderimp will notify you of orders that could not be imported, and tell you exactly what needs to be fixed for them to import.


  • First 50 orders FREE!
  • Import orders on demand, one time, or on a recurring schedule.

  • Review our affordable pricing plans and choose what's best for you.

One-Time Import Packages

14 Day Access to Bulk Import Historical Orders

  • First 50 Orders - FREE

  • 51-499 - $19

  • 500-999 -$29

  • 1,000 - 2,499 - $49

  • 2,500 - 9,999 - $99

  • 10,000 - 49,999 - $249

  • 50,000 - 249,999 - $499

  • 249,000 - 1,000,000 - $899

  • Over 1 Million Orders? Call us!

Pre-Paid Credits: Import Orders Whenever You Want!

  • 100 Orders: $10

  • 250 Orders: $20

  • 500 Orders: $30

  • 1000 Orders: $50

  • 2500 Orders: $100

  • 5000 Orders: $150

Why Orderimp?

We are the only self-managed solution for bulk importing your orders into Shopify. Our team developed Orderimp after a painstaking process of importing over 250,000 orders when we made the transition over to Shopify. Our only option was to create a costly, custom solution to import our orders. The process was long and resulted in a lot of errors and lost time. In order to make this process easier for other merchants, we decided to create Orderimp as an affordable and reliable tool for importing orders into Shopify.

Orderimp White Glove Service – $99

We offer a full import service for merchants who prefer to sit back and relax!

Our Priority Import Service Includes:

  • File Formatting
  • Mapping your fields to Shopify’s Order Fields using the app’s Presets.
  • Import settings: shipment status, new/historical,
  • Batch fixes for errors remaining after the first import


How long does the process take?

Our Priority imports take 1-5 days on average depending on our backlog and the formatting complexity of the spreadsheet.

Will you fix all errors?

We will do our best to fix 98% of errors, however some errors are somewhat out of our control. The app requires a valid email, address, & name. If these values are missing, it will be up to the merchant to fix them. We are usually able to fill these in with some sample values that meet Shopify's criteria, so in most cases merchants are left with only 5-50 errors to manually fix. We provide a spreadsheet of the orders to fix, or a convenient interface to fill in the data online and publish them.

How do I get started?

Learn More

Schedule a White Glove Import

View available time-slots

Need More Information?

If you have any questions or need help installing our app, please don't hesitate to contact us at support@orderimp.com, or by calling (424) 342-5563. We are based in USA and are conveniently available to assist you from 9 AM - 5 PM PST.

Visit our Knowledge Base

Orderimp: Bulk Order Importer reviews

46 reviews
  1. 5 stars (29 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (4 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (1 review)
  4. 2 stars (0 reviews)
  5. 1 star (12 reviews)

Worked perfectly. When I made a mistake with the app, the team were very helpful and flexible about helping me work through it.


I had the same issue as below. I'm writing this review because i've not been replied to in 3 days and progress is very slow. I've been told that the import would be completed on two occasions, yet that hasn't happened.


Not a great experience with this app or service. No doubt the app works, but paid for 'White Glove' service (as we had custom data needs) and the person went walkabout for 3-4 days after my job was meant to be processed. If you engage with this provider, I would recommend paying 50% upfront and 50% upon completion to avoid my experience. Person seemed nice enough, but again - needs accountability linked to 'payment'. I did get a refund for my troubles.


This app is great. It was easy to use and worked as it said it would. Hassle free :)


This App works as advertised and is a valuable tool and obvious time saver. We also read some of the negative reviews and we disagree with a lot of what was said. You MUST follow the instructions carefully and any import tool needs to be precise so put in a lot of effort to prepare your files input data and you will have success. We have not had to call technical support as everything is working correctly in our experience with the App. Again the secret to any import program is preparing the source file so you can eliminate problems during runtime. Our only suggestion would be to polish up the UX a little more but it is easy enough to use if you have followed the user guide.


This app totally saved me from having to enter 300+ orders manually when we got a great corporate order! While I was ready to pay for the White Glove service, the developer had health issues and I was relieved to find that the app worked perfectly even without tech support available. I'd give it 5 stars if he had been able to set up an autoresponder to let people know what was up - but either way, it worked great for me and I'm so grateful!


If I could give this app no stars, I would. I reached out to the support email and phone several times and go no response. I spent quite a bit of time formatting our file to upload 125 orders, and when it was sent to Shopify, none of the billing or shipping addresses migrated. It also was not received by our fulfillment center's API. I contacted support about getting our money back and have heard nothing.


Took our money, but is not replying anymore.


The developers are currently AWOL. Avoid this service until there's an indication that the developers still exist.

We pre-paid $250 for a large, time-sensitive import and the app was failing without a meaningful error message. We contacted support to notify of their app failure and have not a word from them in 7 days. Not even an automated response, or a response to say they're busy and will get back to us in good time.

Essentially, they took our money and ignored us completely. We're asking for a refund.


Sadly, very disappointed. Initially I thought, “what a wonderfully simple and cost-effective solution!” But now this app has cost us more time (and hence money) than I wish to think about.

There were multiple emails over a month, with attempted calls, confirmed appointments for which no one from Order Imp followed through. We were willing to pay for the White Glove Service but due to lack of time, we went ahead and did a manual import. The review during the import process gave the impression that content in select fields would be mapped a certain way – but this was not the case. And now, after speaking with Shopify, we learn we will need to manually update thousands of transactions.

All this could have been avoided with a 15-minute conversation with someone at Order Imp.

We want to be understanding of the resource challenges of a growing company - as we are one ourselves. But to have phone numbers that do not work, messages not returned and confirmed appointments for which no one follows through – all makes it difficult to trust the reliability of Order Imp's 'promises'.

Even so,… I’m still holding out hope for a return call to try to rectify this past upload with another one – if only I could just get answers to a few questions first [sigh].


FREE Trial: First 50 Orders Free

One Time Import Packages: Bulk Import a Fixed Number of Orders for 14 days

Pre-Paid Credits: Import Orders Whenever You Want!

Pricing & Packages Listed Below

Schedule a Call: http://support.orderimp.com/create-a-support-case/

30 days

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