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Otto Image Scheduler

Otto Image Scheduler

Developed by Celso White LLC

Price: $4.99 – $39.99 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Schedule image updates ahead of time, selecting precise dates and times to stay on top of your store’s content cadence.
  • Create multiple places in your store where you can automate image updates. Manage everything from a single dashboard.
  • Make quick changes to live images in your store. Swap out images, edit the alt text and link the image to a url.

How will Otto help you?

You have a lot to worry about in your store, from supporting customers to managing inventory. Changing graphics shouldn't be a burden or another thing on your mind.

Plan your image updates in advanced and let our scheduler do the work for you.

Example use cases

  • Have graphics already prepared for the month? - Add all the images to the scheduler in one 10 minute session. Let the app do the updates for you throughout the month. Your designer can focus on creating new graphics for the next month.

  • Upcoming product launch or sale? - Schedule an image to update at the same time as your new product, collection or sale goes live.

  • Need an image to update while you are out of office? - Schedule an image to update late at night, during the weekend or while you are on vacation.

How it works?

Step #1 - Create An Otto Image

An Otto Image is a place in your store where you want to schedule image updates (Homepage Banner, Collection Page Sidebar, etc.) You can name this image anything you'd like.

Step #2 - Show The Image In Your Store

Follow this installation guide to add the image to one of your stores pages. Not a coder? - No worries, you can add it to your homepage using the theme customizer. Or if you have some coding experience then you can install it anywhere in your site. This only needs to be setup once per image.

Step #3 - Schedule Future Images

Begin scheduling by adding image files to your queue. You can choose a date/time for when you want the image to update, add alt text and a link url.

Step #4 - Sit Back and Let Otto Do The Updates

Images will update for you at their specified time. The new image will be uploaded to the asset file within your theme. The previous image will be replaced and removed from your store.

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$4.99 – $39.99 / month

Basic - $4.99 - Includes up to 2 places where you can schedule images in your store.
Standard - $19.99 - Includes up to 10 places where you can schedule images in your store.
Pro - $39.99 - Includes up to 30 places where you can schedule images in your store.

We offer free installation services upon request and a detailed installation guide.

Shopify Partners can use the app for free in partner stores.

7 days

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