P1 Apps: Link Building SEO

P1 Apps: Link Building SEO

by P1 Apps

Pass trapped SEO link equity to get your shop on P1 of Google

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Intelligence Gathering

With 5 sources of SEO data, we are able to construct a list of pages that are on page 2 and 3 of Google, for high search volume keywords.

Learning And Analyzing

Then we perform a deep crawl on your web site to understand the context of your page and discover new content daily.

Unlock Link Equity

And then we using our machine learning technology to match and score content affinity to unlock trapped link equity from pages

About P1 Apps: Link Building SEO

Shopify stores ranks on page 1 of Google with P1 Link Building

A little known SEO strategy called "striking distance" allows sites to quickly rank on page 1 with a few on page SEO optimization.

The process is simple:

  • Identify what keywords your pages are ranked for
  • Identify the position the pages are ranked on the SRP (Search Result Page)
  • Identify keyword search volume for these keywords
  • Identify pages that are ranked on pages 2 or 3 of Google, for high search volume. This list becomes your opportunities.
  • Perform on page SEO by building content link silos
  • Pass link equity to these pages

While this process sounds simple, for a large e-commerce site, it's difficult to track this everyday through countless spreadsheets.

That's why, P1 Link Building was created to automate this process.

It silently sits behind the scene, watching for new and existing pages ranking for keywords.

Using your targeting parameters which are highly configurable, you can let P1 perform the steps above, automatically, daily, strengthen these pages using on page SEO.

Machine Learning

Using a trained model, P1 Link Building tunes how it matches your content to other pages for internal links. In the eyes of Google, pages equity passed will look seamless.

Target positions

Have a new Shopify store that started to get ranking? No problem. The tool can target low search volume keywords and content on pages 4 or 5 of Google to be optimized.

Responsive Design

Internal link blocks are responsive and works perfectly with all templates

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Pricing 14-day free trial


* All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

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