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PageSpeed Guru

PageSpeed Guru

Developed by Prozapia Ltd

28 reviews
Price: $29.00 More info
  • Your shop will be up to 4 times faster
  • Your shops above-the-fold load speed will be under 1 second
  • Your shops full-page load speed will be under 2 seconds

Don't loose SALES because your shop is slow!

8 out of 10 shop shops increase their pageload speeds by more than 100%

If you want to sell online, your shop needs to be fast! Speed is particularly important for mobile phone users. - If your shop is slow, customers buy from your competitor.

And if that isn't bad enough:

  • Speed also decides your shop's ranking in Google,

  • and what you pay for your ads.

Like most other shop platforms, Shopify struggles to perform on mobile. This can be costly, especially if you sell to the 64% of people in the western world who own a smartphone. Fortunately there is a solution.

PageSpeed Guru makes your shop:

  1. up to 4 times faster

  2. load in under 2 seconds on mobile

  3. mobile-friendly,

  4. reduces bounce rate,

  5. improves your shops SEO ranking,

  6. reduces cart abandoning,

  7. reduces ad pays,

  8. and increases sales

Using PageSpeed Guru is simple. Just click the optimize button. Wait for 1 minute and you are done!

PageSpeed Guru reviews

28 reviews
  1. 5 stars (18 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (1 review)
  3. 3 stars (0 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (2 reviews)
  5. 1 star (7 reviews)

I have updated this review. By way of context this was a 1 star review as I had some issues with the App and the Developer was unresponsive. As it turned out the Developer, Tonny, had some technical issues on his end that didn't allow him to get any the support tickets. However when he emerged back online he was super responsive, provided a refund and worked with me to fix my site ans speed it up. I use a non-standard theme several scripts running and it took a few cycles to iron out all the bugs. However Tonny was determined to get the job done 100% Thank you so much! I'll very much recommend working with Tonny.


The app made my store really slow. I contacted to developer (Toni) who admit that situation. Left me like this for 3 month, after many mails he claimed to fix it but it was still slow. Now it is actually slower then ever.
I contacted him again via email and via the app support but he doesn't take responsibility for his damage and he is not fixing my store's speed just gave me this $20 refund but left me with a super slow store.
Now he is not reachable via email and doesn't come back after leaving notes in the support field. I'm left alone with slow store and no one to fix it.
Super disappointed from both Shopify (how gave access to this nasty app and doesnt fix my store) but mostly disappointed from that bad bad app and specially from Toni the PageSpeed guru app's developer. If you care about your store DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!

After writing this review Tonny contacted me and explained he had technical issues and that was the reason he didn't reply my emails.
Tonny said he is willing to fix the problem and make my site as fast as possible.

Therefor I apologize for this bad review and the ton of the things i have said.

I will update this review and let you all know about the results and the way Tonny will keep up with his promise.


This app PageSpeed Guru should definitely be there on your store. All it does is speed up your website's loading time. But isn't that what is most important for any ecommerce site. One of it's kind on Shopify App store and a must have if your page speed is tad slow. It does ask for a one time fee of $29, but every dime is worth it. Tonny helped me much and he would give me regular feedback on the status of the work. Just go for it!


Initially the app did not work properly (it can be due to the clunky theme I use). Tonny was friendly and responsive. He fixed all the issues of the page and I am enjoying a decent 83/100 rate on google page test (from 63/100). Thanks


Our website https://romanyandking.com was loading in 7 seconds which was causing us to have high bounce rates, affecting our SEO and driving up the cost of our AdWords.

It was hard to find a solution in the Shopify app store for this typr of site optimization. I will admit, the app didn't do all that I had hoped for. I reached out to customer service and Tonny got back to me with high performing website rsesult.

Great customer service and 24 hr turn around. Very happy with the result and the return on my investment.


I give this app a 4 star instead of a 5 because it did not initially speed up my store and the email response time was slow. However, they delivered as promised. They took my store from a 65 and brought it up to 91, which is quite impressive.


I received a page speed of 65 with no response from this company after a week. They don't seem to be replying to any messages or providing support. I took the risk hoping that they would help my site load faster but instead, (they simply took my money and didn't provide any results or refund). Luckily I only lost $30 but please don't waste your money like I did. There are close to free ways to do what this app does such as finding one that works to reduce image size.

Hopes this helps. And I also hope that this company starts to take some responsibility- I wanted it to work more than it actually did :/ .


This is the worst app on Shopify, reasons:
1. The developer takes weeks/months to respond
2. The developer changed our website without authorisation and broke our tracking as well as other apps and website features such as upsells which reduced our sales so drastically that we were in negative ROI
3. The apps revert button didn't work so we had to revert manually
4. No money back despite the app claiming its '30 day money back guarantee'


3/7/17 *** UPDATE ***: Developer no longer returning emails. Such a shame; this was a great app for me.

Old review:

Pre-checked my site on Google Insights: 70/100. Backed up my site, then ran this app on my store which uses the Brooklyn theme with its big, hi-res image main page. Went to 96/100 when checked independently on Google Insights. Did not notice any changes to my images - the store looks exactly the same, just faster. I think this app in conjunction with Minifier is a winning combination for fast load times.


Wasted my money on this app. App only gave me 45 out of 100. But I never got any response from developers I have sent them so many emails no respond no money back even if they claim its 100% money back. I have already raised the issue with Shopify.

Dont use this app.


Monitor your Google Page Speed score FREE

One time fee to speed up shop: $29


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