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PageSpeed Guru

PageSpeed Guru

Developed by Prozapia Ltd

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  • Your shops Above-the-Fold load speed will be under 1 second
  • Your shops Full-Page load speed will be under 2 seconds
  • Your sales will be up

According to Google and Amazon - speed sells!

Selling online has never been harder! With over 6000 new online shops opening every day, it is hard to stay ahead of the pack.

Above the fold is the content that displays on a site without requiring the visitor to scroll. This content gets the most attention.

If you are like me, you shudder when sales go down!

  • Has Google changed its algorithm - AGAIN.

  • Or has a new competitor with a new and improved product entered the market?

I know I should concentrate on selling. Concentrate on keeping my particular brand of customer happy. Not on tech stuff. Off course I should. But I would be an idiot if I didn't heed the insight of Google or Amazon!

We all know what a customer is! The trouble - for me - for you - is that she might decide to do her shopping elsewhere. With all the shops out there wooing for her dollar she is getting picky. Speed decides who she picks.

  • Did you know that you only have 50 milliseconds to make a positive impression?

  • Did you know that visitors expect to find the information they require immediately. - If the web page doesn’t offer information/value right away, visitors leave?

  • Did you know that 8 out of 10 shoppers will drop a shop if it loads in 2 seconds or above? Even if it offers the

  • Did you know that Google drop slow shops from the search results?

Attention web designers: You have 50 milliseconds to make a good first impression!

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Speed sells not what you are selling

I have had to fix my shops - the hard way! In the process I created PageSpeed Guru to help me.

It is simple. Just click the optimize button. Wait for 1 minute and you are done!

  1. Your shop is now up to 4 times faster,

  2. Your shop will load in under 2 seconds,

  3. customers will love you again,

  4. and sales will be up.

Promise me, you will fix your shop as i fixed mine.

PageSpeed Guru reviews (10)


Before starting the app I had a page speed score of 40. Ran the app and let it do it's thing... now I'm at 32.

Would not recommend wasting your time with this.

EDIT: Just realizing now that this app has messed up all of my theme images. This app is deadly - DO NOT USE.


Pre-checked my site on Google Insights: 70/100. Backed up my site, then ran this app on my store which uses the Brooklyn theme with its big, hi-res image main page. Went to 96/100 when checked independently on Google Insights. Did not notice any changes to my images - the store looks exactly the same, just faster. I think this app in conjunction with Minifier is a winning combination for fast load times.

Sugarfree Box: Try turning off your pop-up welcome box, then use Minifier to compress some images.


Not only did it give me an error message saying that my page couldn't be optimised, it also SLOWED my page down by 6 points on the Google Page Speed Insights test.


Phenomenal app. 70/100 to 97/100 in under 5 minutes. Impressive!
Very well done. Saves hour of work for the cost of a couple coffees and a danish.
Money well spent!


My website had a really poor speed score. This app fixed it in no time. Best app for shopify ever, no kidding !


Just when I left you a positive review, I cannot optimise my website using the optimise button. I am presented with the following error "The goal has not been accomplished!

We will investigate why that is, and return to you with an explanation
.. we will assume that we are at fault, and investigate.
.. we will inform you of our progress every step of the way.
.. when we find the fault we will update PageSpeed Guru to handle it
If you paid for the service, you will of course get your money back!
If we succeed in fixing the fault, you will still get your money back!"


This app is awesome! I tried minifying my theme following other apps instructions, this one was just a click! Plus, Tony from pagespeedcenter had reached out and further checked my store, as the initial boost only booted it from 32 to 64. After a few hours it was up at 82/100 and my theme has a lot of stuff at play. A must have!


"403 Forbidden!
Sorry! You don't have access permissions for that on PageSpeedCenter.com.

Take Me To The Homepage

What happened?
A 403 error status indicates that you don't have permission to access the file or page!"


My page speed has jumped from 52 to 86 and now is faster than Usain Bolt. Noticed as well that sign-ups increased and page views jumped around 40% yesterday - second highest for the month. Not sure if that is coincidence or not but well pleased.


Absolutely amazed! I had a pagespeed score of 64 before trying this app and now I'm at 82! I know they wanted to get me to at least 85 and apparently they are going to contact me to see why they didn't get to that goal. Looks like perhaps the image optimization didn't work quite right, but I was at a loss on how to fix some of the other issues Google mentioned about "page-fold" and this app fixed it all for me. Truly impressed!


Monitor your Google Page Speed score FREE

One time fee to speed up shop: $29

One time fee to compress product images: $29


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