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PageSpeed Guru

PageSpeed Guru

Developed by Prozapia Ltd

60 reviews
Price: $29.00 More info
  • Your shop will be up to 4 times faster
  • Your shops above-the-fold load speed will be under 1 second
  • Your shops full-page load speed will be under 2 seconds

Don't loose SALES because your shop is slow!

8 out of 10 shops more than double their pageload speeds

Accelerating websites is extremely important. Faster websites mean satisfied customers. PageSpeed becomes significant for rankings.  Matt Cutts, Google Search Quality Team


If you want to sell online, your shop needs to be fast! Speed is particularly important for mobile phone users. - If your shop is slow, customers buy from your competitor.

And if that isn't bad enough:

  • Speed also decides your shop's ranking in Google,

  • and what you pay for your ads.

Like most other shop platforms, Shopify struggles to perform on mobile. This can be costly, especially if you sell to the 64% of people in the western world who own a smartphone. Fortunately there is a solution.

PageSpeed Guru makes your shop:

  1. up to 4 times faster

  2. load in under 2 seconds on mobile

  3. mobile-friendly,

  4. reduces bounce rate,

  5. improves your shops SEO ranking,

  6. reduces cart abandoning,

  7. reduces ad pays,

  8. and increases sales

Using PageSpeed Guru is simple. Just click the optimize button. Wait for 1 minute and you are done!

PageSpeed Guru reviews

60 reviews
  1. 5 stars (47 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (2 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (0 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (2 reviews)
  5. 1 star (9 reviews)

Stop breaking website. The app removed everything that may slow down the website but it make the website stop working anymore. So the perfect way to speed up is stop running any online shop? 0s loading time if you do not have an online shop.


Very nice customer service, made a huge difference for my store!


This could be one of the most cost effective apps in the marketplace. I can't say enough good things about the work they do. Tonny personally helped me get my store from 62 on mobile to 82. All for $29! If you have a page speed issue please PLEASE use this app. I wish I had of done it much sooner.

A&K Labs


App did exactly what it said it would do. Mobile went from 51 to 89 in a matter of seconds. Desktop was more tricky because of an Instagram app feeder I use, had to work with Tonny and that app to get it resolved but now desktop has gone from 41 to 91 so really recommend this. I was a bit tentative because of some horror stories but in reality it was perfect!


Really helpful and the customer service was outstanding I truly highly recommend everyone uses this service!


Big improvement in page load speed as claimed. There was a glitch when I first ran it - the product variants disappeared. Fortunately I noticed straight away and notified the support (Tonny) and the variants were restored straight away. Tonny then manually optimized all the images in my store. Great support beyond expectations. Final result - Front page Google score 96, product pages 86. Visitors seem to be spending more time in the store on average.


Regrettably, we did not have the experience described by a number of reviewers. Perhaps it was because we were working on a new/different theme before publishing (which they promised they would optimize manually), but even once we switched to the new theme and published it, things did not get better.

Promises broken; deadlines ditched; page speed stats got worse, not better; poor communication and blaming. Beware.


LTS Trading Co | Premier Handcrafted Exotic Luxury Bracelets

This app does everything and more however be aware that yes this application can remove the ability to use others apps for your store; IE: I had a currency converter and some other apps like recent sales notifications in the bottom left and the app doing it's job actually rendered those apps ability to function on my website (yes the settings were on, this was entirely scripting issues).

Understand it's not the developers fault nor is it the applications fault, the application is only doing what it was engineered to do so and the engineer (developer) did his job, he also provided outstanding customer service and was very prompt - giving also a personal feel by applying sometimes minutes apart between e-mails.

Despite my disappointment because I want to keep my applications BUT I also wanted that optimization however for lack of a better term you get a slice of the pie not the whole pie.

So if you want to keep your applications and have proper SEO you'll have to either learn to script yourself or hire a developer to do so but for $29 this is still a killer deal.

Did I also mention that Tonny (the developer) also issued me a refund after asking? No questions.


EXCELLENT! Not only does this app do exactly what it says its gonna do, but the Customer Service just can't be beaten! Heads Up, Tonny - YOU ROCK!


If I could give 0 stars I would! BEWARE of this APP! I have never written a negative review as of yet and I have many apps for my website. This app will increase your speed but it literally removes all your widgets and 3rd party apps. That is how the speed is increased. Luckily my apps are back up and running now but the site speed has slowed again. So Please BEWARE and use this app at your own discretion. I highly advise against it. I am just trying to save all you other e-commerce owners the grief of what I have had to go through the last 2 days getting things fixed, and I am still at it as we speak. All the best to everyone! I wish you all many great successes ahead!


Monitor your Google Page Speed score FREE

One time fee to speed up shop: $29

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