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Partial.ly Payment Plans

Partial.ly Payment Plans

Developed by Partial.ly

34 reviews
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  • Offer custom, flexible payment plans to your customers
  • Increase sales and conversion rate
  • Eliminate collections headaches by automating payments with custom payment plans

Sell your products and services with Payment Plans

Partial.ly provides businesses with a simple and powerful platform to sell products and services with payment plans on Shopify. Automatically apply custom payment plan terms depending on pre-set checkout criteria. Both fully automated payment plans and manual payment plans are available

Full integration with Shopify. Sell products and services on your Shopify website with payment plans. Customers will have the option for standard checkout or a payment plan checkout option. If the payment plan option is selected, the cart total and all of the products will be listed and the terms of the applicable payment plan will be applied to the order. Once the customer enters their payment details, the order will automatically be added to your Shopify admin and all future payments will be properly timed and automated, helping you close more deals and take the hassle out of customer billing.

  • Customized payment plans

  • Control the fee, down payment, term and payment frequency

  • Sell with fully automated payment plans or manual payment plans

  • Unlimited offers

  • Alerts for expiring or changed payment methods

  • Multiple payment methods for customers

  • Optional customer flexibility

Partial.ly Payment Plans reviews

34 reviews
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  4. 2 stars (1 review)
  5. 1 star (4 reviews)

Does not work in my country. Integration and installation instructions are not clear. The system asks you to log in to your Partial.ly account without indicating that you have to create a strip account.


Great and fast customer service. Able to take pre-order with $0 down payment (I saw in the blogs that many people were looking for that function).


Please note that this app forces you to use flat rate shipping rates and not the ones which are set up on the shopify store. As we ship furniture, this ap is not a good match for our business as pieces of furniture have many sizes, and weights. I have to give this app a poor review due to this fact.


Easy to set up but immediately terminated our account because we sell our products to customers in the cannabis industry. It's still so hard to believe we are still not over this hump in the US.


This is the only app we found that allowed us to set a minimum order and a service fee for layaway payments. Our only issue was the cart not clearing once an order was processed. We contacted support and they told us this was not something they could fix. However we were able to resolve this ourselves. We changed the url redirect returnUrl: '{{shop.url}}/cart', to returnUrl: '{{shop.url}}/cart/clear'. This redirects the customer back to an empty cart once the order is placed with Partial.ly.


Great app and customization options The language is a bit confusing on the interface though, however their customer support is stellar!! Ben was very attentive and well exceeded my expectations when solving a few problems I had brought up.


Amazing service, really
Helpful, so easy to use, and very responsive when you need help recommmand them highly


Sucks, doesn't support PayPal Express Checkout, the only payment processor my Philippines-Shopify store can use.


We just tripled our conversions by offering Partial.ly to our customers.

GREAT customer service. I love that they have the chat window available on every page of their website. I'm never more than 2 seconds away from help. Their Tier 2 customer support answered every question I had--some of them fairly complex--without missing a beat.

They're still building out their features--that's the only reason I gave it 4 stars, not 5. I think that a few months from now, it will have everything I ever dreamed of :)

It didn't have much by way of instructions on how to get up and going, but that was mitigated by the fact that customer service was so responsive.

I highly recommend this. It has worked out great for us.


Requires quite a bit of trial and error to get it up and running, as some features are not fully integrated. I had to manually set up my various shipment rates (they are not automatically imported from my Shopify settings) and simple settings such as sending an order confirmation email to the customer after a purchase has been made, and inventory behaviour (obeying the Shopify inventory settings, ie removing a product from inventory after purchase) are not set by default, although these can be manually set. Customers have expressed confusion as well, due to the fact that their items remain in their Shopify cart after signing the contract, which I've been told by the developer is not something that can currently be helped. Overall, the app does what it's meant to do, but requires some extra tweaking. Satisfactory, but not amazing.


5% + $0.30 per transaction

Includes all merchant fees and credit card processing fees

Fully Secure SSL protected transactions

"We'll never charge any hidden fees – Partial.ly has simple and transparent pricing. All fees and costs are included, even credit card processing fees."



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