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Sticky Add to Cart Button

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Increase your conversion rate with Sticky Add to Cart Button

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GDPR Cookie Consent Bar


Free EU GDPR Cookie Compliance Notice for European Customers

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Quantity Breaks & Discounts

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Advanced Quantity Breaks, Tiered Pricing and Volume Discounts.

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Quick View & Add To Cart

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Quick View Product Details and Add To Cart In One Click.

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Terms and Conditions Checkbox

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Easy Terms and Conditions Checkbox for your cart page.

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Easy Bundle ‑ Product Bundles

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Increase your sales and AOV with custom product bundles & kits

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Genie Sales Booster ‑ 33‑in‑1

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Upsells, Bundles, Volume Discounts, SEO Tools, Page Builder

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Image SEO Optimizer

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Automatic Image SEO & alt text for your store images.

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