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  • Hassle and Stress-free. Super easy to use and manage. No design or coding skills need!
  • 100% drop ship. We handle everything. You make healthy margins!
  • Gain insider access to 1,000's of customized and personalized products that you can add to your store with one-click.

Time to outsource your customized and personalized products and build a great Shopify business.

PersonalizationPop offers over 1000's of amazing items (adding new ones weekly) in dozens of categories ensuring you’ll be able to find personalized products to match your stores merchandising vision.  Just to sweeten the deal, you will make a healthy margin on every order!

So sit back, browse our extensive catalog, and select your items and with a click of a button.  We’ll instantly add them to your Shopify store.  We’ll even add a personalization module specific to each item so your customers can easily enter the text and/or select the designs that they desire.  All orders are then automatically pushed to our app, processed, engraved and then shipped directly to your customer.  Yes, life can be that easy.   

By letting us take care of everything, you can spend your time building your business.

Take a peek at the app in action in our demo store >>>

View our catalog before downloading the app (note: wholesale prices will not be displayed)

How does PersonalizationPop work?

When an order with PersonalizationPop items is made (and paid) in your Shopify store, the PersonalizationPop item is automatically sent to our app, where we process, engrave and ship the item(s) directly to your customer.  We then update your store with tracking information.

  1. Click the “Get App” button

  2. Accept the connection between our app and Shopify

  3. Create PersonalizationPop account

  4. Enter your credit card (used to charge for products/shipping/subscription fee)

  5. Pick your items and instantly add them to your store

  6. Add our easy to install snippet for the personalization module

  7. Put your feet up and and relax (on second thought, start on that marketing plan)!

Your Profit

We want our store owners to be as successful as possible.  You will earn a healthy margin on every order.  You will clearly see your cost vs. the suggested retail price for each item once you access the catalog.  Take that to the bank.   

When your customer purchases a PersonalizationPop item through your store, they will be paying the published “suggested retail” price of the item.  Your payment processor will collect these funds and deposit them into your bank account.  Once the order is automatically sent to our app, our system will automatically charge your card on file for the wholesale cost (ie. labeled as “Your Cost” on our online catalog) plus shipping (see rates).  The difference between the “Your Cost” and the “Sugg. Retail” is your profit to keep.

Our Collection of Personalized Products

View our catalog >>

  • Candles

  • Jewelry

  • Barware

  • Holiday Essentials

  • Cigar and Smoking Accessories

  • Wedding Favors

  • Licensed Sports Items

  • Wallets and Money clips

  • T-Shirts (Men, Women and Children)

  • Frames

  • Baby Gifts

  • Pet Gifts

  • Wedding Essentials

  • Home Decor

  • Pillows

  • Children’s Gifts

  • Sports Gear

  • Knives and Pocket tools

  • Cufflinks

  • Grilling Accessories

  • Wall Art

And much, much, more. View our catalog >>

Interested in other types of products? Drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do.

Amazing quality

We use only the best laser engravers, digital printers and embellishment systems to ensure the personalization your customers select looks amazing.  If they don’t agree - then we’ll do again for free!  

Additionally, all the product that we personalize or add embellishment to are of the highest quality.  We stand by that promise.

Need samples or bigger images?

  1. We offer product samples for photo shoots, client presentations, etc. which is why we offer 20% off “Your Cost” + free personalization on your sample order. Simply drop us a line and select “Product sample” and we’ll take it from there.

  2. We understand that not every store is created the same so that’s why we offer additional images and views of our products.  Simply drop us a line and select “Item Image Request” for the type.

We ship to all US and Canadian Zip/Postal Codes

We use several different carriers (from FedEx to USPS) to make sure your store orders arrive to your customer on time.  We offer three forms of shipping: US Standard (processing item + 4-7 business days), US Express (processing time + 2-3 business days) and Canadian Standard (processing time + 7-11 business days).  

Click here for full shipping rates.


Have a pressing question not answered? Checkout our knowledge base or contact us.

About PersonalizationPop

We’ve been in the personalization space for over 16 years and we are here to tell you that selling personalized items is a great way to enhance the product offering for your online store.  We love Shopify, but even more so, we love providing store owners with great technology and personalized products to simplify their lives so they can focus on their business.  

A short note about reviews

Customer service is at the forefront of what we do here at Personalization Pop. Making sure we answer all your questions as timely and accurately as possible, makes for a good day on our end. We love and appreciate great reviews (of course), it validates our team's hard work. We understand that once in a while we won't meet someone's every expectation, but if and when this should ever occur rest assured that we will do everything we can do make it right. Free free to email us with any questions.

PersonalizationPop reviews

9 reviews
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Great app. Works well. Looks great. Easy to setup. https://www.gift-frog.com


Great app. Works well. Looks great. Easy to setup. https://www.kinkytoy.store


PersonalizationPop has made selling personalized products on our store super easy. We don't have to hassle with inventory and all the products make for great cross-selling opportunities. The ordering process is completely automated and setup only took 5 minutes. Great customer service. Great app.


PersonalizationPop is a scam! Don't use them!

PersonalizationPop is a scam no other word covers it.

PersonalizationPop does not answer their Phone, Messages, their email, Facebook or Twitter or any other method of communication. The only way to get hold of them is to go directly to Shopify Support. Then if you are lucky you can get a mail back from them. If you try to communicate to that person that send you the email, they magically disappear again. And you are back to square one going through Shopify support.

Don't make the same mistake as I did. Don't use them.


Excellent Application and good service!


I was looking to diversify my product range to add personalized gifts to my store and was ecstatic to find PersonalizationPop. The fact that everything is fully automated, the product selection is great, and to top it off the support is fist class. Definitely my go to app to help grow my business! Thank you!!!!


We needed some unique wine related gifts to complement the launch of our new Custom Wood Box store. We came across PersonalizationPop and they not only had a lot of great wine related products, but they could all be personalized. They take care of everything, from pushing the products to our store, to order processing (personalizing the items) to the final step of drop shipping them to our customer. Awesome and hassle free so we can focus on our core business.


Very easy to implement and add their entire catalog my store quickly. Saved weeks of work. The personalization module is slick. In addition, very easy to update and add new products quickly. Support is solid as well. Well Done!


PersonlizationPop is a no brainer. Growing catalog of drop ship personalized products....YEA! I'll buy that. Just developed our initial store and now have my team of web designers working on some enhancements to get it going. Support has been AWESOME! The crew at PersonalizationPop know what they're doing. I can't wait to grow with this APP.

-Kind Regards,
Bryan Fikes
Chief Strategist
Zenergy Works


Our app is FREE to use. Store owners only pay for products and shipping on orders sent through the app.

Click here for details.

Support & Sales

Personalization Pop, Inc.
(707) 327-2265
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