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25 reviews
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  • Acquire highly qualified users at an unbelievably low cost!
  • Easy-to-use dashboard makes setting up quality campaigns quick and simple!
  • No monthly fees and no long-term contracts!

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Poln pre-targeting is the first advertising platform designed specifically to help small to mid-sized online retailers acquire new customers easily and cost-effectively. Poln’s mission is to offer the simplest customer-prospecting tool available while beating the performance of other leading ad platforms. Time is money, so Poln takes the guesswork out of advertising.

Poln helps you create highly targeted and intelligent advertising campaigns that run only on premium display inventory. Each campaign is automatically adjusted as it runs, optimizing campaigns of all budgets to outperform the competition.

Poln tracks user behavior across a wide network of retailers and anonymously categorizes shoppers based on their real-time purchasing behavior, demographics, and price point. We offer our clients big-agency expertise, packaged in the simplest consumer-prospecting platform on the market.

To reach your ideal customer, simply choose the following targets:

1. Product category
2. Price range
3. Countries in which your ads will be displayed
4. Gender

It takes as few as 5 minutes to set up a campaign, and then Poln takes care of all the rest. It’s as simple as that!

Poln has no subscription fees and no long-term contracts, so if you aren't running a campaign, you're not paying anything!

Poln gives the little guys control of the big guns. Start pre-targeting with Poln today!

Poln reviews

25 reviews
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  5. 1 star (7 reviews)

Fantastic team and a great product. Has been greatly helpful in generating traffic for our new store.



Very Happy with this App! It worked Great with my Patriotic Clothing Online Store FreedomDoesNotComeFree.com

Thanks Again!

Freedom DoesNotComeFree.com

American Patriotic Clothing and Military Apparel to show support for our Military, Firefighter, Police, and First Responders that defend and support our Constitution.


I worked with David and Aanarav on a consulting project and was absolutely gobsmacked by the knowledge that these guys have. Not just that, but they are helpful with it.

Clearly wanting to create the best result possible and not just sign off another job.

I have more projects planned with them and really looking forward to putting them in to action.


Fantastic app and really helps you advertise very quickly and find new customers. We've been using this with a few other apps and it has helped us get more sales.


Makes the task of prospecting for new customers via banner ads so simple. The Customer Service team is top notch and full of great advice. I'm unsophisticated when it comes to web advertising and the Poln team educated me and created tools to make it super simple. Already seeing results and, importantly, sales conversion!


Update 6/20/16

David on team gave me some good insight on their mission and where they're headed - it sounds like some exciting stuff. As far as ease of use and gathering traffic - the app is great. Going to give it another shot in a couple of weeks and allocate some budget to it.

Looking forward to whats to come.

HarperTrends.com - Mama & Baby Subscription Box
ShopHarperTrends.com - Women's Retail

- - - -

Posted 6/16/16 - 1 Star

Cool concept. Poor results.. bounce rate went through the roof when I launched this. Also crappy considering that their "results" were almost double compared to what I see on mine. Wouldn't recommend this to a soul unless things get cleaned up.

HarperTrends.com - Mama & Baby Subscription Box
ShopHarperTrends.com - Women's Retail


Really simple and easy to use for our business!


Great app! Extremely simple and effective to use! Helps us find new customers and works well with retargeting campaigns.


Didn't work but they charged me.


Was never able to get it to work. This is not as user friendly as it claims to be. First you have to design your own AD's but they don't give you much information other than the AD cannot be more than 40KB. After designing an AD I found it didn't look right in their preview as parts of my first AD were cut out,
After about 90 minute of editing and reloading all 3 ADs I finally was ready to start my campaign but it would not start and my ADs kept being deleted with no warning of what the issue was. I read the FAQ but it didn't help and instead of live chat help they had a messaging system I really didn't want to use at that point. Uninstalled it, Facebook AD's is much more user friendly.


You are in complete control of your budget. Only spend when you want. Only spend what you want.

• Only pay for impressions (CPM) when you run a campaign
• No monthly fees
• No long-term contracts



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