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Power Tools - Trending Products

Power Tools - Trending Products

Developed by Power Tools

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  • Increase Sales - Highlight your best products first, which should lead to more sales
  • Reduce Bounce Rate - Increase the probability that your customers find what they want on the first page they see
  • Analytics - Also great for your own information about what people are looking at

Put your best foot forward

It is vital that your users find what they want as fast as possible - you only need to look at a tool such as Google Analytics to see that quite often between a third and half of your traffic will only look at one page. Make sure that page has the highest chance of success by using Power Tools - Trending Products!

How does it work?

The install process is easy, all you need to do is install the app, then insert the tracking code - which can be done with a single click using the installer. No manual theme changes required!

Once the tracking code is working the app will start collecting data about your popular products. Using Power Tools you can now set the sort order of any collection to be by ordered by your trending products - simple!

Why do I need this?

Sorting by what is trending on your store is the most logical way to ensure that your customers see your best products first and therefore have the best chance of converting to a sale.

Let's take a minute to review the issues with default sort orders provided by Shopify:

  • A-Z and Z-A - in the words of William Shakespeare, "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet". Likewise your customers won't think that the AAA-Product is better than the ZZZ-Product! If they want to find by name then they will probably use the search.

  • Created Date - Similar to A-Z, in that just because it is new does not mean it is better, in fact often the case can be the other way around, as you re-stock older products that sell better.

  • Price - This sort order is often quite useful, but expensive products aren't necessarily better, and cheaper products may send the wrong message about your store and are less likely to be as profitable.

  • Best Sellers - this appears on the surface to be most promising sort order, but is has three major flaws. Firstly you need a very high sales volume to ensure accurate results, and secondly it does not cater to new products - older products will have more sales and stay higher. Lastly it will often show cheaper and higher volume products first, which may be less profitable.

Power Tools - Trending Products addresses all of these issues. It shows the most popular products, and can even be configured to simulate the behaviour of Best Sellers or a combination of Popular and Best Sellers. Likewise the app can be configured to place new products first, middle or last - and anywhere in-between, giving you the an improved version of the Created Date sort order.

Configurable as you see fit

The app uses an algorithm to determine the sort order, with the general idea being that more recent views have a greater weighting than the views recorded in previous days or weeks.

It is possible to change the parameters of the algorithm to use more or less historical data, or you can set it to automatic and not have to worry!

Compatible with other Apps

This app also works great in conjunction with these other Power Tools apps:

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Power Tools - Trending Products is also available in the Power Tools Suite

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worked like it should after some quick tech support (thanks Brad!). It's all done in the Powertools app portal. Doesn't actually add a "trending" option in the Shopify sort dropdown (it's shown as Manual) and that caused some confusion, but that's the limits of Shopify

$8.99 / month
14 days

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