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Pro Bar Maker

Pro Bar Maker

Developed by TrooSoft

Price: $6.99 / month Free Trial: 10 days More info
  • Increase sales: free shipping bars to certain countries; discount bars for orders over a certain amount.
  • Email collection bars, funnel bars, announcement bars. All bars are fully customizable to fit your shop's design.
  • Target certain audiences (country, whether leads came from Facebook, etc.). Place several bars on any position of your pages. At each position, control how bars are “played” one after the other.

What does it take to drive a prospect away? According to a study by Nielsen Norman Group, pop-ups are the most hated online advertising technique. So how can you announce, funnel, collect emails and increase sales with sales motivators like free shipping bars and discounts bars without turning your customers away?

Pro Bar Maker gives you a subtle alternative to pop-ups. It creates bars that get the visitor's attention without blocking or dimming their page to splash a message they don't expect! With Pro Bar Maker you can control which bars you show where, who views your bars, for how long, and how many times. See it in action at our demo store.

★ 100% Mobile Responsive.

Pro Bar Maker can create a suite of bars for your shop:

★ Email Sign-Up Bar

Build a mailing list: offer a discount, a useful guide, or whatever may lure visitors into joining your mailing list.

  • Captured fields: email, where the signee came from to your shop, date/time, and the signee’s country.

  • You can also capture custom fields of your choice (e.g., name).

  • Export the full information or emails only.

★ Free Shipping Bar

Offer free shipping to convert leads and increase cart value. Typical scenario:

  1. 1. The bar informs visitors from certain countries what the required minimum purchase for free shipping is.

  2. As customers place items in their cart, the bar informs them how much more they should spend to get free shipping.

  3. When the value of the cart is large enough, the bar displays a confirmation message.

You can convert amounts to the visitor's local currency automatically.

★ Discount Bar

Offer a discount on orders over a certain amount to convert leads and increase sales. The typical scenario is similar to that of a shipping bar.


  • Both percentage-based and “dollar”-based discounts are supported.

  • You can convert amounts to the visitor's local currency automatically.

★ Funnel Bar: Channel visitors to a specific page through a button or a link.

★ Announcement Bar: Communicate a message to your visitors.

But wait! There's more to Pro Bar Maker:

★ Filters: Control who sees what, when and where

You can target certain audiences using filters:

  • Show a bar to visitors from certain countries only.

  • Show a bar on mobile phones or PC.

  • Show a bar from a specific date/time (and until a specific date/time).

  • Show a bar on certain pages only.

  • Show a bar only to visitors coming to your e-shop from a specific site (e.g. Pinterest) or page.

★ It's easy to create a bar and customize it

  • To create a bar: just select what kind of bar you want, and choose its appearance from several ready-made templates.

  • Then, if you wish, you can customize the bar text, look, and behavior to your liking. The bar customization options are next to none!

  • You can also fine-tune how the bar looks at different screen widths.

★ Position your bars and put them in playlists

  1. Place bars on the top or the bottom of your pages.

  2. You can also place bars on one or more custom div tags of your page template.

  3. At each position, you can have several bars. They are grouped in a playlist that can be played in different ways:

    • Loop forever,

    • Loop x times per page,

    • Loop x times per visit,

    • Show the first match only.

Note that, for your own protection, only one discount or shipping bar is displayed at any time.

★ Why a suite?

Having an all-in-one bar suite offers some notable advantages:

  • You can control how to combine different bars, create playlists etc.

  • Your e-shop will be faster compared to running 3 or 4 little apps to achieve (part of) what Pro Bar Maker offers you. To put it simply: It’s far more efficient to carry your apparel in a suitcase rather than carry it one piece at a time!

★ Customer Support is our number one priority

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