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Datum úprav: 5. červenec 2024

We've been using this app for over a year now with no issues. Easy to use and reasonably customisable. We had a small issue this week and used Chat support. The issue was then resolved very quickly. Very happy with the quick response! Great app and support.

The app itself allows us to easily bundle products and set up of multi deals which has significantly improved our selling power.

The support team have continued to be supportive. No further issues with the app, but just how we can better use it to suit our needs. Responded quickly and resolved quickly.

Avalanche Vapes
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30. červen 2024

A little too complicated for the customer when it comes to combining products for a bundle, particularly when multiple quantities are involved, as a result customers get frustrated and move on. Also the positioning of the app on the product page is too low within the theme, which causes the bundle tool to go unnoticed.

Beauty Flow
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1. květen 2024

Creating a bundle for any product is a great way to keep your customers happy, I really love this option,
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8. květen 2024

The app is convincing! - The simplicity of setting up and managing the bundles and the variety is what I really like about the app. It's also very visually appealing and easy to adjust to the desired design or colors. The support is competent and friendly. Many thanks to Bryan in this context!

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3. duben 2024

This is a solid bundling and volume discount solution. I've been using for almost a year now, and while I would enjoy more flexible building options such as bundling 2 items from X collection and Y product and Z product, this gets the job done simply. Other apps seems to fall short due to our expansive product catalog of 40k+ SKUs.

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24. duben 2024

Great customer service - I had a few things I wanted to change and the developer I spoke to manually changed them for me exactly as I needed. Really responsive! Highly recommend!

My Store
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19. duben 2024

Very good bundle app for a starting business that can elevate your sales. Very good customer service.

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29. březen 2024

So far so good. Can't tell you how many "like apps" i've tried. They all have shortcomings. This is great value for the price.

Creator Ink
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24. červen 2024

I find Revy's customer support excellent. I had the pleasure to speak with Bryan who proved to be professional, kind, very helpful and quick to resolve my problem. I thank him very much again.
Congratulations for your excellent support and constant availability.

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28. březen 2024

WARNING!! Don't put this application on your shop. Since I used this, my store is not working properly. It affect our full website. You won't have sales anymore. Never ever put this on your store.

Nailstation Paris
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Vývojář Revy Apps odpověděl 21. květen 2024

We contacted Shopify regarding this review because it seems fake or incorrectly attributed to our app. Our app impacts only specific areas of the store and includes multiple safety features to prevent any sales disruption in the rare event of a failure. We have never received a support request from this merchant. After seeing this review, we tried to reach out to discuss and resolve any possible issues, but we received no response despite several attempts.

We believe this review was posted in bad faith. The issue described is serious but false; our app does not cause such problems. Unfortunately, Shopify does not remove suspicious reviews, so we must deal with this unjust stain on our reputation, even though our customer support is well-regarded.

- Revy CEO