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Amazon, Walmart, Jet, Sears, Distributor Product Feed Management and Order Management by SmartFeed

Amazon, Walmart, Jet, Sears, Distributor Product Feed Management and Order Management by SmartFeed

Developed by SmartFeed

10 reviews
Price: Free – $229.95 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Automate your listings onto Amazon.com, with variations, Complete Walmart and Jet.com order and product management, Sears.com and other marketplaces while automating Pricing and Inventory updates based on many customizable rules and filters
  • Automated sync of inventory and pricing changes from multiple distributors / vendors / suppliers regardless of file format
  • List your products with various comparison shopping engines and remove non performing products easily with our detailed analytics

SmartFeedTM Product Feed Manager is a on-line marketing on-demand solution specializing in the efficiency of transmitting product feeds to many shopping comparison engines and Marketplaces (such as Amazon.com, Sears, Shop.com and more...) while tracking each shopping portals performance down to the click. With Product Feed Manager, online retailers can take full advantage of the shopping comparison market, at an affordable price.

Our Jet Management plug-in for Product Feed Manager provides an end to end solution for Jet Marketplace by allowing you to set filters on your product listings to determine the products that get listed on Jet and allows you to list your stores products quickly and easily, automatically syncing pricing and inventory changes. You can also manage your Jet.com orders with our Jet.com Order Manager or have orders automatically imported into Shopify. You can also use Shopify to ship your orders and tracking will be sent back to Jet.

Our Amazon Management plug-in for Product Feed Manager allows for complete control of your Amazon Store by allowing you to map your stores products to existing ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Number) to list your stores products quickly and easily. You can even also use the Automated Mapper to automatically list your stores products on Amazon as they are available on your website based on specific rules. You can list in Amazon.com and other Amazon markets such as Canada (CA), United Kingdom (UK), Mexico (MX) and Germany (DE).

The Sears Marketplace Management plug-in for Product Feed Manager has the ability to control your Sears Marketplace merchant account and offers an automated solution to upload to Sears (CPA accounts). This plug-in for allows for complete control of your Sears Marketplace account by allowing you to select filters for a bulk product upload and automating pricing and inventory feeds eliminating the need for doing manual uploads.

The Distributor Import for Product Feed Manager can be configured to automatically sync inventory and pricing changes from any number of distributors to your website. Rules can be customized for each distributor based upon a clients needs. Unlike most other services that require you to use their list of suppliers, we can accept data from VIRTUALLY ANY DISTRIBUTOR OR SUPPLIER OR MANUFACTURER. Advanced features include...

  • Price Increasing Formulas from Distributor Cost

  • Minimum Inventory Adjustments

  • Data Combining from multiple files

  • Syncing pricing and inventory with your Shopify Store

  • Individual Product Overriding

  • File Output of new products for easy Upload to Shopify

With all shopping comparison sites, a retailer's data needs to be submitted in a certain format, being a comma separated (csv), tab or xml file. We allow our clients to control the way their products are sent utilizing the required format demanded by comparison sites and Marketplaces and be able to send to them instantly. By adjusting product feeds based on what is selling, a merchant can quickly and easily change their product catalog with a click of a button. Products can be modified, added, or removed to make certain an online retailer is getting the best possible return on the pay-per-click advertising money being invested, and give you back your time to allow for automated listings and updates to marketplaces such as Amazon, Jet, and Sears.

Amazon, Walmart, Jet, Sears, Distributor Product Feed Management and Order Management by SmartFeed reviews

10 reviews
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Great app, super advanced and very good price, customer service is phenomenon, definitely recommend.


The service here is beyond amazing. Richard is super helpful, and always ready to walk you through any issues or problems, questions or concerns. Even before we signed up, he was a wealth of information. Thanks so much!


worth every penny. best customer service. they respond within the hour and always solve my problem. I wasted time trying other apps... don't waste yours.


Product Feed Manager is a very useful app if your not trying to waste time with uploads and managing stock this is what you should get. Richard is awesome in setting things up, responding promptly and thoroughly with what you need. Don't look anywhere else!


One thing we realized when we decided we wanted to get our products on multiple marketplaces such as jet was that it was no easy task. Creating your own feed and getting products to match and get approved was a daunting process that never got done. We searched around for solutions and after entertaining several companies we landed with smartfeed and fortunately for us it was the best decision we made. Everyone else is 10x the cost if not more. Richard from smartfeed got the job done with ease and hassle free. Support is fantastic as well. Our emails and calls are answered same day. Smartfeed really is a no brainer.


Now setting up a dynamic 'feed' with any of the major on line businesses is not a take that should be entered into lightly. It needs to be a considered and planned decision. If you choose to go this route then I would highly recommend Smart Feed. Side Street Studio's feed for ~ 3k SKU's was managed with professionalism and perseverance by Richard, the product expert at Smart Feed, and now all is working very well indeed. To try and manage this project yourself would have been challenging!


These guys really helped me set up my amazon store and I would not have been able to do it without them. they walk you through everything and are available to help you with on going support. If you are trying to set up your products on a marketplace I recommend using them.


Well I have heard horror stories about getting into amazon feeds...this app sure helps you navigate and have a buddy to walk you through and actually do more than you thought...As long as you list things properly in your shopify store its all done by the product feed manager . Its Great to have the security of one guy, in my case, RIchard as your savior!!LOL


Incredible customer service...we are using SmartFeed to manage all of our pricing and platform processes and couldn't be happier. We have never called customer service and waited on hold or received a voice-mail during business hours. Always live, always human. Emails are answered within the same day consistently. It's been an excellent experience and we are comfortable in their hands. Kudos to the developer team for helping us with our API requirements...tough stuff that they handled beautifully. Thanks team...this app is essential!


We struggled for a long time trying to create an automated feed. For more than a year, we were manually creating our product feed outside of Shopify. With such a manual process and limited resources, we were only able to manage a single product feed on Google Merchant.

With SmartFeed's app, we were finally able to create an automated feed, which has significantly increased our revenue on Product Listing Ads. Beyond the App, Smart Feed provides us with excellent customer service. They helped us throughout the set up process with the various Comparison Shopping Engines that we are now successfully running product ads on.


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