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30. leden 2023

First of all, the fact that this app is free is already reason enough to try it. The reviews were glowing so we didn't hesitate to get it installed. We were not disappointed! The app has a simple layout, and it is as easy and straightforward as it gets to work with. We did encounter a couple of hiccups, but nothing that our customer support agent Helen couldn't help us with. The main issue we had was customers being able to remove add ons from the cart and still keeping the original product with the selected options on the cart but without the add on prices (we actually saw a Globo negative review about this same issue and were concerned about it), but this was resolved the next day after contacting Globo's customer support. In conclusion, I strongly recommend this app for a multitude of reasons!

Inglass || Nails
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Datum úprav: 12. prosinec 2022

This app is really easy to customize, and the developers help out quickly if you get stuck anywhere. A very powerful feature set especially useful if you want to display custom text boxes, upload files. It also has very useful conditional logic to display or hide options.

Edit: Review after using for a month - definitely found an increase in upsells after using this app! The UI and integration with product page is very seamless, ever offers easier and better options than the native Shopify theme.

Godbole Gear
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21. březen 2023

So far, I'm loving this app. It was much easier to set up and get started with than others I have tried. Intuitive and easy to figure out, which was what I was looking for. It does exactly what I needed and looks great on the page. It makes the ordering easier for my customers with less hand-holding from me. And the fact that it's free is amazing. When I reached out with questions, the developers were quick to respond, helpful, and friendly. Thank you!

Rebecca Pearcy
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27. březen 2023

Installed the extension to allow me to capture personalisation details for the customisable products, and it works a treat, even auto picking up when it needs to be used when using key terms in your listings. Like the last reviewer, I too had a problem with the personalisation details not coming through but support were straight on to it and fixed it very quickly, which is the sort of service you need!! Otherwise, been very smooth using this app for 1+ years now so would highly recommend, especially as it’s free!

CCFC Prints
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6. prosinec 2022

This app is fantastic! If you need to collect any information from your customers when they purchase a specific product, provide additional information or want a really simple way to allow customers to add-on extra purchases, this is definitely the app you want.

We used it to facilitate taking information from competitors registering for a competition, right as they added their registration fees to their cart and set it up contextually to change how we presented the forms and information based on the options they selected!

2023 CPAC Events Store
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5. červenec 2023

Fantastic addition to my site. I searched around a lot looking for a simple, straight forward solution that would integrate easily with my store and also not impact the look and feel of the site. I also wanted a way for users to easily select a painting (I am an artists) and then also right within the detail page, choose framing options. This is an ABSOLUTE WINNER. ALSO ALSO ALSO ... I had a slight issue on my end and reached out for a helping hand. They responded immediately and then fixed the issue (a configuration detail that I had missed) and I could don't be happier. Stop looking for another solution to add options and variants, this is all that you will need. BRAVO TO GLOBO!

Robert Santore Art
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20. březen 2023

In terms of use, this has got the be the easiest option by far for adding customisation options to products. It has everything you could possibly need and is so easy to use without the need for using code. On top of that, I requested a change to the background of the embedded app so that it matched my gradient background and within 12 hours Globo had contacted me and implemented the change, making my site look slick and seamless. I am blown away by the customer support. I cannot recommend this app highly enough.

Foiled to Perfection
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24. březen 2023

By far and away the best value option app available on the Shopify store, and I have looked around quite a lot. User friendly, nice layout, not clunky. The conditional logic isn't perfect if you want to get crazy complex but can do just about 95% of what you'd need.

The fact that you get all the features you do at the price you do is invaluable. Globo is awesome. Just please don't raise prices on us I enjoy using this app so much!!

Dungarvin Company Store
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3. prosinec 2022

I run a collar and lead-making business and I use this app because it offers the vast array of product options that I need for all my variants, complete with the ability to show image swatches for all the different colours and hardware options that I have on offer! I believe it makes the browsing and ordering experience a much more enjoyable and intuitive experience for the consumer. The app is extremely easy to use and I cannot fault the customer support; on the two occasions I have needed assistance so far, the response has been lightning fast and highly effective. I would highly recommend this app to anyone needing more product options/variants than the basic Shopify permits. And perhaps best of all, it's totally free! Thanks for an excellent app Globo!

Let's Go Mutts! Accessories
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19. říjen 2022

This has to be one of the most amazing apps out there, it will be a real GAME CHANGER for our store as we have products will multiple variants that exceed the Shopify 100 limit and now we can create package bundles with endless variants and fewer questions from our customers. The initial set-up was smooth and easy I was able to get as close to our theme styling with the fonts and colours using the design settings but just needed some professional help with some extra CSS and the response was quick, informative and implemented well. I have friends with Shopify stores and will most certainly be recommending them to install today and I am looking forward to having fun using this app. Thank you, Helen, Ivy and the backroom team

BILLY.BE: The Original Boardshop from Brussels
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