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11. leden 2024

Have been using this 3rd party app for awhile and love it. What is making me write this today is a recent incident that caused some issues on our website. I was removing some unwanted apps from the store and somehow this app was deleted. This was extremely worrisome as we had spent a great deal of time creating custom options sets for each of our products.

Long story short after it was reinstalled there was no infromation. I contacted customer service with a glimmer of hope that the data could all be returned. Within 2 hours they had got back to me and by morning all of the data was restored. This was a huge relief as we had paid our developers alot of money to customize the website.

Just wanted to say thankyou to the app team for being there when needed!

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26. leden 2024

I came across this app a while ago when I was looking for either a free or inexpensive way to add customization boxes to my website. Globo is the perfect addition for me!
I recently had switched my theme and didn't realize that globo didn't cross over to the new theme. I reached out for some help, and within an hour or so, they got me all taken care of! Customer Service is on point with this company!

Mermaids & Monograms
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21. leden 2024

Great service. Great communication. Rapid response. We had trouble turning on the application after updating our theme. We contacted them and within only half an hour. Problem fixed. They even told us how to fix the problem.

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10. leden 2024

Great app to add additional amounts and add-ons to your product. Great support too, they are always able to help you and solve your issue. Overall a great app to add value and increase sale for your store. Unlike other product options in the market, they do not create draft orders for the app to work. This is really great since apps that creates draft orders can have computability issue with other apps since a lot of shopify functions are not available in draft orders. Would definitely recommend this over other product option apps.

Madake Bamboo Solutions
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19. prosinec 2023

I was thrilled with Rosie's service. She was able to help resolve the issue where photos were suddenly not able to be uploaded through our website. Unbelievable that such help is provided even when I'm not a subscribing member (I am considering it now). This app is brilliant and I would recommend to everyone ❤️

Indie & Sage
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18. prosinec 2023

Been using this for a while and has been just what I needed. Recently ran into a small bug and the developers were quick to help me out and fix the issue. Works great, and great support if needed.

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9. leden 2024

Have been using for over a year now , and its a great app , only had one issue which was rectified within 10 minutes , so the customer service is great too.

BW Trophies
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4. leden 2024

Rosie helped me fix an issue regarding integration with the option sets. on their online chat right away, and then I asked her what was wrong and she showed me. Great customer service. Thank you so much. :)

RegineCosmo Designs
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6. prosinec 2023

First there were problems with the options products. You could remove them individually in the shopping cart and also click on them. On the other hand, you could see the option products on the collection/all page. Rosie and her developers helped me quickly and competently. Now it works fine!

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5. leden 2024

This comment plugin is awesome! I've been looking for a review tool that's easy to use and feature-rich, and this one is exactly what I was looking for. Its interface is designed to be very intuitive, allowing me to manage and respond to comments with ease. Plus, its customization options are very flexible and fit perfectly into my website style. Thanks for this excellent plug-in, which greatly improves my website interactive experience!

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