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Redirector By WebApss

Redirector By WebApss

Developed by WebApss

Price: From $2.49 / month Free Trial: 10 days More info
  • Redirect Any URL to another URL in Your Store and Your Store to Another Site
  • Never lose any customer because of New or 404URLs.
  • You Can manage all URLs to use Redirect App.

Redirect App redirect visitors to their target products if they directly search the product in the address bar on the browser.

Redirect Any URL to another URL in your store and your store to another site. Never lose any customer because of new or Error URLs. You Can manage all URLs to use redirect app.

For Example: If your customer type the product name in the address bar like this https://redirector-app.myshopify.com/iphone-6 and in your store iPhone-6 URL is different then you can redirect the user to correct path like this https://redirector-app.myshopify.com/phone/iphone-6. This will remove the 404 related errors and this will help you to increase sales of your store.

Are you losing your store's traffic whenever you transfer your store?

Don't worry,
Using Our app you can create URL redirects to all 404 or 301 pages.
You don't need to mark redirects in Google SEO.
Google crawl automatically go to the URLs and make never let loose any of your old customers.
And also you can manage your redirects using our redirect app.

Why Redirect Required?

We provide you with an easy way to create and manage all the redirects.With our app, you can manage all your redirects very clearly.

Is it difficult to install?

No manual installation required, Redirector automatically do it for you.

Why should I fix 404s or any other error pages?

In addition to making for a bad customer experience,
404s are harmful to your search engine rankings,
and therefore should always be fixed where possible.


  • Create Multiple Redirect Rules

  • Update your Redirect Rules Whenever you want

  • Delete the Unused URLs

  • Temporary disable the Redirector Rules

  • Any time uninstalltion feature

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App works very well. It is nice and easy to use without any problem. It is great when you have the high content turnover and would like to redirect your customer to some useful, alternative product or any other brand page.


Redirector works very well at directing my web traffic to product pages with shorter urls. Thank you!

From $2.49 / month
10 days

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