Master Product Reviews

Master Product Reviews

by Hulk Code, Inc.

Import Photo Reviews, Product Reviews, Site Reviews, Feedback

4.6 of 5 stars(10 reviews)

Advanced SEO Friendly Reviews

Get Structured Data pre-configured to display customer review counts.

Photo Reviews are now Free

Easily bulk-import existing product reviews with real photos - Optional but Powerful.

Choose from Custom Attributes

Offer upto 5 custom fields and collect specific aspects of products to showcase your prospects.

About Master Product Reviews

Must-have Review App to build Social Proof

A feature-rich FREE review app that lets merchants easily import Reviews & Ratings to your store and capture useful information to you and your customers. With Product Reviews app you can build trust and increase conversion rate by showing your happy shoppers.

Master Product Reviews App lets you:

  • Import Unlimited bulk Reviews, free of charge
  • Add Unlimited Product Reviews, free of charge
  • Publish Unlimited Reviews & Ratings per product
  • Quickly and easily add text reviews or photo reviews to your store
  • Easily collect and ask your customers to upload photo as part of your reviews
  • List out all the authentic reviews in ONE review page
  • Upload any size image and Product Reviews app will auto-resize for speed improvements and performance
  • Collect reviews with additional 5 Custom Fields
  • Auto-rotate images submitted by customers that makes their entire experience hassle-free
  • Display customer review counts in Search Engines with Structured Data
  • Add Rich Snippets per product

What our App has to offer for FREE:

Collect & Curate Ratings with Text and Photos

Product Reviews App allows you to quickly and easily add Reviews with Text or Photos to your Store.

Unlimited meaningful Reviews with Custom Attributes

No customer review is the same. Allow Customers to give you more insights on product usage, how they like specific aspects of your product, and showcase that information to your prospects. Product Rating & Reviews allows you to collect information with an additional 5 custom fields, customizable to you.

Increase Conversions & Sales with SEO Structured Data

Product Reviews app is built with usability and conversions in mind. The built-in SEO Structured Data lets you be more visible in Search Engines and make sure that your products display Review Counts in Search Engines.

Fully Customizable and Improved Layouts & Styling

Product Reviews by HulkApps comes with 3 built in Layouts. Show your reviews in a few different ways: * List Layout - Traditional View * Grid Layout * Carousel

Showcase your Site Reviews with an "All Reviews" Page

Easily create a page with all of your reviews on one page. Showcase the power of your customer reviews and attract other visitors by letting them browse all reviews across your store in one place.

Full FREE Feature List:

  • Photo Reviews
  • 5 Custom Fields & Attributes
  • 3 Layouts Types
  • All Reviews Page
  • Modify and Approve Reviews in Bulk
  • Image Auto-Resize
  • Bulk Import & Export with CSV files
  • Pagination
  • Custom Styling with Rating Symbol & Color
  • Notifications on Reviews Submission
  • Multiple Recipient Support
  • Theme-friendly Reviews Design
  • Quick Search for All Reviews
  • Rotate customer images

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Overall rating
4.6 of 5 stars
Based on 10 reviews

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Most recent reviews

All American General Contractor

Made it super easy to collect reviews from my clients, and I'm glad to have found it in the early stages of my business because i'll be able to scale my reviews list more effectively.


An awesome free app with great support! free photo feature is a real plus, offers a lot. I recommend this app.

Bark Rangers

I first thought this was awesome because it lets you have the freedom to customize the look and feel of it how ever you want. It's also free for photo reviews and uploading old reviews from a spreadsheet. I spent a lot of time setting it up and was really excited. Although the upload part was not easy. There is no directions that came with the Excel template. You don't know what field is what and which is required. I did a few test run and missed one field (which I didn't know was required), then the whole app didn't work! I couldn't access the app at all. It said "server error." It took them a week to figure it out. My first email for help, I got a respond "It's working on our end. Your ticket is now closed." They didn't even bother. I had to write another email to tell them no it is not working. Anyways...I bared with it and gave them a chance. I thought they seem like it's kinda new and they need to work out some I gave them the benefit of the doubt.

When I finally had everything set up, I realized my product slider on mobile isn't loading. I went to Shopify for help because I thought it was a theme issue. They looked into the console log and turns out that the JS from this app caused the issue! They also informed me that this app caused other issues in other themes as well. But I still wanted to give this app a chance. I wanted them to have a chance to fix it. A few days later, the issue is still there. The Shopify guru comment out their code and my slider works again. I then installed a few other review apps to test out. Well I got an email back from HulkCode saying "It seems that you have installed many other product reviews application and that might be the reason why the mobile product slider isn't working. However, we have checked your products and the slider was working perfectly." Hahahahha blamed it on something else and no plan to fix. So yeah...all the chances that I gave them....I shouldn't have. It is a waste of time.