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Purchase Management

Purchase Management

Developed by Webkul Software Pvt Ltd

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  • Merchant can keep track of the incoming shipment.
  • Merchant add supplier, assign products and requests for Purchase Order to Supplier.
  • Supplier has own account and can manage the Purchase Order Request.

Purchase Management :With the help of this app, admin can easily manage the purchase orders and all the incoming shipment. The admin will be adding the suppliers first and assigning the products to the supplier. The admin can set the minimum and the maximum quantity that can be requested in a purchase order from the supplier. Admin will update the status of the purchase order accordingly. The purchase order in transit state will be tracked in incoming shipment. Once the order is received, the stock gets updated based on the number of products received in the incoming shipment. This way admin can easily maintain the purchase order requests made to the supplier.
Now the Supplier can also register to have an account in the app and can view and manage the orders, products easily.


  • Merchant will be adding suppliers for purchase order request
  • Suppliers will be assigned various products with the minimum and the maximum quantity
  • Merchant can request the purchase order from supplier for the products assigned to supplier.
  • Merchant will maintain the status of the purchase order.
  • Merchant can even delete or edit the purchase order before the transit of the order status
  • All the purchase order in transit can be tracked in incoming shipment
  • Separate login link for the supplier to register and login to the app.
  • Merchant can even create an account for the Suppliers.
  • Supplier will also have their account and can manage the purchase orders with ease.
  • Supplier can accept/reject the Purchase Order Request.
  • Supplier can disable the product from the account, if the same is not supplied by him.
  • Merchant can even manage the payments to the Suppliers.

Purchase Management Functionality

Purchase Order : Here all the purchase orders will be listed along with the status of the order. You can also add new purchase order from here.

Create Purchase Order : From here new purchase order request can be created. You need to choose the supplier name and add the products to be requested from the supplier.

Incoming Shipment : Here you will find the list of all the incoming shipment for the purchase order requests. This will list all the purchase orders that are in transit.

Add Supplier : From here you can add the supplier to which you will be sending the purchase order request. Also for each supplier you need to specify the maximum delay and the minimum time in which it must deliver the order.

Supplier : Here the list of suppliers is provided. You can easily edit or delete the supplier from here.

Assign product : From here the product can be assigned to the supplier. The auto suggest product list will appear.

Product : Here you have the list of products and the number of suppliers associated with the products.


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Demo Details :

Merchant/Store Owner demo login details :

Link : https://purchase-management.myshopify.com/admin
Login Id : johndoe@webkul.com
Password : demowebkul

Supplier end login details :

Login Link: https://shopify.webkul.com/shopify-purchase-order/supplier/?sid=50
Username: demo1@webkul.com
Password: demowebkul

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Webkul is known for their proactive support, if you have any doubt/query , please raise a ticket at http://webkul.uvdesk.com or write to us at shopify@webkul.com

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