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April 7, 2023

I've been using this successfully for months. Today, it completely stopped working and I've had to cancel multiple orders. Please resolve.

Heyman Hustle | Shop
United States
5 months using the app
Addify replied April 14, 2023


Unfortunately, this was caused due to technical issue on server side. It was resolved with in a few hours. Although we use one of the best and most expensive server and this has never happened before. We still in touch with the server providers to ensure this never happens again.

We are really sorry for the inconvenience caused due to this. You have been using our app for months now. We would request you to please reconsider this review since it was the server issue not an issue with the app itself. Although we use one of the best as that decision is under our control.

Thank you,

March 2, 2023

sabotearon toso el codigo de mi tienda son unos estafadores y abusivos la app no sirve para absolutamente nada y despues de que la desinstalas sigue apareciendo malisima, retrasaron mi trabajo
7 minutes using the app
Addify replied March 29, 2023

Nuestra aplicación se prueba con los 10 mejores temas de Shopify. Sin embargo, a veces entra en conflicto con los temas personalizados y podemos resolver este conflicto según la prioridad.

Calificar un producto como resultado de un conflicto y llamar a los estafadores es injusto ya que no hemos cobrado dinero ya que la aplicación viene con una prueba de 7 días. Técnicamente, no es posible que ninguna aplicación de Shopify interactúe con la tienda una vez que está deshabilitada. Parece que tienes un problema con alguna otra aplicación y la confundiste con la nuestra.

Le solicitamos que reconsidere la revisión y, si lo necesita, podemos ayudarlo a resolver cualquier conflicto sobre la prioridad.


Our App is tested with top 10 Shopify themes. However, sometimes it conflicts with the Custom Themes and we can resolve this conflict on priority.

Rating a product in the result of conflict and calling scammers is unfair since we have not charged any money as the app comes with a 7-days trial. Technically, it's not possible for any Shopify App to interact with the store once it is disabled. It seems like you have an issue with some other app and confused it with ours.

We are requesting you to please reconsider the review and if you need we can help you with resolving any conflicts on priority.

Thank you,