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18. srpen 2020

This app is easy to use and easy to install. The staff is helpful with questions and doing some minor customizations.

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16. duben 2019

This is a great app and is such a great feature to our website! The team are very helpful and friendly indeed.
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20. říjen 2019

So far so good. It integrated so well, I forgot it was an app! love the look and feel On the free version, would purchase full once sales increase.

Styles-Daily (Fashions Everyday)
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20. listopad 2016

Great app. Very professional looking.

Fit To Fight Shop
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12. duben 2017


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27. listopad 2017

very useful and easy to install! Love how I can customize the buttons and font color as well

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20. listopad 2019

Good app. Limited configuration however. Responsive customer service. App would be great for a service that ships non-perishables and has the entire week and weekend available to ship.

Northstar Bison
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9. prosinec 2017

Simple d'utilisation et efficace

Le Temple Du Tricot
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2. říjen 2016

Quite good, though dosent sit correctly on all images. Pretty good for free, though paid version has all the extras you want.

The Spotted Kiwi
Nový Zéland
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7. únor 2020

The app in general is good but I did have an unfortunate experience with it. Originally I started with the $49/month plan and I paid a programmer to do some customizations on the Quick View App to personalize it for our website. After a few months I realized the functions we really needed from the App were available on the $15/month plan so I downgraded. At this point ALL MY CUSTOM PROGRAMMING WAS LOST. This was a huge disappointment because no where in the process of downgrading did it say that I would lose the custom programming that I had done. When I contacted customer service they were understanding and nice but they were not able to recover my custom programming and were not able to help me program in the changes that were lost. A unique situation but worth sharing so others don't lose valuable time and money with the same problem.

Katie Dean Jewelry
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