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Quiz for Coupon

Quiz for Coupon

Developed by KakaSoft

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  • Quickly expand your customer base
  • Precisely reach target customers
  • Highly interact with customers and foster customer loyalty

Bring in the most popular marketing mode to your store!

Quiz for Coupon is one of the most effective tools to reach wider customers and immediately get traffic in a fun way!

It is the bonus quiz that attracts the first group of customers to your store, and stimulates them to spread the store link. How come? Customers will be invited to join a fun quiz with a reward of a certain amount of coupon as long as they get all questions right in a quiz.

What if they choose the wrong answer? Will they lose the chance to gain your store’s coupon? Yes, technically. However the highlight of this tool is that everybody can receive a revival card by inviting their friends to your store. With the help of the revival card, do not dare to give it a try for the uncertain quiz option.

What does it mean to you? You gain at least one more potential customer for your business!


  • Quickly expand your customer base — by motivating your customers to spread your store link so as to get the revival card for the quiz. It is more entertaining and interactive, therefore easier to be shared among friends and across social channels. The more potential customers you are reaching, the more chance you would get to gain the real target customers!

  • Precisely reach target customers -- through already-engaged and already-established audiences. Just imagine which message you would open to have a look, the one from your best friend or from a stranger. The answer will absolutely be your best friend. YES! Make full use of the existing network and boost your business.

  • Highly interact with customers and foster customer loyalty -- We choose one of the most popular game to build a strong bound between shoppers and owners. The game can make visitors feel like it is their knowledge and wisdom that get them coupons which is more challenging and attractive than simply issuing coupons. It will make a big difference after visitors win more game prize. Thus a customer loyalty starts to develop.

  • Easier to set up -- for store owners. Simple to use, easy to share, quick to gain crowd. Please follow the steps in Set-up Introduction.

  • Proved by unicorns -- Bonus quiz to get traffic has been proved to be an effective way throughout different fields. For example, the unicorn enterprises in China intensely use this method to gather traffic. In peak time, there can be over 3 million people playing quiz at the same time. A quick count, if the 3 million people are going to share the platform link, there could be another 3 million people covered (Reference). That is a HUGE number, isn’t it?

Why not just directly issue coupons?

  • Directly sending coupons does not have propagation benefit which means it cannot actually generate incremental business from new users. Even for existing users, coupons may tend to be less attractive and less valuable.

  • Bonus quiz, by contrast, can draw much attention than simply distributing coupons. Since quiz can always to some extent educate or entertain people, it is much more irresistible. Therefore, even your existing customers do not have purchase demands at current, they still have intension to do the quiz and are highly potential to share to others.

  • Quizzes are insanely sharable. Sharing the results from a quiz is subtle way to say something about your store. It casually starts a conversation between customers like ‘How is your performance in quiz’, ‘How many questions have you got the right answer’, or more likely’How many prizes (coupons) did you get from the store’.

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Free – $299.00 / month

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