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Predictive Email Marketing by rare.io

Predictive Email Marketing by rare.io

Developed by RareLogic Inc.

87 reviews
Price: Free – $39.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Increase email click-through rates by 3-5 times with personalized recommendations.
  • Target your email by mining your customer base with our visual segment builder.
  • Create beautiful, responsive messages using our drag-and-drop email designer.

Low prices, amazing results, predictive email.

When someone places an order there’s an 80% chance you’ll never see that customer again — we can help you change that.

The era of one-size-fits-all email blasting is over. Customers have different interests, come from different places and are all at different stages in their customer lifecycle. Rare understands this and makes it easy to identify and market to these groups with messages that connect on a personal level.

Rare leverages leading edge technology to bring you amazing email automation at the lowest price possible. Powered by big data and predictive analytics, Rare was built to send beautiful, relevant, responsive email with high value features like personalized recommendations and custom coupon codes.

  • Create, automate and deliver event-driven email complete with personal recommendations for each customer.

  • Send beautiful, responsive mailouts that display perfectly everywhere with our drag-and-drop email designer.

  • Target customer segments based on data like ‘coupon usage’, ‘quality’ or ‘location’ when you need to deliver specialized offers and messaging.

  • Run A/B tests to see how customers respond to different messaging and subject lines.

  • See up to 11x the click rate and up to 44% more orders than traditional email.

Right message. Right time.

Creating evented email that's timed to the customer has never been easier.

Deliver an incentive before a customer churns, or send a loyalty reward to a VIP seven days after their last purchase. Rare was designed to keep active customers in the buying cycle, wake up idle ones, and respond to customer events that will keep them engaged.

Email that looks good everywhere.

The right message doesn’t matter if your customers can’t view it. Nearly half of all email is now viewed on a mobile device — a poorly displayed message is a lost opportunity that can be deleted with a finger swipe.

To be engaging and generate maximum revenue your message has to look perfect on screens both big and small. Our visual mailout designer makes creating beautiful, responsive email effortless. Imagine — your look, your brand, and your products in email that displays perfectly anywhere.

Targeting made easy.

Our intuitive, visual segment builder lets you find the perfect audience for any of your targeted messages. It’s easy — just click to start mining your customers — no complex rule building required.

Targeted messages have fewer unsubscribes, which is critical when nurturing your customer base. You can’t communicate with an unsubscribed customer. Customers receiving targeted content are more likely to engage with your message, remain subscribed, and convert.

Win the inbox and connect Rare to your store.

Predictive Email Marketing by rare.io reviews (87)


This app makes using my data (That I didn't even know I had) easy. I can segment my customers based on their value, and target them differently. Previously I was sending the same email to everyone, whether they were big spenders, little spenders, or no spenders. Now I can use different strategies for different types of customers.

On top of that, I can automate tons of emails that I wasn't able to previously, and it's increased my revenue drastically.

I'm going through a store redesign right now, and Rare is going to make it easy to send a bulk email to my customers when its done!

I can't recommend this app more!


I've sent around 4 emails with this app. Each with a different bug. One sent out with no image. Another sent out only visible on mobile (and I didn't select that option). Another failed to schedule correctly.

Today, on this beautiful Saturday I am fighting to get my eblast out by noon. My images won't show and I'm scared to hit send because I've looked like a fool to all of my customers 4 times already. Oh, and since test emails go straight to spam, I have little doubt that my customer ones do as well.

I'm going back to constant contact. My open and click rates were over twice that of rare.io, and far less headache. I can't believe I blew Black Friday weekend sales on this app.


Well I had given this ap a 5 star review way back when but they have since revamped it and RUINED the ap all together! Now this is coming from some one who loved it and ranted and raved about it so you know it's a 100% honest and accurate review. The NEW version does not work and is horrible. I just scheduled a mailer to go out for 9:00pm Thursday with a deep deep black friday discount code of 30% to our almost 60,000 customers and they sent it out 11 hours early costing me money in revenue, meaning that I had not intended to give a 30% for 11 hours early. Plus it only sent half the emails so it FAILED all the way around. Anyone who runs or owns an Ecommerce store know TIMING IS everything on the internet and when things are posted or sent out from facebook posts to instagram there is a proven marketing formula and when you schedule something to mail out on a holiday or for a follow up sale timing is paramount to the success of the mailer or the campaign, For that this fails miserably. They have also ruined the interface and made it way to convoluted to work with not to mention lost some of the key functions that made it a great ap and tool for our store. This is no where near the same ap and I can no longer risk it not working and costing me money and not sending out to my customers I have zero confidence and am canceling it. Will let all know when I find a replacement ap, Which there are many out there. In closing DO NOT GET OR USE THIS AP for your business it no longer functions the way it is supposed to all the way around and will cost you money.


Great app. Totally pays for itself. Easy to use. The gratification is instant, you can actually see the results in $ signs from the dashboard.

I use it for automatic emails like abandon cart and to follow up on sales. I also use it for all my campaigns. Mailchimp is good, but Rare is a more obvious choice for ecommerce.

Great support too.

(I'm on the 39$ a month plan)


Rare has honestly saved us such a tremendous amount of time. We used to use Mailchimp, where managing contacts was extremely difficult and time consuming. As such, we didn't previously use email as a sales channel. Rare integrates seamlessly with our Shopify contact list and email subscribers, which allows us to send newsletters and mailouts in a fraction of the time it previously took. Better yet, we've actually generated over $1,000 from these mailouts and we've only been using the app for a little over a month.

If your looking for an intuitive app to easily send emails to customer, look no further! I would highly, highly recommend this app to any Shopify store owner.

EDIT: Oh yeah, their customer service is AMAZING. Liz has been extremely helpful (and super fast) for setting up campaigns and answering our questions.


After reading a lot of the reviews below we felt confident that Rare were the way to go but simple things like the automated order follow up mail outs didn't work.

Reporting were terrible and simple things like a clickmap for your campaing and mailouts wasn't available.

So 1-star review for the app and 4 star review for the support. Dylan at the support were very friendly and responded very fast. But unfortunately the app were to immature.



I logged in to my dashboard, only to see that the interface had changed. A lot. Naturally I had some questions, so i hit up support. Within less than 5 minutes, Liz answered all my questions and helped me get back on track with creating a new campaign.
Needless to say - Rare's support is outstanding. I couldn't be happier.


Rare...a rare find indeed!! A company offering a service that goes beyond purely email marketing. We were looking for a program who could provide a better email experience for our customers as well as could understand our needs. From the get-go, Taylor, Dylan & the team at Rare have been phenomenal. They are super supportive, patient and attentive. We love that we can work together to build something that we love and are proud to send to our customers. We can't wait to see our company grow and are extremely grateful to have found these guys and look forward to building our relationship with them. Thank you Rare!!!

Dani & Alex


Holy Rare! This is hands down the best email program we have ever used. We have tried several programs before (Klaviyo being the latest) and we are seeing huge jumps in not only our open rate, but our conversions as well within in days of using Rare. I was lucky enough to meet Taylor from Rare at an event held by our website firm BVAccel in San Diego, I could tell immediately that the team at Rare would be the ones to take us to the next level. The interface is easy and intuitive, and both Taylor and Dylan could not be more helpful when (if any) questions did arise. Within one week of switching from Klaviyo to Rare we saw a jump from a 15-20% open rate to a 45-50% open rate, not mention the sales that came from that kind of jump. We cannot wait to dig deeper into what Rare really can do for us, it is really exciting to see what the future of email marketing will be with Rare leading the way.


Rare is truely awesome. You can add significant revenue with this wonderful App. The team are extremely fast and helpful if you have an queries. Big shout out to Phil! Thank you!

Free – $39.00 / month
14 days

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