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  • Automatically send periodic emails to your customers.
  • Show them only products they're interested in.
  • Customize the email templates to convey your brand.

The best way to increase your sales might not be what you think.

While your customer base grows past a certain point, it gets harder and harder to get more people to know about your shop. When this happens, your money is better spent on making people that already know and love your products come back for more than to try to convince new people to make their first purchase.

You may already have a newsletter, how is this different?

Newsletters are for news. They're the perfect way to let your whole customer base know about your latest items and collections or special offers. But every customer has different interests and needs, and your newsletter is the same for everyone.

Sending personalized product recommendations directly into your customer's inboxes is the best way to catch their attention when they haven't come back to your store for a while.

How does it work?

Using the same top-noch algorithm that powers our related products app Recomatic, unique emails featuring a selection of your products are generated automatically for each customer.

The email template is widely customizable, making it very easy to convey your brand identity. It is also fully responsive so it looks good on any devise, wether your customers are using a computer, a tablet or their phone to check emails.

Once a campaign is sent, extensive reporting allows you to evaluate its impact, and gives you knowledge about your customers and products you can act on.

We don't flood your customers with emails.

Our aim is to get the best results with the minimum amount of emails sent. A successful email marketing campaign should always aim for long term goals and sending more emails is not necessarily better in the long run as people get annoyed and unsubscribe.

We're only sending emails to customers that accepted to receive them, on a frequency that you can choose (from once a week to once a month), and customers can unsubscribe from them at any time while remaining subscribed to your own newsletters.

Free up to 500 sends per month.

The first 500 emails sent every month are free and generate an increase in sales. If you'd like to send more, you can buy credits for additional sens as you go, at the attractive price of $9 per thousand, or chose one of our paid plans starting at 2,000 sends per month.

Our other apps

If you're looking into displaying related products on your website instead of sending them via email, look no further! Check out our app Recomatic Related Products that's simply the best related products app out there!

Recomailer reviews

36 reviews
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Works great. I still use the free plan but maybe if I can get more orders I can update to paid and send out more emails. Very nice program. Pam, MomMeAndMore.com


This is an incredible app. It really makes targeted marketing so much easier. Plus, because of the set schedule, customers know when to expect it which minimizes unsubscribes. Really awesome way to re-engage your current customers. Every store should have this app.


Uundværlig for enhver netbutik!


Great App, did what it said it would do. What more could you want from an app! :)


awesome app! made over $300 sales from weekly emails sent by Recomailer.


This is a little jewel, Easy as Fully customizable, Perfect set and forget 10 stars plus to the developer,sophees.com


I love this app! We have had many orders since start using Recomailer!


This is a great app that's easy to use and easy to customize. Plus, after one small campaign, we got a bunch of repeat customers! Definitely recommend.


Nice app, easy to install... we made a sale within 20 mins of sending first email.


In Norway people are VERY skeptical of E-mail, and report spam very fast. Thus i was not sure if this would work for my business. After trying recomailer I've changed my mind. It's "Set it and froget it" features makes my campaigns work by them selves, and i can focus on other things. Because of the good matches of what people like, few people unsubscribe or complain.
This is highly recomended from unikefunn.no.

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