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Price: $9.95-$49.95 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Increase sales by up to 20%
  • Automatically cross sell products
  • Keep customers browsing longer

Recommendify is a recommender system for Shopify stores.

Recommender systems are used by the most successful online retailers to increase sales and provide a personalized shopping experience to every customer.


Product Page Recommendations

Using techniques from web search, Recommendify processes your product data to discover similarities between products.
Then when a customer visits a product's page, it recommends similar products that they might be interested in, allowing them to quickly navigate your store and home in on exactly what they want.

Cart Page Recommendations

Recommendify also recommends products your customers might want based on the contents of their shopping cart. The system mines your store's order history for purchasing patterns, identifying products that are frequently bought together. When a customer views their shopping cart, the system makes recommendations based on past behaviour.

Top Sellers

This panel shows products that have sold particularly well over the last month, to help your customers find what's hot right now. It can be put on any page of your shop. It works particularly well on your home page.

Recent Products

This panel shows products that visitors have recently viewed on your store, so they can quickly and easily return to interesting items. This panel can be placed on any page.

Hand-picked Recommendations

Recommendify's algorithms are great, but sometimes you might want to push something in particular. This panel lets you manually select products to be shown when your customers look at a particular item, and set other products as "default recommendations" that are shown no matter what your customers look at.


Users can monitor the performace of the recommender system through a dashboard that allows them to track the number of clicks on the panels over time, so that they can see the value that Recommendify is adding to their store. The dashboard area also includes clear and extensive documentation to help you integrate Recommendify, and provides an easy way to get help with the app.


Recommendify is priced to fit your store. For small merchants - those with fewer than 100 products - the app is only $9.95 per month. For larger merchants, we have a paid plan to suit.


  • < 100 products

  • $9.95 / month


  • 100 - 499 products

  • $24.95 / month


  • 500+ products

  • $49.95 / month

Recommendify reviews (13)


Great support from Evan!


Good Work!!


Great support for this app. New ideas for user friendly features were implemented promptly and with no fuss. Thanks Evan


Absolutely fabulous!

I was dubious given the cost of the app but it has proved itself after one week! I have had sales that were converted by the app of over £400 in just 7 days.

It was very easy and quick to install with step by step instructions.

I had a couple of things I felt would be helpful to me and other users and Evan is working on them already.

Highly recommended. Thanks Evan!!



Recommendify has been really excellent for us, it works quickly, doesn't slow down page loads, and the support has been excellent too. Thanks Evan!


This is the one! I have tried out many recommendation apps in the Shopify app store but this one is absolutely bang-on.

Needed a solution that provided BOTH automatic recommendations and handpicked ones.

As a web developer and Shopify theme developer, I can also say that the code and implementation is to a really high standard - and has given me a great deal of flexibility. It even has an API! *swoon*

Evan has also been absolutely amazing - really receptive to feedback and keen to add features.

Fully deserving of 5 stars. Thanks Evan.


I cannot stress my five star rating enough:

- Excellent job understanding and automating product relationships
- Easy to use back-end interface (from installing to day-to-day management)
- Top notch customer service and tech. support
- Great styling across all devices

This is a very well thought out and effective application all the way around!


When I had problem setting this app developer quickly offered to help me out and sort out the issue.


Evan at Recommendify is amazing. He was so helpful and was with me every step of the way. This app is affordable and super customizable. Thank you, thank you, thank you! He is constantly improving the app and adding relevant features! I recommend this app over all the other recommended product apps out there, nothing compares!


First of all the most important thing is that the actual quality of the recommendations are great! Very relevant and easy to integrate. We had over 300 click throughs on our first day after installing it which is great extra visibility of products to our customers.

Secondly the developer is super responsive. I asked a couple of questions and requested a feature we needed and he got in touch the same day. He already had that feature in the pipeline and gave me the information I needed to work with it.

Can't recommend Recommendify enough - give it a shot!

$9.95-$49.95 / month
14 days

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+353 1 5520659


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