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111 reviews
Price: $14.95 – $49.95 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Optimize the content of your store for the search engines - ReloadSEO will guide you and make sure you are writing the best SEO friendly text you can
  • Keyword research in Shopify - ReloadSEO shows you which keywords are being searched and interesting for your business
  • Loads of other benefits - More conversions, more time spend on your store, less AdWords costs

Write content that gets you found in the search engines

Content is more important than ever for your Shopify store, and it should be. With your content optimized for the search engines you will rank higher, attract more visitors and generate more revenue.

What is ReloadSEO?

With ReloadSEO you get live SEO optimization tips while you type your product descriptions, collections or other content. Apply the suggestions and rank higher in the search engines. ReloadSEO is made for anyone who has a Shopify store. No matter how much you know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), text conversion or keyword research, ReloadSEO makes sure you’ll create rank boosting content for your Shopify store!

  • Keyword research in Shopify

  • Content grader for easy on-page optimization

  • Optimize products, collections and your (blog) posts

  • Lower your advertising cost through better AdWords quality scores

Keyword research in Shopify

Unravel the mystery of getting found on the internet. ReloadSEO makes search engine optimization easy for Shopify owners. What keywords are likely to make you appear in Google rankings? Which keywords are your audience using? Which are keywords worth optimizing?
The ReloadSEO app for Shopify delivers live feedback on every article and product page. And it’s spot on too, thanks to the direct connection between ReloadSEO and the Google API.

Live content grader

It’s not just keywords. Get live feedback on your SEO writing with our extensive content analysis algorithm. We help you optimize categories, product pages, content and deliver loads of optimization options in between. Upgrade descriptions, pages, categories and meta descriptions. Always see how it scores. In real-time. ReloadSEO is the complete SEO app for Shopify e-commerce shops.

Get a grip on your store's SEO

Instantly see which products need optimization, right from the product grid of Shopify. Pick low hanging fruit and start optimizing your best selling or highest margin products today!

Real-time content analysis

Don’t like refreshing a category or product page? Neither do we. That’s why we built ReloadSEO into a real-time content analysis extension. The extension analyses and updates the ranking factors while you type.

Start optimizing your store today! Install the ReloadSEO app for Shopify!

ReloadSEO reviews

111 reviews
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  5. 1 star (3 reviews)

Thank you. Excellent customer service. At first, I had an issue, but the developer contacted me and resolved the issue. Appreciated.


Not a good product. The people who run it don't respond. The timetable for the free trial is not enough time to see any movement in SEO strategy. Even using their app to change products, pages, or collections, I am not seeing what I enter even show up in the search engine meta description.


A very simple to use interface and easy seo rating process to let you know how well the seo on a given page is.


I don't know much about SEO...except that it needs to be done and, as a small business, I couldn't afford to pay the high fees that it seemed to take to address the SEO problems on my website. I am now working hard to do all the things that ReloadSEO suggests that I do for each and every item. While it does take some time and effort, it is SO much more affordable and helps me to understand my own website better. They are also very quick to respond to any questions that I have. Thank you ReloadSEO team!
Sincerely, Judy Whale


I would give 10 stars if I could. As a small business owner, SEO has been top of mind but always so intimidating because I don't know exactly what is required and if I am doing a good job or not. ReloadSEO fixes that for me and lets me know what I'm missing, how to fix it and then grades me! I highly recommend this app! Thanks, ReloadSEO for making such a great tool!


WOW as a beginner looking at SEO for the first time this app was great in guiding you on how to increase your products chances of ranking for SEO and structuring content that would update your pages SEO score in real time. Also the support offered is really great


I enjoy using this app and highly recommend it for any SEO objective a potential user would like to use it for. Straight forward and very user friendly for giving website contents a proper SEO structure. Great job Lukas & co!


I really love this app. It is easy to use, very helpful. You will going to have to put a "hat" on to redo your description in the product section of the Shopify.


This app allows you to make specific changes to your product pages (and other pages) to rank for specific keywords. In real time, gamification style, you will be able to see how well you are scoring for your chosen keyword. I've seen better organic traffic because of it. Recommend.


SO far so good,
I'm no SEO expert , but this app is giving me a very simple and effective way to rank for keywords. The % change on the app is real time as you make changes and you can see if the change will help your score or not. Understanding the changes is giving me the knowledge to make effective SEO changes for our site.

$14.95 – $49.95 / month

Based on the amount of products:

Starter (up to 1000 products) = $14.95
Medium (up to 5.000 products) = $19.95
Large (up to 10.000 products) = $24.95
Extra large (up to 50.000 products) = $49.95

Starter (up to 150.000 products) = $99.95
Medium (up to 300.000 products) = $149.95
Large (up to 600.000 products) = $199.95
Unlimited = $249.95

14 days

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