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Repeat Customer Insights

Repeat Customer Insights

Developed by Little Stream Software

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  • Are you struggling to grow your repeat purchases?
  • Don't just blindly try marketing tactic after marketing tactic, hoping that a random one will grow your revenue
  • You need visibility into exactly what's going on with your repeat customer purchases

"I decided to switch to your competitor"

"Oh yeah, I meant to re-order but I kept forgetting to"

"I bought something from them a couple of years ago. It was okay but I don't really know that store"

These are the conversations your customers might be having in their heads about your store. Or worse, these are the conversations they are having with their friends about your store.

Repeat customers are more valuable than any other customer

Losing customers is one thing.

Losing repeat customers is a completely different story.

Repeat customers spend 153-397% more than first-time customers, according to a recent Adobe study on ecommerce.

It's impossible to remember everyone as your store grows

You're frustrated though. How are you supposed to remember every customer you have? How are you supposed to treat them better and retain them?

When every customer has a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account, giving even one a bad experience could go viral and drag your store down in a PR nightmare.

Analyzing the huge mound of customer data is hard

You know you have repeat customers but you haven't taken the hours to analyze your customer data.

It's a huge mound of data, and how the heck are you supposed to "analyze" it?

Analysis just tells you what happened, not what you should do

Even though Shopify tracks all of your customers for you, it's not exactly easy to see the broader picture.

Sure, 379 new customers is nice, but what does that mean?

You thought about hiring a marketing consulting or big data employee to do this analysis but you're afraid how much they'll cost you. Their entire job would be spent in Excel trying to get the numbers analyzed correctly.

Once you've analyzed it (whatever that means), what are you supposed to do with it?

If you saw 24% of your customers have made a repeat purchase, what do you do with that data?

  • Is that good? Can you ignore it and focus on something else?

  • Is it bad? Should you try to increase it? How would you increase it?

  • Does your repeat purchase rate even matter at all? (Hint: it matters a lot)

Sometimes being told what to do can be a stress-relief

What if this analysis was done for you and you were just told to "24% is a little low, you should add a simple engagement email campaign".

Wouldn't that be easy? You wouldn't have to interpret the data and try to come up with something actionable yourself.

What if this customer analysis was handled for you?

Let's assume for now that this analysis is possible and that you had the resources for it.

You knew exactly how many repeat customers you have and their buying behavior over their entire lifecycle.

What could you do with that? What impact could that have on your store?

Maybe you could create a engagement campaign to turn one-time customers into repeat customers. Not only would it dramatically increase revenue, but your customer lifetime value (CLTV) would increase.

Or you could adapt your email campaign to deliver emails at precisely the time a customer is going to reorder. Get your email in front of your customer on the day they ran out of your product and it's going to be very likely they'll buy from you again.

You could even know exactly how much to spend to acquire a customer and still make a healthy profit. The old adage of spending $1 to make $2 might become a reality.

Forget spreadsheets and financial formulas, think automated and actionable advice

Instead of messing around with spreadsheets and financial formulas to try to calculate and analyze these metrics every week or every day, what if there was software that could do it for you?

Your data goes in and out pops your customer analysis with specific, actionable advice.

Repeat Customer Insights gives you the analysis and insights your store needs

This is possible with the Repeat Customer Insights Shopify app.

This app will analyze your entire customer and order data, and equip you with reports on what your most loyal and valuable customers do. More than that, it will give you clear and actionable advice on how to keep your existing customers loyal and how to turn more of your one-off customers into loyal, repeat customers.

Discover your best customer segments with the Customer Segmenting Report

With the Customer Segmenting Report you'll learn who your most loyal and valuable customers are.

It collects data from multiple areas of Shopify and unites them into a single customer grade, easily showing you who your best customers are.

Use the same RFM analysis that big stores have used for decades

The Customer Segmenting report uses the Customer RFM algorithm, which was pioneered by the big catalog stores in the early 90s and was only available to the large commerce enterprises until recently. It analyzes each customer on three criteria to rank them against the rest of your customer base:

  • Recency, how recent has this customer order from you? Because the more fresh the customers memory of your store, the better chance you'll have of engaging with them.

  • Frequency, how often this customer has ordered? Because repeated exposures to your store and its brand will add familiarity and trust.

  • Monetary, how much has this customer has spent? Because all else the same, the better customers have spent more and made a larger commitment to your store and products.

Simple customer segmented using grades

All of these metrics are combined along with others to give you a simple grade for each customer:

  • A - these customers are your best customers and you should focus 80% of your attention on them

  • B - these customers are good and have a chance to become your best customers with time and attention

  • C - these customers are okay and are contributing to your store, but are borderline

  • D - these customers are doing poorly and are at risk of leaving your store

  • F - these customers have either abandoned your store, or are on their way out

With just a single grade to monitor, managing your best "A" customers becomes easy. You'll be able to target each segment with exactly what they need to grow and improve.

Analyze every step of your store's customer lifecycle with the Latency Report

More than just a store-wide "your customers are worth $453.32", Repeat Customer Insights employs a Customer Purchase Latency algorithm that analyzes every step of your customer's purchase history.

For example you'll see that the average customer:

  1. first orders $125.21 worth of product,

  2. then 14 days later they make a second, additional $45.78 purchase,

  3. followed by a third purchase 22 days later of $165.29...

Use the Latency report to design the perfect marketing campaigns

With this level of analysis:

  • your engagement campaigns can target new customers right before you estimate they should make their second purchase

  • you can offer a 10% off coupon to anyone who has missed an estimated purchase, knowing that you'll make a profit because you have the average order value factored in

  • you will spot drop off points in your repeat purchases and be able to proactively focus on them to retain your repeat customers

Fully automated, no importing or exporting required

Repeat Customer Insights is a fully automated Shopify app. After installing, it will begin to analyze your customer data without you having to do anything.

It will continue to analyze and update your metrics as new orders come though.

With fresh metrics you can see the impact your changes are having on your store every single day.

Get started today, with a free trial

You can have Repeat Customer Insights start your Customer Purchase Latency analysis right away, and have answers in minutes from now.

  1. Click the green Get button to install Repeat Customer Insights.

  2. We'll ask you to confirm your Shopify store.

  3. We'll start analyzing your customer and order data.

  4. Your free, 14-day trial will begin.

  5. You'll begin to have custom insights given to you based on your actual data.

That's it. There's no configuration required to get started.

Eric Davis

P.S. Repeat customers are the most important thing to your business. If you don't proactively nurture and grow them, you'll lose them to your competitors. Install Repeat Customer Insights and finally discover how to clearly keep your most loyal customers.

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Excellent, quick customer service!


Very great and easy to use app - awesome contact!! Helpfull insights!


This is an amazing product that gives me deeper insight into my customer actions than available in Shopify. This combined with Google Analytics gives me several strategies to gain sales. Eric provided an analysis of our data that was unexpected and gave me further perspectives that would have required an in house data analyst to perform. Thank you again for such a great app!


This is a must-have app for generating business insights and understanding customer loyalty / repeat shopping behavior beyond basic Shopify analytics. Better yet, we love the super responsive customer support. Eric has been incredibly responsive and thoughtful about helping us maximize the features of this app. Eric took our feedback into account as he designed the product roadmap and the latest latency report update is incredibly helpful. This is the only way we can easily track customer repeat rates by annual / quarterly cohorts to see how our store performs over time. Highly recommend it!
- www.nicelaundry.com team


Great app and lots of good actionable data.


Great app! Best of all the developer is super responsive if you need anything.


Excellent app, great customer insights, with easy to understand UI - developer is extremely responsive and helpful!!! 5 stars!!!

$29.00 – $59.00 / month
14 days


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